Brand: Hasbro. Ages: 5 and up. Retail Price: $9.99

Full credit to FortMax's Transformers Instruction Archive and The International Tech Spec Archive, for the instruction manual and box cover scans.


Ax Panther Box

Ax Panther Instructions

Ax Scorpion  

Ax Scorpion Box Ax Scorpion Instructions

Cassie Wolf  

Cassie Wolf Box

Cassie Wolf Instructions

Rachel Lion  

Rachel Lion Box

Rachel Lion Instructions

Jake Bear  

Jake Bear Box

Jake Bear Instructions

Jake Tiger   Jake Tiger Box
Marco Beetle   Marco Beetle Box
Marco Gorilla   Marco Gorilla Box
Tobias Hawk   Tobias Hawk Box
Tobias Hawk   Tobias Hawk Box
Visser Three / Hork-Bajir / Inferno   Visser Three / Inferno / Hork-Bajir Box
Visser Three Inferno   Visser Three Inferno Box


European Exclusives




Tobias Instruction
Tobias Action Figure Instructions



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