Species the Yeerks wanted to infest in Visser. The Yeerk Council of Thirteen sent Edriss 562 to oversee the project, and if she failed... she would die. (pg 189, Visser)

The primary race fighting the Yeerks. Andalites are known throughout the galaxy for their advanced technology. They are often described as blue alien centaurs, with an equine lower half and a humanoid upper one, stalk eyes on the top of their heads and long, scorpion-like tails that have deadly blades at the end, especially for males (In females the blade is smaller). They have no mouths because of their telepathic ability, commonly called though-speak (not to be confused with psychic rapport, mind-reading, etc.) which doesn't seem to be unique to them, though. They are generally a peaceful people, even though they've had wars among themselves at times, who prefer to live solitarily only with their families instead of in big cities, and need wide open spaces, hence the invention of their Dome ships. However, they have a long, proud tradition, especially in war, and part of the reason they fight the Yeerks is the geas they put upon themselves because of their horror at releasing their abomination on the galaxy.

Antarean Bogg:
The first creature Visser Three was seen morphing into in The Invasion. It was described as a hulking, two-legged creature with an impossibly bloated head with arm-length teeth, merged features and thick tentacles for arms. With it he killed and ate Elfangor. It can only be guessed that this creature isn't sentient, as hulking monstrosities usually are not.

The original inhabitants of the Hork-Bajir world. They lived on their planet, adept in biology and genetics but little better than humans in the field of space travel, until a comet or asteroid hit the planet and drastically changed the environment. Retreating into the dark mists in the deep valleys, they had to keep the atmosphere stable, by use of the many huge trees there. Since they did not want to care for the trees themselves, they made creatures that could do so. For this purpose, they made the Hork-Bajir. They tried to remove most of their intelligence; however a "stubborn little gene" kept popping up, making a Hork-Bajir Seer.

The lowest rank in the Andalite military, described as warrior-cadet. They are not allowed to fight in battles, however they are sent on war-related missions.


A species morphed by Visser 3 in book #45, The Revelation. It's a bird like creature, that has huge, black wings, and in-between the wings is a mouth full of small, needle teeth, with a silver tongue. It lives on the planet Ondar.

Blade Ship:
The special ship of the Vissers,' resembling the head of a medieval battle-axe, though it was inspired by Hork-Bajir physiology. Visser Three has his own Blade ship, equipped with various torture instruments he has collected throughout the galaxy.

A species mentioned by Ellimist in The Ellimist Chronicles, p144.

Bug Fighter :
Informal name for small Yeerk fighters, named thus because they resemble cockroaches -- apparently the Yeerks or whoever they stole that piece of technology from looked to insect physiology for their aerodynamics.


A species that eventually attacked and destroyed the Ketrans. They have a very dark green skin, a sharp beak, lidless eyes, and a few multiple jointed arms.

Small, tree-dwelling creatures of the Hork-Bajir world. They have four limbs and are very quick and agile. They probably do not have many inborn instincts because those who have morphed them never commented on them, and they are also probably the predecessors of the Arn, since they look much like them.

Chan Wath
A species mentioned by Ellimist in The Ellimist Chronicles, p144.

The Chee are an android race created by the Pemalites. They live on Earth, using their advanced holograms to create the illusion of an ordinary person. They let their hologram go old and eventually go away, to represent death, and then they take on the illusion of another person. They have been around about the time Pyramids of Giza were erected, and have a secret hideout where they take care of stray dogs, which remind them of their long dead creators.

A creature that is under Yeerk control. There are human-Controllers, Hork-Bajir Controllers, Taxxon-Controllers, etc. except the Hork-Bajir, Taxxons and Gedds are usually not referred to with the suffix, since they are all conquered races and their Controller status is assumed.

Council of Thirteen:
The ancient ruling body of the Yeerks, which even the highest and most powerful Vissers answer to. One of the council members is the Emperor, but since they fear assassination, few insiders know which one he is. A seat on the Council of Thirteen is the highest position in the Yeerk Empire, which those such as Visser Three aspire to.


A species mentioned by Ellimist in The Ellimist Chronicles, p144.

A fairly unknown race of people. At least some of them are traders, and one of them found a Pemalite Crystal, though he didn't know what it really was, and traded it to the Yeerks.

