These were released as part of the marketing license by Scholastic


Taco Bell

Released: 1999
Several Toys were given out as a tie-in promotion with Taco Bell. Here is the list:

Cassie to Anteater

Casse to AnteaterCassie to Anteater

Jake to Shark

Jake to SharkJake to Shark

Marco to Lizard

Marco to LizardMarco to Lizard

Rachel to Fly

Rachel to FlyRachel to Fly

Tobias See-Through Hawk with Human Morph Inside

Tobias See Through Hawk


Other Toys

Taco Bell - Claw to Hand WatchTaco Bell - Yeerk on the BrainTaco Bell - AnimorpherTaco Bell - Animorphing Sphere

Claw on Hand Watch - Clock with Timer
Andalite Dome Ship Beam - Image changing Flashlight
Yeerk on the Brain - Magnetic Brain Maze
Animorpher - Mirror Image Changer
Animorphing Sphere - Picture Changing Ball

Taco Bell - Animorphs Dome Ship PackageTaco Bell - Andalite Dome Ship FlashlightTaco Bell - Andalite Dome Ship Flashlight

Taco Bell - Andalite Dome Ship FlashlightTaco Bell - Claw to Hand Watch


Pizza hut

Released: 1999

Pizza Hut Exclusive - AniStampers Rolls the letters TOBIAS and YEERK on a piece of paper. Tobias stamp flaps its wings as you roll it and the Yeerk stamp wiggles its legs.



Pizza Hut Exclusive - MarkersPizza Hut Exclusive - MarkersThese felt pen markers were most likely used as some sort of puzzle game to reveal a secret message.

Pizza Hut Exclusive - Yeerk Pool ShipA rubber ball of the Yeerk Mother Ship.






Released: 1998

KFCPuzzle Cube
Fold and unfold the puzzle cube to see different images

Morphing Box

Rub the middle of any of the sides to see Animorphs

Thought Speak Revealer

Read the story line on the card then use the red transparent window to see more

Tobias Hawk Slider

throw it and it glides

DNA transfer Cards
rub the card to reveal items - back of the cards is a puzzle


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