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The transcript is of a Real Audio Interview with Christopher Ralph and Brooke Nevin on January 7, 1999. This chat took place at 8:10 am EST. If I'm not too sure of what was said, I'll put what I think I heard in brackets [ ].

Real Audio Guy: Brooke, how 'bout you?

Brooke Nevin: Umm... I'll have fried eggs.

RA: I love it, I love it. You know what, it's very interesting to know the popularity of Animorphs. What do you think is the real magnetism about the program?

BN: Umm.. well, I think it's a really interesting show for kids, primarily. I think it's got everything for them. It's got action, it's got characters they can relate to, sci-fi, computer effects, animals. I think it's like all these things in one and it's not demeaning to kids. So I think all those things make it a great show.

RA: Yeah. Christopher, do you feel as though that there's a lot of programming, aside from your wonderful production, that is demeaning, as Brooke points out?

Christopher Ralph: Umm...

RA: That lowers the standards, so to speak?

CR: Yeah uh... I would imagine that "demeaning" may be a bit of a strong phrasing or something, although I completely understand what she's saying. Besides, I think that this show in particular appeals to children because this is what's hot now. The aliens, fantasy, and action and all that, and we have all that. But, as well as that, we have a well written show, good character development, and it's something that maybe the kids can't always see watching programming that's directed at them, outside of our show. It's a unique show in that. It's got something from older shows, like you know, X-Files and all that sort of thing...

RA: Yeah..

CR: ...and along with that, it's not as, I guess, violent or has as much mature subject matter.

RA: Christopher, In a moment I'd like you to give us a summary of the, you know, show's purpose and its mission so that parents listening can readily say, "Yeah, that sounds like a great show." But, first, Brooke, there's a lot going on now a days on the scene. Tell us, why did you want to get involved with this production? What was it that really interested you in this part?

BN: This part in particularly or acting in general?

RA: This part here.

BN: Actually, before I auditioned, I read a couple of the books just to sort of get a taste of who this character might be like and I really liked Rachel, she's a brave girl and I think she sort of embodies our 90's sort of Girl Power issue. She doesn't need to depend on anyone and I think it gives girls a good role model and I think she's a very interesting person and I just felt I could have a lot of fun with her part.

RA: Great, and by the way it shows, it really does. By the way, my two children love Animorphs.

BN: Oh, that's great!

CR: Fantastic!

Host: (laughs) This is one of those unprecedented endorsements...

CR: (laughs)

RA: ..when my kids heard that we were gonna have you on they wanted to skip school.

CR: Oh, wow!

BN: Well, then, I guess they might be interested in Animorphamania on Saturday, January the 9th from one to six. They can watch all the episodes that have ever been aired.

RA: Now, this is the first eleven episodes? That right?

BN: Yes, that's right.

RA: It's going to be this Saturday, ladies and gentlemen, January the 9th from one in the afternoon until six P.M. That's Eastern time.

BN: And they might also be interested in our new episode. It's a two-parter called The Capture.

RA: Yes, indeed.

BN: I think it's probably one of the most exciting episodes yet, it's one of my favorites and it also starts the new time slot change on Nickelodeon. So that's January the 10th on Sunday at 8 PM.

RA: That's terrific and or years now I've been hugging Nickelodeon for doing such an admirable job of presenting quality productions for our children. Christopher, about The Capture, now, what is really going to be very interesting about this upcoming episode, The Capture, is there anything we ought to look for specifically?

CR: Absolutely. The big sort of plot point in this one is that our beloved hero, Jake, may or may not be a Controller.

RA: Ah hah!

CR: Yeah, so, that's the big intense piece of action in that one.

RA: Uh huh

CR: So everyone's got to tune in and find out what happens.

RA: So, he may or may not be a human-controller, and what was it like, taking over the brains?

CR: That's right, he may or may not have a Yeerk in his head, controlling his brain, which would be just disastrous to the Animorphs.

RA: Absolutely, and when is The Capture debuting?

BN: The Capture debuts Sunday at 8 pm on Nick. So that's January the 10th, Sunday, 8 PM, Nick.

RA: And it's terrific. By the way, we have some photographs here. The make-up on this production is first class.

CR: (laughs)

RA: It really is. The costuming and make-up. Who is in charge of that, by the way?

BN: Well actually.. [some names I wasn't able to make out] and Leslie Dumbleton, our head makeup and hair person.. But the make-up, I don't know if you mean our animal faces....

RA: Yes.

BN: It's actually done all by computer.

CR: Yeah.

BR: It's all computer digitized

CR: Mmmhmm

RA: Is that right?

BN: Yeah, it's a new program called Elastic Reality and they are able to morph our faces and different body parts in quite a realistic way, I think.

CR: Absolutely. They have us in the room, often times, with the live wild animals.

RA: Oh, that is awesome!

CR: They take the shots, then computerize us, and morph us together.

RA: Wow.

CR: And that's how come it looks so realistic, because...

RA: It really is..

CR:'s real.

RA: Yeah, it really is Christopher. Brooke, I'm looking right now at your picture of this computer enhanced photo of half of your face as a lion.

BN: That's the popular one.

RA: Right, right.. oh, this is awesome!

CR: Yep

BN: (laughs)

RA: You can tell these computer whizzes they deserve a big hug or.. [mumbles something I didn't get]

(all laughing)

CR: They do.

RA: Do you folks ever get up around Cape Cod, Massachusetts?

CR: Not myself.

BN: I can't say that I've been there.

RA: Alright, listen, we have a nice, historic diner right near Cape Cod in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and we go coast to coast out of this diner but I'd like to invite you both up here in or out of costume, have a great breakfast as we welcome you here, all right?

BN: All right.

CR: And, before we go, I think that we should mention that on Friday night for all the kids out there if they want to ask questions directly to Tobias, Cassie, or Marco, we're going to be on the Internet having an online chat at AOL. It's keyword Nick. So if anyone wants to type in their other questions and stuff, we'd be happy to answer them.

RA: Christopher, give us the web address again.

CR: It's on America On-Line and the keyword is Nick.

RA: Nick?

CR: Nick.

RA: Perfect! Like in Nickelodeon, right?

CR: Exactly

BN: That's right.

RA: [Hey] folks, what a delight to have you both with us, and on-ward. You two are going to be heard of for a long, long time. Continue the good work.

BN: Thanks a lot.

CR: Thanks so much.

RA: All right. Bye Brooke, bye Christopher, and America, you stay tuned, we'll be right back, don't go away.

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