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Released December 18th, 1999

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Woman Narrator: "May 17, 1996. It was the day we first learned of the invasion. The day we first met, Jake, Rachel, Marco, Cassie and Tobias. Since then we've learned much about the Yeerks and Visser Three, and we also met some allies like Ax and the Chee. We learned a lot and they've won many battles. There is reason to celebrate. As a matter of fact, the Year 2000 Animorphs Party Winner is celebrating with his family and friends right now (shows a pic of Andrew M.). But we can't tell you where. So, you've read the books and watched the TV show, what next? Is there a key to changing your world? According to K.A. Applegate, it's learning as much as possible and keeping a great sense of humor. Here's K.A. and a young friend, with a millennium message recorded for Animorphs Funniest Home Videos. "

K.A. Applegate: "I'm K.A. (laughing), oh dear, OK (beep). (clears throat) Hi. I'm K- (laughing) (beep). Hi, I'm K.A. Applegate, thanks for joining us here today (laughing) (beep). Rolling? Okay. Hi, I'm K.A. Applegate, thanks for joining us today. Thanks for (very big laughter) over the last three and a half years (beep). A new millennium doesn't roll around every year. In fact, at least a couple years between a millennium. Math was never my best subject (laughter) to think about (laughter). You know, I could get a kid who would be able to do this better (beep). "

Kid: "Hi, I'm KA Applegate, thanks for joining us here today, and thanks for supporting Animorphs for the last three and a half years. A new millennium doesn't roll on every year, in fact, I believe it is several hundred years between millenniums. Maths was never my best subject. But every time the 00s turn on the calendar it is a good time to think about what has been and what could be. A new Millennium always holds up hope that that True and Fictional may at last be conquered. That peace may come both in the place we never name, and that all places get named on the evening news. But how ever much we have for the new millennium, we have to be ready to act, in order to know what is right, we need to make a change, to make the world a better place. You have to start with learning, knowledge, and knowledge is pretty much all you know, read everything, read books, read everything, read newspapers, read tomalears, read the tabloids at the supermarket check out, no, wait I read those, read at home, read on the bus, the more you read the more you'll know. At the end of every day, you should be able to think, hey I know something I didn't know yesterday, why? Because the more you read, the more ready you'll be for everything that happens, in your life. Like the new invasion for example, now go, and read a book and join the the millennium. Bye! "

K.A. Applegate: "That was incredible! (laughs) "

Woman Narrator: "And that's the last we're likely to see of K.A. Applegate - on video, anyway. So arm yourself with knowledge and a sense of humor, and on January 1, 2000, visit the Animorphs website. Use "knowledge" as your password to gain entry into an all new Animorphs Virtual Time Capsule. It will feature 200 messages to Animorphs fans for the new millenium. So the more we know, the more we can change."



  • This webcast was advertised and promoted as being a live webcast, showing worldwide at a certain time (December 18th, 1999). However, to the surprise of many fans, it was assembled as a video message instead, and was even available to view a day earlier in some parts of the world. The webcast itself was released as part of Scholastic's new millenium Y2K Campaign, which included a Party Contest that was held for Animorph fans (asking them to describe and give opinions on the upcoming changes in the new millenium.)
  • The winner of the Y2K Party Contest is revealed in this video to be Andrew M.
  • The words THEKEY, 2CHANGE, URWORLD, that appear sequentially in the webcast are actually previously used passwords for THE SANCTUARY. The Santuary was an Animorphs club which allowed fans to access a secret and exclusive part of the Official Animorphs Website, providing them with limited-time downloads (The Sanctuary Screensavers), information on upcoming Animorph books, as well as other things.
  • The password KNOWLEDGE is debutted in this video, which unlocked a new section of Scholastic's Animorph website called the VIRTUAL TIME CAPSULE. This new part of the website was replaced by the current space occupied by THE SANCTUARY at the time, which also abruptly ended earlier than it was supposed to. The new Virtual Time Capsule contained thoughts and opinions by Animorph fans on what the new millenium would bring, and the topics would range from different things such as family and lifestyle.



A SPECIAL THANKS TO JAMES (Monster, from MAS) for providing, and creating a downloadable version of this long lost video! I spent looking through every CD and Floppy disc I had of old backups to try and find this (I did eventually find one disc, but it turned out that it was corrupted and unrecoverable). It was a great bit of luck that James was able to find this site and approach me with a copy of his saved webcast. Thank you so much James!

I'd also like to thank Nothlit and Dahjo, who originally informed me about the webcast in my previous website, and put in an extra effort in trying to find this video when I couldn't. Thanks guys!

All material for the transcript and screencaptures were originally provided by AWN (Animorphs Weekly Newsletter), Ziana, MAS, and Morphz.



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