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The Informer Articles

by The Informer

Here’s what we know so far:

The Animorphs boarded the pool ship. The ally they knew they couldn’t trust, Tom, acted to their expectations and attempted to betray them. There was massive fighting, and one of the Animorphs may have been killed in battle. And, despite the efforts of a resisting pacifism-programmed Erek, the Animorphs have flushed the pool ship, sentencing thousands of Yeerks to death in the icy cold expanse of space.

But where do we go from here? Have we won? Thousands of Yeerks are dead, and, as far as I know, Visser One has given up. But we still have the Andalites to deal with. The high-and-mighty, arrogant Andalite leaders have never been helpful in the past. Their goal from the get go has been to destroy the Yeerks, but leave the species the Yeerks are attacking in the dark. Nice guys.

Everything’s a mess. There are news crews everywhere down here, the people who survived the destruction of the city are panicking, Controllers left behind by the Pool ship are still trying to capture humans despite what’s going on up above.

No one knew things would be this way, and no one is sure what to do now. There’s confusion everywhere. Even the people working on this web site, myself included, aren’t sure of all the details, and we’re working with the Animorphs!

If you’ve read the other messages on this page you know - we, too, have to go into hiding. The Yeerks still left on the ground aren’t giving up, not yet, not until they know for sure that their empire has crumbled. They’re closing in on our location. The resisting Taxxons are too easily killed, our fellow humans too scared, to offer much help.

This will be my last report from the front. Stay safe, and wish everyone involved on the front lines luck. You’ll find out how it all ends, somehow. Just not by me.

This is the Informer, checking out.

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by The Informer

The battle started, guys, and it wasn’t pretty, but the Animorphs did seem to have some aces up their sleeves.

The ally we mentioned before? The Taxxons, led by Andalite-turned-Taxxon-nothlit Arbron. Turns out that the Taxxons want to be free as well - not of the Yeerks, but of their ravenous hunger. In exchange for Jake agreeing to the give them the morphing power (in order for them to become a less hungry animal full time), they agreed to stop construction on the new Yeerk pool and to not help fight against the Animorphs and humans.

And, strangely enough, Jake’s own Controller brother appeared and attempted to make a deal - Tom wanted to help the Animorphs.

It all went down shortly thereafter. While Jake and the others sneaked on to the Pool ship, with ‘help’ from Tom, the auxiliary Animorphs and a human army led by a general sent over from Washington caused a delayed diversion. Visser One was so focused on killing the Animorphs on the ground that he didn’t notice there were already some onboard the Pool ship.

But things didn’t go as smoothly as possible. As Jake predicted, Tom turned on them, but they were more than prepared and tricked him in return.

What happened after that point is a mystery. All we know now is that all of the auxiliary Animorphs are dead (may they rest in peace, they were fighting the good fight), and that there’s fighting going on inside the Yeerk pool.

And, also, we’re hearing that one of the original, founding Animorphs may have been killed.

Who? We have no idea. I’m already overtaken by sadness. How can the world get by without even a single one of them? How can we lose such a close friend?

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: war is pointless, war hurts and kills for no good reason, war is one of the most vile things in this big universe. Sometimes, like now, it’s necessary, but. . . . I just can’t wait until this whole ordeal is over.

Here’s hoping the rumor of a dead Animorph is just that - a rumor. And if he or she did die, here’s hoping it wasn’t a death in vain.

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by The Informer

The Animorphs are going for it.

As you know, Visser One made a daring, insulting move by, after destroying the Animorphs’s home town completely, landing the Yeerk Pool ship in plain sight, daring anyone to try and attack it.

Jake didn’t know what to do. Could he really take the bate and risk the lives of his friends?

Turns out that the answer is yes, because Jake has an ace up his sleeve. Of course, we can’t reveal what here lest some Yeerks manage to infiltrate our systems, but here’s what Jake had to say.

“We’re getting ready for the final stand. We got lucky: we found some new allies. We think we can trust them - well, some of them anyway.

“This could be it.”