Derrishoul tree:
Fauna of the Andalite home world. It is an asparagus like spear that grows strait and tall, part of the landscape of a Dome ship.

A species or group that is neutral to the Yeerks.

Small, six-legged creatures of the Andalite homeworld. They have a rather simple physiology, and similar enough to Andalites' so that the Djabala is the first creature that arisths morph during basic training.

Dome Ship:
An invention of the Andalites'. Because Andalites, both to feed and for general well-being, need to run through a grassy feeding ground and have some wide open spaces (they seem to have congenital claustrophobia) they attached huge domes, artificial pieces of their home world, to their ships. Although this is often a hindrance to their ships during fighting, it is a major asset for their warriors and is an example of their wonderful technological advances.

Dracon Beam:
An adaptation of the Andalite Shredder weapons. They have been modified by the Yeerks, to make them stronger and more painful in the handheld versions. Other races use them, however, including the Skrit Na. They have been compared to the phasers of Star Trek.

A strange creature who is a servant/messenger of Crayak. It was most likely he, not Crayak himself, who set up the scenario in #27. It is bipedal balanced by a stubby lizard-like tail, with avian legs and weak arms with multiple joints. The head is a humanoid shape, and its skin is dark green covered in wrinkles. His race is not named, but he refers to his title, The Drode, which is " . . . a word of my species. It means "'wild card.'" He has studied the Animorphs and is aware of all of their weak spots, and in the end offers Rachel a proposition to kill Jake.

Dule Fasna
Basicly an organic Mech, and the face is where the head should be. Morphed into by Esplin 9466 in #20, The Discovery.

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A seemingly all-powerful being who, although not omnipotent, is a non-corporeal entity, and can alter even the solid boundaries of morphing technology and bend the fabric of space-time. There were references to an Ellimist race, who built the Time Matrix, yet it seems to be the same being who assists Elfangor and the Animorphs every time, so one possibility is that they have been assimilated into a single mind. The Ellimist has a policy not to interfere with other races, but for the greater good, instead of actually interfering, he gives people the idea and the means of accomplishing it, while making the achievement possible.

A place on the Andalite world with rocky outcrops marked by ancient writing [see shormitor]. It seems to be a historical site visited by young warriors so they can see the message for themselves.

Enos ermarf:
Part of Andalite artistic terminology; a certain way the lake in a dome ship curves into the grass and is framed by darishoul trees.

Escafil Device:
Commonly known as the blue "morphing cube" or "the blue box." It is operated by touch contact, and apparently one person, the "giver," who should already have the morphing ability has to touch one side of it, and others, who receive the morphing ability. It was invented by the scientist Escafil.

On the Andalite homeworld, a morphing artist. They have greater control over their morphing abilities and can manipulate the changes for an artistic effect. Like Cassie, who has the talent of an estreen, they usually are very aware of and have a love for the creatures they are morphing.

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A species obsessed by a vision that motivated them to kill above 90% of their chilren for real or imaginary defects. They where destroyed by Crayak's astroid. They were part of the solar sytem shared by the Caspians.

Frolis Maneuver:
A feat of morphing in which a morpher combines the DNA of two or more creatures that he has acquired to make a new creature. It is theorized that this can only be done with creatures of the same species, so it is theoretically impossible to, for example, combine the DNA of a tiger with a bear.

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The interstellar language, often used in trade. It appears to be the standard language for Yeerks, when they need to communicate with different hosts. On Earth, however, English is the main language, as most prominent Controllers there have human hosts.

A genetic mess-up made by the Arn to keep the Hork-Bajir out of the place below Father Deep. Fourteen feet tall with reptile skin and razored tentacles.

They have similar physical characteristics to the Andalites, but are much faster.

A Yeerk version of a bounty. If someone commits an act of treachery, they have a gashad put on them, in which all Yeerks are ordered to kill the gashed-ed and if they don't face the death penalty themselves.

The Gedds were the first species the Yeerks infested, since the lived on their homeworld and apparently came and returned to the Yeerk pools of their own free will. Prince Seerow claimed that the Yeerks and Gedds were symbiotes, and that the Gedds were barely conscious in their normal states, not qualifying as sentient. Yet it would seem that even if they don't have the means to show it yet, the Gedds are at least self-aware and have reasoning minds. They have names for themselves and seem to have a distinctive will, indicating that Seerow was wrong in that respect. Their physical appearance is not described in great detail, but they seem to be hulking, bluish apelike creatures with webbed feet, narrow eyes and a hard time speaking most languages.

