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Hork-Bajir (Work-In-Progress)


This is going to be a Hork Bajir when finished. The figure will stand about 12" tall and is made of a type of sculpting wax called Castaline. I spent about 6 hours to get the piece to this point, and should probably need another 10 or 15 hours to finish it.


Another view of the Hork Bajir. I had to invent the feet because there are no drawings of them on any of the book covers. I recently saw some of the older toys that were released (in the Hirac Delest archives) and I am gratified to see that I wasn't too far off the mark.  I'm going to do the chest, neck and head next, and then move on to the arms. The tail will probably be last, and from there I will add all the blades and horns (the more delicate parts).

Added the head and chest and neck details just after Thanksgiving.  Unfortunately with the holidays, this is where the piece stands today.  But I am soon going to be getting a used "waxer" from another sculptor that I know, and once I have this I will kick back into high gear to get this fellow done.
Visser Three (Work-In-Progress)
This is my interpretation of Visser Three, photographed from about the same angle as appears on the cover of the book "Visser".  I have about 15 hours into this sculpture.  The eye stalks and tail will be done next along with texturing the body.
The back of my andalite sculpture.


I plan to make castings of these for collectors who may be interested.  I also want to send a set of these figures to K.A. Applegate as a "thank you" for writing all those wonderful books. Your comments are welcome!

Bob Lippman.


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