Tobias quickly became a symbol for the Animorphs, and of the deadly curse their morphing power held, after he passed 2 hour limit and became permanently trapped as a red-tailed hawk.

As a human, Tobias was a shy person who was bullied in school and tossed back and forth between relatives with no home or family to go to. And as the series progresses further, it's not surprising to learn that his transformation as a nothlit was originally an intentional means to escape his human life.

As a hawk, Tobias quickly learned to take care of himself, and out grew from his quiet shell to being more confident and willing to prove himself in the war. He became the Animorphs eye in the sky, and often scouted for trouble; providing surveillance and following known controllers during the day while the rest of the Animorphs stayed in school.

Full Name: Tobias Fangor

Nick Name(s): Bird-Boy

Gender: Male

Age: 13 - 16 (Series Time Span)

Personality: Quiet. Mysterious.

Battle Morph: Hawk (Nothlit form)

Best Friend: Rachel & Ax (shorm)

Pronounciation: TOE-BYE-US


Uncle. Andalite Aristh.

Father. Andalite War-Prince.



Tabby Cat (Dude) (unusable), Red-tailed Hawk (stuck as), Raccoon, Hork-Bajir, Human (himself), Racehorse, Dolphin, Hammerhead Shark, Fly, Mole, Bat, Mosquito, Deinonichus (unusable), Seagull, Flea, Baby Seal, Polar Bear, Sperm Whale, Giant Squid, Bull, Chimpanzee, Eel, Cockroach, Mountain Goat, Andalite (Ax), Killer Whale, Cheetah, Honeybee, Taxxon, Beaver, German Shepherd, Mallard Duck

Portrayed by:

Christopher Ralph (TV series)

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