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The Traitor, Playing War

This is the story of a ten-year old girl who is abducted and taken to the Yeerk Pool on the Visser's Blade Ship. As luck would have it, there was an Andalite attack that same day and she escapes a future as a Controller. This story details her journey as she just gets into more trouble with eacho passing day. This story is my baby! I finally finished it a few months ago after like 6 years of working on it!

Beyond My Control

A one-shot from Visser One's pov. She explores her rivalry with Visser Three. Takes place during the events of book #5. Closet Fan.

The Voluntary

My current work in progress. A boy named Chris is destined to become a Voluntary Controller. This fic explores how someone could sacrifice his own freedom and condone the destruction of the human race.


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