A species that explored the planet Ket, and at first found no life because they looked on the ground. Nothing else is known about this species.

Gleet Bio-Filter:
Device installed at all Yeerk pool entrances. It scans all life forms that go through the area. If an unauthorized life form is detected, it emits a loud alarm and blast wide-range rays which can blind humans and kill many animals that an "Andalite" would morph into. It can be programmed for individuals, such as humans, or for a species, such as cattle.

A species mentioned by Ellimist in The Ellimist Chronicles, p144.

A genetic mess-up created by the Arn to keep the Hork-Bajir out of the place below Father Deep. They are tree feet tall, but twenty feet across, with twelve legs and mouths extending on all sides.

Graffen's Children:
A simply, awkwardly built people compared to Gumbies. They were among the many that the Howlers killed off, and might possibly be an artificially created species, since they, called Graffen's Children, were compared to the Howlers, called Crayak's Children.

A species mentioned by Ellimist in The Ellimist Chronicles, p134.

Great leader:
Andalite rank directly above war-prince. It is unknown if there is an actual name for this position, unless of course the actual title is a direct translation of the Andalite thought-speak "great leader." They have to be elected by a majority rule of "the people as a whole."

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Not much is known about the Hawbrajan. The expanding Yeerks captured one of their ships and assimilated their technology. They tried to make Controllers out of them, however they have several central nervous nodes located around their body instead of a primary brain, so they could not be infested. Ax once pointed out that the S.S. Enterprise resembled a Hawbrajan freighter.

A species mentioned by Ellimist in The Ellimist Chronicles, p144.

A race of people who happen to be incredibly tiny compared to most other species and planets. They are ruled almost entirely by females, with the males regarded as third-class citizens (though perhaps they are in civil war over this issue right now). They are also fanatic about ruling the galaxy, except they lack the seriousness of the Yeerks to carry out these plans.

Hereth illint:
Roughly translated as "burping DNA," hereth illint is a process which happens if a morpher is allergic to a certain genetic pattern. It involves the morpher morphing the objectable DNA pattern while retaining their own body- the excess matter is drawn from Zero-space, and the offending DNA is made into a whole new creature.

Hirac Delest:
Andalite term for final statement. It is the fated "last words" of an Andalite, though whether it is custom to do this, for all Andalites or simply the warriors, is unknown. When his ship landed on Earth, Elfangor told his story by making a mind-link to his ships computer to transmit his message through space so that his story would not be forgotten among his people. However, only one or two officials know the truth, and conceal it for the sake of Elfangor's honor.

Hork-Bajir are very striking creatures, with hulking, strong reptilian bodies and blades all over their body: their elbows, wrists, feet, legs, head and tail. However, they are entirely peaceful, not understanding even the concept of violence (the blades are used for cutting into trees). In fact, there was a lot they didn't understand, since their mental capabilities don't measure up to those of most other races, although some suspect that they may simply be intelligent in different ways that they don't show. The exception to this are the "seers," special Hork-Bajir born once in a generation, and always for a special purpose to their race. Theirs was the first world the Yeerks reached out to for conquest. They secretly invaded inside many Hork-Bajir, who became their bodies for shock troopers. The remaining free Hork-Bajir were destroyed by a quantum virus prince Alloran had programmed to kill Hork-Bajir Controllers.

The destruction force of the galaxy. They were made by Crayak. Their skin has been described as looking like cooled lava, and they have two arms with humanoid hands, except with folding claws attached on the wrists, free-turning vertebrae and huge heads with excellent eyes, which can see things like heat-waves, but their best asset is their collective memory, a sort of database of all that every Howler knows and has seen. They derive their name from their special weapon, the odd-frequency "howl" that they can give, that acts on certain centers of the brains of sentient species, causing fear, disorientation and loss of mental center, and possibly death. They have destroyed many, possibly hundreds of races, including the Pemalites. Ironically, though, their nature is not a killing nature, but an innocent one that knows nothing but the war and violence that it has been taught.

