These were exclusive to only certain members of the Sanctuary club from the Official Animorphs website for limited amount of time. Each screensaver was only online for a month before being replaced by the screensaver of the next character. They are no longer available anywhere else on the net. To watch the screensavers as videos, go to Videos Clips & Trailers.


Morphs: Rhino and Tiger ZIP (4.0mb)   Download
Morphs: Bat and Rat ZIP (3.5mb)   Download
Morphs: Himself and Rabbit ZIP (3.8mb)   Download
Morphs: Mosquito and Hawk ZIP (3.9mb)   Download
Morphs: Hork-Bajir and Anteater ZIP (4.1mb)   Download
Morphs: Polar Bear and Cockroach ZIP (3.8mb)   Download


The files below must be placed into your windows folder in order for the screensavers to work. They are virus and threat free, and are only used to work the screensavers, and can be easily removed if not needed.




ScreensaverReleased by the Official Website with Jake, Rachel and Tobias morphing. Morphs are from books #1, 2, 3, however Jake and Rachel are morphing in a full body pose like Tobias.

MAC DOWNLOAD (SIT, 1.0mb)Download





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