Ax is the last and final member to join, after the Animorphs save him from a crashed Dome Ship under the ocean. Burdened by the duty of revenge for Prince Elfangor, his old brother, Ax places himself under Jake's command (as 'Prince Jake') until more Andalites arrive.

While at first he doesn't understand human behaviour or their sense of humor, he does learn to adapt and eventually trust them, even past the loyalties to his own people.

Perhaps Ax's greatest asset, however, is that he is the only one with the most experience and knowledge with other alien technologies, and thus becomes their most useful resource when it comes to bypassing and configuring Human and Yeerk technology for the Animorphs needs. At the same time, he also helps the Animorphs by staying in Andalite form through their battles. This helps to keep the masquerade that they are a group of 'Andalite Bandits' rather than humans.

Full Name: Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill

Nick Name(s): Ax, Ax-man

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, but old enough to be considered as an aristh (human cadet)

Personality: Loyal. Understanding. Ambitious.

Battle Morph: Andalite (himself)

Best Friend: Tobias (shorm)




Brother. War Prince.

Nephew. Animorph.


Djabala, Kafit Bird, Tiger Shark, Human (Mixed DNA of Jake, Rachel, Cassie, & Marco), Northern Harrier, Lobster, Black Ant, Cockroach, Fly, Jake, Mouse, Flea, Rattlesnake, Termite, Skunk, Great-horned Owl, Wolf-Spider, Bat, Spider-Monkey(unusable), Jaguar (unusable), Racehorse, Hammerhead Shark, Mole, Mosquito, Leeran, Dolphin, Tyrannosaurus Rex(unusable), Human (Security Guard), African Elephant, Anteater, Baby Seal, Polar Bear, Giant Squid, Cow, Bull, Chimpanzee, Mountain Goat, Hork-Bajir, Killer Whale, Honeybee, Taxxon, Human (Pilot), Human (Navy Officer),44. Human (Another Navy officer), Beaver, Mallard Duck, Raccoon

Portrayed by:

Paulo Costanzo (TV series)
Cardboard cutout (Classic cover model)

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