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A rough sketch of what I think a Chee looks like- somewhat. I don't like the way the hip joints look very much, I guess i need to fix that...


"Freeze Horseboy"

Says the girl holding the dracon beam. He, a scene from The Andalite Chronicals. Are all these Ani drawings of mine grinding anyone's nerves? I do draw other stuff, but I guess you couldn't guess ;)

Freeze Horseboy

Jake's Burden

This is the scene that started it all, Jake's final decision to become the Animorphs. (Sorry it's so big, but it doesn't look as good any smaller)

Jake's Burden

Loren and Elfangor

Yep, that same girl holding the Dracon beam in the other pic is this girl now. Well, another scene from the Andalite Cronicals.

Elfangor & Loren


From Rachel's cheetah book, whichever number that is... a charater I would have liked to see more of before the series ended, but oh, well. Super fast little things, can run on water. *Supposedly not related to Andalites, but I have my doubts ...

A Garaton

Chibi Mt Andalite

Hey, look! The cuteness of chibi things! Yep, even I'll do some kind of anime-ish thing every once in awhile, and Animorphs stuff is no exeption.

Chibi Andalite

Mountain Andalite and SnowCat

Ah, ok, so the snow leopard looks a little tiger-ish... sorry, it's supposed to be me anyways! I think a snow leopard represents me the best compared to any other animal. And the mountain Andalite, just decided to throw her in... :)

Mountain Andalite and Snowcat

Morph Dancing

Andalites created the morphing power and some have developed a knack for diplaying it pleasingly... This was inspired from another art work, plus I had been thinking of doing this kind of pic before, so here ya go. (And, oh... she's morphing a ...

Morph Dancing


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