Jake hasn’t told me who these allies are, but here’s what I know: it has something to do with a raid on the new Yeerk pool that is currently under construction. The Animorphs attacked in the dead of night, hoping to take down the Taxxon diggers before any Hork-Bajir or Bug fighters joined into the melee. Things went wrong, and Jake disappeared; he was feared dead, since one of the new Animorph recruits lost his life in the battle.

But, much to everyone’s relief, Jake showed up at the free Hork-Bajir refugee camp a day later, perfectly safe and with some interesting news. He laid out what was going on. Not long after, the group made a secret trip to some undisclosed location, and then they contacted me to give me the good news. We have some hope.

Jake and the others sound hopeful, so I’ll join them in their good mood. Things were looking grim. Military efforts have been lame. Free humans that used to live in nice suburban homes are now refugees.

But the Animorphs are on it. Things will be over soon. This interminable war will finally end.

Check back here soon. We’ll have more details as they happen.

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by The Informer

It’s the beginning of the end.

Visser One and the Yeerks aren’t hiding anymore. Not that they really were before, what with kidnapping people from their homes and sending them on a one-way, express trip to the Yeerk pool via subways.

But, now, the Yeerk pool is gone. The Animorphs thought they did a good thing. Unfortunately, Visser One only saw it as an excuse to get down to business once and for all.

You’ve probably already seen the news footage. This morning, hundreds of Bug fighters swooped above the city, blasting everything in sight with Dracon beams, obliterating once proud skyscrapers to a pile of ash. People, our friends and neighbors, were forced to flee as the mall, the schools, the Planet Hollywood, everything was destroyed entirely. Fighter jets that were flown in were obliterated in the sky. The Yeerks made sure that there would be absolutely no way they wouldn’t see an attack coming, and that there was no way any attack would succeed.

Then, they brought it down. The Pool ship. The massive, bloated, three-legged beast of a ship that lowered itself right above the destroyed Yeerk pool, as if taunting the Animorphs and their allies. Maybe a thousand Yeerks were killed. But there are still thousands more out there, and a way for those that survived to get nourishment. It’s as if nothing was accomplished.

Some goals are clear. The Animorphs want to take the Pool ship, but as of right now they don’t know how they’re going to accomplish that. And there are also reports of a possible new Earth-based Yeerk pool being built.

I don’t know, guys. Things aren’t looking good. I mean, the President has made announcements, Hollywood is abuzz over possible Yeerk-related movies, it’s all over the news and talk shows, but too many people still think this is all a joke. Some sort of big, weird publicity stunt. That all the destruction is computer generated, that all the bodies lying around the sinkhole that was once a Yeerk pool are dummies.

I guess all we can do right now is get word out. Please, don’t try to attack the Yeerks head on, you’ll only end up dead. Put your faith in Jake and the Animorphs. They will be the ones to save us now.

There are a lot of questions right now. A lot of second-guessing and worry. What we need are answers. What we need is an unexpected miracle. We can only hope.

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by The Informer

They finally did it, guys. The Animorphs took a big risk and did what they never could before: they blew up the Yeerk Pool.

That’s right, bye bye Yeerks. Well, some of them anyway. But let me back up and give a little history.

As it turns out, and as we all realized anyway, the work on the subway systems were because of the Yeerks. They were using Taxxons to extend the tunnels and then they were shooting trains full of people down the tunnel to be infested. Of course, this was major. The Yeerks weren’t trying to be sneaky, not even a little bit. They rounded up anyone they could and loaded them on a train.

The Animorphs had to work fast, which is why we didn’t get more time to warn people. Hopefully, you got the message before the explosion happened. If you had loved ones down in the Yeerk pool, Cassie tried to give everyone time to escape. Still, there were lots of casualties. If someone you loved was amongst them, we are truly sorry, but this was a necessary tactical move.

What does this mean for the Animorphs and the human resistance? It’s hard to say. The Blade ship and multiple Bug fighters were seen, uncloaked, above the wreckage. Seems Visser One took the gloves off. No more little battles. The final battle is about to begin.

