Scholastic's Spring 2011 Library Preview


Scholastic launched its Spring 2011 LIVE Preview Webcast on October 19th, 2010, where Animorphs got a dedicated time slot in announcing the relaunching of the series, The Animorphs segment portion of it was presented by David Levithan (V.P. Editorial Director of Scholastic), and the video for it can been seen below. Here are some screenshots:


Along with the webcast, Scholastic added Animorphs #1 to its Online Catalog, featuring a list of marketing plans, a sales PDF, as well as an exclusive look at the new (now changed) Jake model:

Download Summer Series Ad

Marketing Plans

    • Over 35 million copies of the original series in print!
      • 100,000-copy announced first print
      • National media campaign
      • Select author appearances
      • Major advertising campaign, including:
        • In-theater advertising in select markets
      • Online advertising linking to special content on Animorphs website
      • update, including:
        • Games & Video
        • Summer camp sampling
        • Outreach to Animorphs fan site

Online Catalog:





Thanks to Kyle, who made a copy of the Library 2010 Preview Webcast!


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