Weapon Breifing

Shredders are an Andalite hand held energy beam weapons.

Origin and Design: The exact orgins of the Shredder are unknown. It's designed to causea quick and painlesss death. The shredder fires a green beam and makes a TSSEEEEWWWW! sound.

Power Levels: The Shredder has six power settings.

Level 1: capable of stunning a small creature for a short time.
Level 2: paralizes larger creatures.
Level 3: Knocks out most creatures unconscious
Level 6: Powerful enough to shoot a whole through ten feet of solid titanium.

Military Distribution: The Andalite fighters have shredders slung over their fighters mimicking a poised andalite tail. The Andalite dome ship has shredders powerful enough to blow a hole clean through the Earth's moon.


Dracon beams are the Yeerks hand held weapon.

Origin and Design: A Dracon Beam fires a red beam and causes a much slower, more painful death because the Yeerks specially designed it so that their enemies will feel the agony of cells being ripped apart.

The Dracon beam was named after its creator, Dracon 1423. They were created when the Yeerks stole shredders from their attack on the Andalite base on their Yeerk home planet. By mixing Shredder technology and Ongachic particle wave technology, they created the Dracon beam.

Military Distribution: The dracon beam is used by several other races including the Skrit-Na. The Yeerk Bug fighter has two dracon beams on each side and every Hork-bajir controller is equipped with a handheld Dracon Beam also.


TRANSPORTATION & Technology Breakdown

Bug fighters are the main intersteller fighter for the Yeerks. It is described as a streamlined cockroach with 2 spears on each side which are the twin Dracon cannons. A bug fighter has a crew of two. A Hork-Bajir Gunner and a Taxxon pilot. Bug fighters each have a cloaking device and a defence shield generator.

Andalite Fighters are basicly a bunch of sleek ovals stuck together. There is an oval in front which is the cockpit with a longer oval behind it and two stubby little "wings" With an engine on the end of each wing. The Main Shredder is slung over top mimicking an Andalites tail poised for combat. Each Andalite ship also has several secondary shredders positioned around the cockpit and one or two in the middle of the ship. Each Andalite ship also has Zero-space capability and a shields and a cloaking system. There are at least two known types of Andalite fighters: The two-seater model fourteen and the much newer model 22.

The Blade ship Is the personal ship of a Yeerk Visser. It is only a medium size ship, pretty small actually, but it packs a powerful punch. The Blade ship carries two bug fighters with it. The Blade ship looks like an old battleax with a diamond shaped bridge.

A Yeerk Pool Ship Looks alot like a giant three legged spider. It has a huge Yeerk pool in it containing over 17,000 Yeerks.

The Andalite Dome Ship Is basiclly a big stick with a dome on top. The Dome is a third of a mile across park with grass, trees and a lake. The "stick" is where everyone has their personal quarters. And the Battlebridge is also in the middle where the captain usually is along with the main shredder cannon. At the Bottom of the "stick" is the three huge Zero-space engines.

Skrit-Na Raiders are basicly big Tappered flying disks.

Hawjabran frieghters resemble the Star ship Enterprise according to Ax.

Desbadeen Tankers look like big ,grey flying eights.

The Escafil device is the blue box which gives a person their morphing power.

The GleetBio Scanner is a system the Yeerks stole from the Andalites which eliminates all unauthorized life forms.


Written by CALEB H.

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