It’s time to live up to our promise to resist the Yeerks, but don’t try to be a hero. The Animorphs are planning to round up military troops to help attack the Yeerks, the best thing to do for now is to leave the city. Don’t look back. Who knows what the Yeerks will do in preparation, but I’m betting it will involve a lot of explosions and destruction.

The outcome of this long, interminable war is about to be determined. Who will it be, humans or Yeerks? With a move like this, we’re bound to win - I hope.

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by The Informer

News just reached us about something rather unsettling going down in a major city. The subway train schedules have been altered drastically for some new sort of construction, and we have reason to believe the Yeerks are involved.

Here’s a statement issued by the local government.

"Due to some massive construction going on in continuing development and improvement of our city's subway systems, trains will be delayed and even stopped altogether while crews work. We understand the dependence that has developed on our city's subway system over the many years it's been in service,'but we also think that these new changes will be for the better of the entire city.'

Commuters will undoubtedly be distressed by these changes, but the transit company is increasing bus runs to help get people to work on time."

"For the better of the entire city?" Well, maybe the Controller portion.

It's impossible to tell right now what the Yeerks are up to, but with all the recent changes in the ongoing battle between the Animorphs and the Yeerks, it's got to be something big. The Animorphs are on it, and we should hear more about what's going on beneath the streets relatively soon.

Until then, we suggest you avoid the subway systems at all costs, even when it is reopened for business. Heck, you've been promising yourself you'd take a healthy bike ride to work every day since New Years, how about you live up to your resolution for once?

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by The Informer

The Free Hork-Bajir are a group of freed Controllers led by a Hork-Bajir seer named Toby. She was named after the hawk who helped free the beginning of this band of freedom fighters — Tobias: boy, hawk, and Rachel's significant other. Despite their fierce appearance, the Hork-Bajir are sweet, gentle, and loyal. Right now the Animorphs are living with Toby and her people, a necessary move to keep themselves safe from the Yeerks while they plan their next moves.

The Chee are androids (what, you though the weirdness ended with being invaded by Yeerks?). In their normal form, the Chee look like big robot dogs (Poochie they are not). Luckily, they are capable of projecting an advanced type of hologram so as to pass as humans, which they have done for thousands of years now (they landed here after their creators were killed, long story). In the past they have posed as Controllers to get more information for the Animorphs, and even posed as the Animorphs themselves when they needed to be gone for more than a few days at a time for Yeerk-related business.

Unfortunately, the Chee have been pretty quiet lately. There hasn't been any time to contact them yet, but there's worry that their secret underground "lair" has been discovered by the Yeerks. There's also worry that, even if nothing has happened, they would refuse to help anyway — see, they're programmed to be pacifists and can not help harm any living thing. Still, if we can reach them, they could be a big help. . . .

Believe it or not, there are actually Yeerks out there that are entirely opposed to taking over other creatures by force. Cassie managed to get through to some of these Yeerks after an encounter with a Yeerk named Aftran, and she hooked up with a few more during a mission to rescue Aftran (see, she was being held captive in the Yeerk pool, another long story). Aftran was later given the morphing power and trapped herself in whale morph in an attempt to escape her life as a parasite.

Necessarily, the rebel Yeerks have to keep under the rader. They're doing dangerous undercover work, and Visser One knows full well that they exist. They help when they can — even if it's something as small as cutting of the visser's arm when in big, ugly octopus-thing morph. And they may be able to help in an even bigger way during the final battle.

We thought that, when we saved the governor from being taken by the Yeerks and when she went on TV to spread word of the invasion, we'd have an ally for life — but Visser One's people spread far and wide. Now she's disappeared and there's no way to know if the men and women she deemed trustworthy still have control of their own minds.

There still has to be some army personnel out there that are free from Yeerk infestation, and the Animorphs will be sure to find them. Let's hope it's sooner than later.