These creatures are of the only Class 5 species known to the Yeerks. With two upper arms, and two legs with no tail, they trip quite easily. They live on the planet Earth. The only resistance to Earth's invasion is the Animorphs.

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One of the species mentioned by the Ellimist that he "downloaded" into his mind (The Ellimist Chronicles, p133).

A species that lives on the planet Inner World, which is near to the planet Jall. These creatures have wings and bright yellow eyes.

The Isk are a biologically created species. They were created by the Yoort as a symbiote.

A strange race that lives on a distant planet. Their society is a strange mix of chaos and order, and they are very important in the fate of the races, the reason that the Ellimnist and the Crayak wage their battle over them. They are actually a combination of two races: the Isk and the Yoort. The Isk are artificially created, and engineered so that they cannot live without the Yoort. The Yoort, likewise, modified so that they can't live without the Isk, ensuring that neither of them rebels or abuses the other.
[see Yoort]

The life-essence: personality and memory of a person, which can be technologically captured and presereved even beyond that person's death. It is part of Arn biotechnology, and the Ixcila can be revived if it has a host person to live in.

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A species that lives on the planet Jall, which is in close proximity to the planet Inner World. They look like a multi-armed, big slug.

A genetic mess-up made by the Arn to keep the Hork-Bajir out of the place below Father Deep.

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A type of bird from the Andalite homeworld. There are only three species of bird, and the kafit is considered the best, with six powerful wings and a ripping razor bill for a beak. In the early days of the Yeerk-Andalite war, training arisths acquired the kafit and flew around for amusement.

Name for special particles the Yeerks need to survive, possibly the name of their home star. On the homeworld, the sun would generate the Kandrona nutrients which were absorbed by the Yeerks in their pools. Seerow invented a portable Kandrona Particle/Wave Generator so that the Yeerks could travel far out into the stars and still fulfill their three-day feeding.

Warlike species and very agressive. All that we know is that they have a very old treaty with the Andalites that neither species will enter the other's space. Mentioned at the end of #54, The Beginning.

A small, winged species that lived on the crystals of the planet Ket. The only living member of this species left is Ellimist.

A universal gesture of affection among many races, namely the specifically male/female races who have to mate to reproduce. For humans, of course, it is by the lips, with Andalites it is by stroking one another's faces with their palms (explaining why they're uneasy about close contact), for Hork-Bajir they lock their head-blades, although this gesture has other signifigances, since males do this in dominance displays. The kiss will play a significant role in the minds of the Howlers': seeing Cassie and Jake run together and kiss each other with abandon, the one memory the Crayak failed to erase from their collective consciousness, introduces to them the concept of comradeship and love.

A species mentioned by Aximili in Megamorphs #2, p.151

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A species of sub technological farmers. They were destroyed by Crayak w/ an astroid.

Lebtin javelin fish:
An aquatic creature well known to, if not often seen by, the Andalites. It looks like a very large, bright yellow stringray, mostly flat and oblong. It is armed with natural spears, with irregular yellow, green and blue stripes, neatly lined in a row on its back, which it shoots by rolling a spear into a flap, swelling with water which is suddenly ejected to create momentum for the spear.

The Leerans are a mostly aquatic race, who like the frogs they resemble are amphibious, except they are the opposite of frogs: the live underwater in the Leera ocean, but have to return to land to lay their eggs. They have an advanced civilization which they have built underwater, and their main distinction are their psychic abilities; they are able to see into other's minds.

Creature from the Hork-Bajir homeworld. Looks like hundreds of vines attached to a blue-rimmed mouth.

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A small, bright moon orbiting the Yeerk homeworld.

An oceanic creature that lives in the oceans of one of the Andalite moons. It is a huge, dark red-violet creature that swims by pumping water through three large chambers, though its entire body is covered with beating fish tails that keep up the momentum created by releasing water.

One of the races the Yeerks have conquered: every Mak is a Controller, and their homeworld has been "adapted" by them: the climate altered, species wiped out, to be more like the Yeerk homeworld and a suitable breeding ground.

A species destroyed by Crayak who gave them repeated crop failures. They went into caniblism.

An ocean dwelling species of an Andalite moon. Whale size, dark red skin, and covered with useless, small fins. It moves around by pumping water out of 3 sacs on it's underside.

A people that the Howlers have destroyed.

Memory Dump:
Yeerk technology that allows the subject (a subordinate on distance assignment) to transmit all their memories to a computer, which can be replayed in a virtual reality holographic simulation [somewhat reminicent of the Iskoort's memory buying-and-trading devices]. A variant of it also allows a superior to probe into another's mind and memory, much like a Yeerk would look into the mind of its host.

This big crab like race that escaped to Earth during the Cretaceous period from their home planet, which was destroyed when it's sun was sucked into a black hole. They are a Class 3 race, with a very unsymmetrical body, with one BIG pincher on one side of their crab-like body, and three human-like arms on the other side. They also had seven legs total. Three on one side, four on the other. They also have multiple eyes, like a spider. The ones that were on Earth were the only ones in existence. They are now extinct, because of the meteor that hit Earth.

A technological process invented by the Andalites. The specifics of it are unknown, but it involves the ability to acquire the DNA of another creature and use it to "change into" that creature. It is the Animorph's only real weapon, and Elfangor gave it to five human youths when he landed on Earth and his doom was near.

The pet species of Esplin 9466 in The Andalite Chronicles. This species is actually 2 in one, the bottom half being yellow with black spots and having wheels, while the top half is red with wings. These two parts can seperate and attack in unison. They are also regenerative... if one Mortron is cut in half, 2 new ones are formed out of the 2 peices.

A species mentioned by Ellimist in The Ellimist Chronicles, p144.

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A race of people the Yeerks have captured, either their first or the second, after the Hork-Bajir. They probably took them by the hidden-infestation method they are trying to use on Earth. The contradiction of information about them from Ax and the Hork-Bajir Chronicles suggests some shame on the Andalites' part; perhaps they altered the story slightly to cover it up.

Mutated human beings, the Nartec are different because of dangerous exposure to radiation. They have become amphibians. Nartec study sunken ships, airplanes, submarines, etc. They have an expansive library and museum of ships, airplanes, submarines, etc., ref, #36

The Nesk are a Class 1 species. They are ants (not from Earth) that mimic the form of other species by working together. Millions of Nesk are needed to create one body. They go through the galaxy and steal weaponry. They existed on Earth during the end of the Cretaceous period, but right before meteor hit Earth and destroyed the dinosaurs. They believed the dinosaurs belonged to them, and the Earth, too.

Species of space pirates mentioned in #54, The Beginning.

A people that the Howlers have destroyed.

A nothlit is a person that has stayed in morphed form for longer than the two-hour time limit; therefore, the individual is forced to remain stuck in morphed form forever. Nothlit is an Andalite word.

Nova-Class Empire Ship:
The best and most impressive Yeerk personal warship. It has a circular center surrounded by eight launchable cannons. It is the personal craft of Visser One.

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The Ongachic are a race of wanderers. Their homeworld has been seemingly demolished or abandoned a long time ago, and at least some of them serve as minstrels, presumably travelling across the galaxies and stopping on planets and space stations to play music in exchange for their stay there.

A clear, transparent species in which you can see the "organs." But the "organs" are fakes so that if you try to hurt it at the vital organs, you will hit nothing important, therefore confusing the enemy.

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The Pemalites were a very advanced race from far across the galaxy, surpassing even the Andalites. They are most noted for their hologram illusions and their androids, the Chee, which function as sentient, emotional beings. They have a canine look to them, and have advanced beyond ordinary jealousy and anger and hate, and had virtually perfected their world. For this reason, they were totally unprepared when the Howlers came. They, along with the Chee, had to leave the planet, and fled to one that they had visited long ago: Earth. However, the Pemalites were not able to survive due to a virus planted by the Howlers. The last that remained of the was their essence, which the Chee placed in wolves to create the strange change that resulted in dogs; they took on some of their predecessor's reckless joy along with the inbred wolfish instincts.

A people that the Howlers have destroyed.

Pool Ship:
Yeerk motherships, their versions of the Andalite dome ship. They are described as three-legged spiders, with a large "abdomen" which houses the main part of the ship, including the Yeerk pool on which it is centered, with the three launching tubes through which ships leave.

Rank in the Andalite military denoting great honor and respect. A Prince appears to be the equivalent of a colonel, at least a lieutenant. He commands starfleets, workers, scientists, whatever may be needed for the war.