Finally, the Andalites. The one who started it all. The ones who could come, guns a blazing, to end it all. But will they? The Animorphs have had trouble with the Andalites in the past, and just recently they may have decided to go to the Anati homeworld (you got it — long story) instead of to Earth. We can only hope they wised up and realized that Yeerk forces are beginning to be relocated her en masse.

These are by no means the only friends of the Animorphs. There have been plenty of others racked up over the last couple years. New Animorphs. The now growing human resistance. Even the former Visser One made some sort of an alliance with the Animorphs in order to save her own skin.

But these appear to be the major players. It's almost time for the final battle. With all these players on our side, we're sure to win — we hope.

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by The Informer

Not too long ago, Prince Elfangor, an Andalite (Andalite's are basically good aliens) gave five human kids the power to morph into any animal they touch. These five kids, plus the young brother of Prince Elfangor, lived in secret and fought the Yeerks, hoping to save Earth.

Until now.

Perhaps you were one of the people who saw the televised message from the state governor about the Yeerks and wanted to learn more about her statement. News reports are running rampant about it all being some elaborate hoax, or maybe that the governor has become mentally ill. Don't believe them. The Yeerks can pose as anyone, even members of the media. It's all true.

Unfortunately, the governor and the people she managed to get on her side have been targeted by Visser One, the leader of the Yeerk invasion on Earth, and they may not be our allies for much longer.

The Animorphs were fighting this war virtually alone for far too long. They do have their own resources — free Hork-Bajir (more good aliens), rebel Yeerks, the Chee, a small army of new Animorphs, all of whom you will learn about as the battle wages on — but it's nowhere near enough.

This web site has been created in hopes of building up a massive human resistance. The Animorphs need your help!

I will remain your contact with the Animorphs. I'll be the mouthpiece they'll use to relay information about their efforts to finish this war. Plus, I'm also going to sweep the national and local newspapers for stories that don't seem quite right. I'll also answer your questions about battles between the Yeerks and the Animorphs. Don't worry, we've secured the lines of communication with new encryption technology that we got from some trusted allies. If you're a Yeerk, we'll know it.

It's all heating up. Armies are being rallied, but for which side? Jake, the leader of the Animorphs, tells me that the Yeerks have obtained the morphing technology, so even a stray cat in your backyard might be the enemy in disguise. Now is the time to prepare and stand to fight. Not just for yourselves or your family, but for the entire world.

Stay tuned. We'll have more for you soon.

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Animorphs Xtreme News Wire

FROM Toledo Times, June 6, 2001


“Donald Cameron, a book keeper made homeless by the Yeerk attack, has been rallying humans into a mass resistance to fight the alien invaders. So far, the army troops sent in have been ineffective, and reportedly our only hope for winning so far are a handful of kids with the ability to change into Animals -- a handful of kids that are now fighting up in space.”

“’We are not going down without a fight,’ Cameron said in a speech to his followers. ‘We will not have our freedom taken away, not by humans or by aliens. Until the Yeerks are gone, we will not rest!’ Cameron and his army of 1,000 men and women stormed the destroyed city Wednesday and are now battling against the hundreds of Yeerks still left on Earth.”

FROM Dallas Daily Sun, June 5, 2001


“Postal work Nan Irving braved the fighting between humans and Yeerks on Wednesday to deliver a package containing a life-saving transplant to a hospital just south of the devastation. She is now being kept safe in a wing of the hospital until the battle ends, but she is expected to be highly praised by the government for her bravery. The United States postal service, in her honor, are now considering changing their slogan to, ‘Neither rain, nor sleet, nor alien invasion shall delay our carriers.’”

Right on. The Yeerks didn’t anticipate one thing - human will. No way are we going down without a fight, and no way will something as small as devastation and a battle keep us from helping someone live. No wonder the Animorphs have been successful all this time.