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Quantum Virus:
An advanced simulated-life program that is a combination of Andalite technology and physics with Arn biology and genetic knowledge. It is composed of tiny airborne units which apparently are structured like viruses: they are programmed to break down, at a sub-atomic level, the life form they have been specified toward. Many Hork-Bajir were destroyed by such a virus, and it might have possibly been a similar device which the Howlers used against the Pemalites.

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A strong, flexible material which can not be found on Earth, probably Andalite in origin. It can be formed into a perfect curve, like an egg-shaped to hold captives, for example, so they can't break down a wall; there are none.

Rituals are very important to the Andalites. They have small rituals, which mostly involve reciting prayerlike words, at certain events. There is a morning ritual, a ritual for children, a ritual for dying in battle, and for avenging one who has died, that we have seen as of yet.

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Sario Rip:
A phenomenon involving Z-space and the time-space continuum. Basically, when there is a massive blast of energy, a tiny rip in this continuum is made. With the right conditions, this can also be an accessible portal into a random place in space and time, though always on the same planet.

The title given to Hork-Bajir who are "different," much more perceptive and intelligent than the rest of their race. They are actually a genetic anomaly of sorts, as the Arn were not entirely able to fixate the Hork-Bajir intelligence gene at their preferred level.

Sharf Den:
A mostly unknown race. In the near future, Howlers will be sent to annihilate them, but a small glitch in their collective memories will cause them to act in friendship and love instead.

Sharing, The:
A Yeerk front organization on Earth. It is often described as a "coed Boy/Girl Scouts," although people of all ages join, and they go on activities like ski trips, cookouts and trips to the beach. It is mainly used to recruit voluntary human-Controllers, and people are introduced to infestation in a slow, subtle way until they become "senior" members, in which they are made into Controllers. It also serves (or used to serve) for the Yeerks to learn more about human society and hold their meetings.

The Andalite power weapon. They are both attached to the ship, especially a curved, main weapon resembling and Andalite tail, and handheld devices like guns.

The Andalite word for "tail blade." It is used to describe close, lifelong friends who are so close that they won't worry if they have one another's tail blades against their throats.

Ancient andalite carvings done by tail blade (hence the name). They are mostly found on the rocky outcroppings of the Elupera [see Elupera] and seem to be mainly concerned with the nature of fighting.

Skrit Na:
Skrit Na are a strange race;the types of aliens who abduct humans in flying saucer ships. The reason for the double name is their dual nature: they are at first Skirt, cockroach-like creatures, which go through a metamorphosis, and emerge from their cocoons as Na, which look like the aliens from Close Encounters. They like to abduct other species to study them, sometimes flying them around and dropping them back off, while other times they take them to a zoo. They also sometimes carry away souvenirs from the planets they have visited.

A race that the Yeerks have conquered, much in the same way as the Hork-Bajir and the Mak.

A rank under Visser in the Yeerk hierarchy. Like the rest of the ranks, they each have number designations, the lower number being the higher position. After reaching higher than the position of sub-Visser One, for example, the Yeerk official then achieves the position of a Visser.

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Taxxons are basically cannibalistic worms, and another Controller race. They may be sentient and have good coordination of their many appendages, but they are constantly hungry and live their whole life with their eating instincts in overdrive; even the Yeerks that take them as hosts can't control them. The whole race is entirely voluntary as hosts for the Yeerks, who promised in exchange that they would be fed well with the flesh of their enemies. With a small exception, of course. There are a few that are resistant, because of the will of a being known as the "Living Hive." It gives birth to the Taxxons, and has an enormous force of mind, extending its body over the entire planet. It seems to be a sentient organic Taxxon factory; the best I can guess is that it's a collective of Taxxon queens.

Time Matrix:
A highly advanced machine invented by the Ellimist race. It has the ability to bend and alter the fabric of space-time, and seems to support the alternate-universe theory. Elfangor used it to escape from the war that was tearing across his world to live on Earth. The Ellimist later called him back to his destined place as a hero, and he buried it in a forest that later became the fated abandoned construction site.

An Andalite fighting move. It involves using the flat of the tail blade to apply force without real injury and.

Tria gland:
A gland located in an Andalite's brain, the center of immunity and pathogen control. It is normally essential, except when infected with a yamphut, in which the Tria gland swells and, unless removed, will burst and kill the Andalite.