FROM New York Observer, May 30, 2001


“Hedrick Chapman, a former Vice Principal for a school in the area where major fighting is now going on between aliens and humans, has just signed a six figure deal with Harper Collins to write a tell all book about the Yeerk war, the supposed kid ‘heroes,’ and the Yeerk leader, Visser One. ‘They all have shameful secrets,’ Chapman said. ‘And I intend to reveal them all. Did you know Visser One has a. . . Well, you’ll just have to read my book to find out!’ The book is slated for release next year, which, coincidentally enough, would coincide with the release of a planned movie from Steven Spielberg about the Yeerk war - well, assuming we don’t lose, that is.”

Everyone’s cashing in. Doesn’t anyone care that there are kids and adults out there risking their lives to save the world? Besides, everyone already knows Visser One’s secret - he has a crazy twin. Or maybe it’s that, in actuality, Visser One is the crazy twin. Hard to tell.

FROM Seattle Sun Daily, MAY 29, 2001


“Yesterday, world famous psychic Rose Hardaway sent her prediction as to the outcome of the Yeerk/Human war to news papers around the country claiming that one of her visions told her the Yeerks would be the victors. ‘The Yeerks will massacre those fighting against them,’ Hardaway says in her press release. ‘And then they will build a new space station in New York, stop global warming, and make this world a better place. I, for one, welcome them with a resounding Nanu, Nanu!’

“Rose also went on to give other predictions, saying that her visions also told her that retro flick ‘A Knight’s Tale’ would be the biggest movie of the summer, despite Pearl Harbor having already sold millions of tickets.”

Knight’s Tale, huh? Well, let’s just take this as a sign that this woman has no clue what she’s talking about, and that her visions are totally false. I mean, c’mon, ‘We Will Rock You’ over jousting scenes? Yeesh. Besides, ‘Yeerks’ and ‘better place’ simply can’t exist in the same sentence. The Animorphs will win. . . I hope.

FROM the Dallas Globe, May 9, 2001


“Things have gone from bad to worse in the Yeerk situation. On Monday, two channel 2 newsmen hovering in a helicopter over the destruction of our city to the north were shot down after taping the devastation caused by the alien invaders. Before these two brave reporters were lost, they recorded the aliens using their advanced air ships to effortlessly shoot down three military F-16 fighter jets. It seems the president’s effort to handle this threat may not be as well planned as we had hoped.”

This isn’t good. The military has no experience with this kind of thing. They’re used to having the top machinery in fighting. Now, they’re up against the Yeerks, pilferers of far more advanced technology. Let’s hopethat Jake can teach these guys how to really bring the slugs down.

FROM the Pittsburgh Daily, May 8, 2001


“A nation-wide poll held Thursday revealed that the overwhelming majority of United States students are enjoying the school cancellations due to the Yeerk invasion, but don’t like the invasion itself. ‘I like not having homework,’ Morgan W. of Horsham, PA related. ‘But I really don’t like the aliens. I liked it better when my teacher said aliens weren’t real. I don’t think he paid much attention to his teachers when he was in college.’”

Wow, they actually took a poll about this? Yeesh, news organizations will look for every single possible angle they can find, huh? But, hey, I never liked homework either.

FROM Boston Herald, April 11, 2001


"The president made a statement Wednesday urging United States citizens to remain calm during the after math of what is being called the Alien Explosion. ‘The United States is entering a time of fear and imminent war. Rest assured that the very best US generals have been deployed to handle this dire situation.’ He went on to say, ‘As before, I maintain my refusal to apologize to these Yeerks for a situation we are not entirely responsible for.’ The president was then reminded by his advisors that the problem in China and the Yeerk invasion are, in fact, not one and the same.”

Hey, easy mistake. No, wait, it isn’t. Tsk, tsk, Mr. President. But, still, we’re getting government help. Very good news.

FROM Los Angeles Daily, April 10, 2001


"Despite threat of looming industry strikes, all of Hollywood is intrigued by the notion of the mass alien invasion by creatures called ‘Yeerks.’ Plans are already underway on developing a movie based on the invasion, with hopes of a start date before the strikes and, hopefully, before all of Earth falls to an alien empire. Steven Spielburg is rumored to be one of many directors interested in taking on the project, though he says he is ‘looking for the human element that is so far missing from the story.’”