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A Yeerk military rank, either one lower than sub-visser, or a particular type of sub-visser.

A species with 2 eyes in the front of their head and one in back, long headhair (colors consisting of green, red, and yellow), spiked backs, diffrent skin tones (consisting of the colors black, purple, and white), and from 3 to 9 arms.

A spiritual rite from Andalite legend, in which certain people with strange powers could pass memories through DNA. These memories would be triggered by imminent death to provide strength in their last moments of departure.

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The Varnarx are native to the Yeerk homeworld, and appear to be the Yeerks' only natural enemy. They do not seem to be sentient in any way, but they specialize in sucking Yeerks right out of their hosts and eating them. What happens to the Yeerk's former host after that is ambiguous, but it is not something that either of them wants. Visser Three acquired a Varnarx in order to eliminate useless subordinates without killing or hurting their hosts.

Species found on Saturn, found and named by Esplin 9466. Composed of thousands of tiny flying insect-like creatures, they act as one body and can take on any shape they want. Esplin 9466 geneticly altered them to seek out morph energy, but the plan failed because of the alien's weakness to water.

An extinct species that lived on an Andalite moon. The Yeerks, however, had a few preserved specimens, and engineered them with humans to make vicious and adaptable creatures on their Arctic Kandrona base.

A powerful Yeerk warlord. To obtain the rank of Visser, a Yeerk has to climb the large hierarchy, slowly going lower in number designation, then receiving ranks like under-Visser and sub-Visser. Every notch up in the ranking is accounted for either by that individual's achievements or by the demotion (or elimination) of their superiors, so usually every Visser must be ruthless and brutal as well as conniving and powerful.

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An official title among the Andalites. They are the fighters, the ones who go into battle and do not command anything; common soldiers.

A high and prestigious Andalite military rank. They are directly above the rank of "prince."

A species mentioned by Ellimist in The Ellimist Chronicles, p144.

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An alien virus probably from the Andalite homeworld. It seems that it can lay dormant in an Andalite for a long while, just as a certain type of cold virus that a human is immune to can be dormant in that human until it mutates into something the body is not immune to. It causes the infection of the Tria glad, the Andalite center of immunity, and can be passed to other species like humans. While it exhibits flu-like symptoms in humans, it can cause an Andalite's Tria gland to burst, leading to death.

Yeerks are simply slugs in a pool. They can only move and interact with the world by infesting hosts, which were once their symbiote Gedds. They were trapped on their planet until the Andalite Prince Seerow shared their technology with them, including space travel. However, the Yeerks then decided that they should expand across the universe, taking other hosts, most of which were anything but willing. They use their hosts as extensions of themselves and rob it host of any physical control, privacy or secret. Their one weakness is that they must leave their host every three days to absorb Kandrona rays by swimming in the Yeerk pool. Their current campaign is for Earth, because of its large amount of natural resources to make weapons with, but mainly because of the billions of host bodies that would be made available, host bodies that could easily adapt to hostile environments, with dexterous hands for piloting and operation.

The Yoorts are Yeerks which, for some unknown reason, ended up on the far side of the galaxy, perhaps because of a Seerow-like sympathizer or xenologist. They, too, took over creatures as hosts and tried to conquer the galaxies, however, after a long while of being forced to enslave others to be free, they came up with a solution. They engineered special hosts that would be most suited to them and could not live without them. So that they would be true symbiotes, they altered themselves also, so that they and their host bodies, called the Isk, formed a single race, the Iskoort, who then built an orderly society on their new home planet. The Elimist and the Crayak waged their battle over the Iskoort, because in about three centuries, the two races will meet again, and the Yeerk's plague will be ended.

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A state of non-existence in a different but accessible plane from our own. Z-space, as it is commonly referred to, doesn't seem to be relative to real space, though it is navigational and is used for extensive space travel. Special Z-space engines are needed on a ship for it to travel though it, though one could enter it via a black hole -- if one survived. Z-space is also important in morphing, because that is where the excess matter goes when someone morphs a creature smaller than the regular body, or matter is retrieved from there when more mass is needed, such as a human morphing into an elephant. It was once thought that matter just clumped there in its basic elements, but during an accident the Animorphs discovered that the person, minus what was added or taken away for morphing, is kept in their regular form there.

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