Wow, we’re being attacked by aliens and Hollywood producers are still thinking about ways to cash in? How. . . . consistent. And, whoa, Steven Spielburg. Just imagine what he could do telling the story of the Animorphs. Let’s just hope there’s still a Hollywood after this war is over.

FROM New York Observer, March 28th, 2001


"Edward Martins, the well-known mental health guru and professor of psychology at New York University, flew down west over the weekend to make a personal assessment of the governor who recently went live on television to report that aliens were trying to take over the world. After much time with her, Dr. Martins reported that it was simply a case of overworked nerves and a life-long fear of slugs. The governor is being carefully monitored in a mental health facility and is now relating a better, normal grasp on reality."

Well, there goes that lifeline. Looks like the governor — and most likely all of the National Guard that she managed to round up — were made Controllers. Let's hope the Animorphs can find some more uninfected troops — if there are any left. . . .

FROM San Francisco Gazette, March 27, 2001


"On Friday, 80-year-old Margaret Hansen made a frantic call to her daughter on the opposite side of the country, exclaiming that her dog had just been eaten by a giant worm. According to Ms. Hansen, she heard her dog 'Cupcakes' barking madly at a flower bed when 'a worm or centipede as wide a round as a redwood tree' burst from the ground and gobbled the pet whole, reportedly with a 'large round mouth filled with hundreds of tiny, sharp knives.' Ms. Hansen has since been placed in Sunnyside Retirement Home, where doctors are using medication to rid the poor woman of her delusions."

Another person institutionalized? The Yeerks are on a institutionalization-as-cover-up rampage. What's even more interesting is the Taxxon. Why are the Yeerks having Taxxons dig? Something major is going on — and I'm betting it's tied directly to the shut down of the subways.

FROM The David Letterman Show, March 3, 2001


". . .In other entertainment news, it seems David Letterman has found a new source of his trademark humor — the governor of [deleted]. He did a lengthy gag involving his producer walking around town offering people a handful of the 'governor's' slugs, and then proceeded to joke at length about her with guests. 'So, have you heard about Nell and the aliens,' he asked guest Bruce Willis. 'Her name's not really Nell, but that's a good name for an alien nut. Eh? Eh?'"

Well, then. I guess David Letterman speaks for himself. But what's with Nell?

FROM Chicago Star, February 21, 2001


"It was Monday afternoon that Bradley Simmons, a forty-three year old businessman, came to work ranting about having just seen a man become a falcon right before his eyes. He was soon taken away to the psychiatric ward of the local hospital. 'It's a shame,' said one co-worker. 'Just yesterday he was fine. Then his stocks just plummeted, and now he's lost it.'"

Okay, first the Yeerks take people as slaves, then they steal the morphing power, and now they're getting people institutionalized? Does the evil never stop?

FROM The Randolph Ledger, NJ, February 5, 2001


"Yesterday, Hedrick Chapman, a Vice Principal at the local middle school, and his family arrived home to find their home had been replaced by a tank surrounded by the rubble of their once moderately priced two-story house. 'We are devastated,' Mr. Chapman was quoted as saying. 'But thankfully The Sharing is still here for us. You can always count on them to come through in the toughest times.'"

You know, I think maybe Marco and Tobias just had a wee bit too much fun parking the tank they, um, borrowed. And it couldn't have happened to a better human-Controller.
—The Informer

FROM The Boston Herald, FEBRUARY 22, 2001


"Henry and June, avid bird watchers ever since they were married twenty-nine blissful years ago, saw an odd, amazing sight the other day. 'We were watching the train of tanks go by,' Henry said. 'Then we saw a glorious uprising of Peregrine falcons led by a Golden Harrier.' 'Truly a spiritual experience,' June added. 'Though I do feel bad for the Red-Tailed hawk and the osprey they were attacking.'"

You know, I don't think "glorious" and "spiritual" are two words often used to describe Controllers in morph. I'm sure the red-tailed hawk and osprey would agree.
—The Informer

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