"You do not know me, but I am a juvenile delinquent. I do not trust authority figures, I probably will not graduate from high school, and statistics say my present rowdiness and vandalism will likely lead to more serious crimes. I am a dangerous fellow, and I am causing mayhem in this store.... There. I have now shamelessly destroyed the symmetry of this shelf, undoing ours of labor by underpaid store employees. If you could see me now, you would be frightened."

- Ax , Animorphs #49: The Diversion



I laughed. "You almighty Andalites. There is no limit to your arrogance, is there? Well, let me tell you something: we may be simple people. But we don't use biology to invent monsters. And we don't enslave other species. And we don't unleash a plague of parasites on the galaxy, endangering every other free species, and then go swaggering around like the lords of the universe. No, we're too simple for that. We're too stupid to lie and manipulate. We're too stupid to be ruthless. We're too stupid to know how to build powerful weapons designed to annihilate our enemies. Until you came, Andalite, we were too stupid to know how to kill."

- Dak Hamee, The Hork-Bajir Chronicles



”Just tell me this,” Marco raged. “When do we get a vacation? I mean, Ben-Hur rowing that Roman galley while the guy whipped him and the other guy banged on that big drum got more down time than we do.”

”When do we get to shut you up?” Rachel interrupted. “When do we get to switch you off? I mean, good grief, Marco, you act like you something better to do. Before we became Animorphs, your entire day consisted of figuring out which girl to annoy next.”

Marco grinned. “And now I always know which girl to annoy next.”



"Jake was there. He's my cousin. He's cute. Kind of big. I mean, if we weren't cousins... And Marco was there too. He's cute too, in a different way. I would probably go out with him if he asked me. And Tobias of course. He's cute when he's human. [Erek King] is a Chee. Meaning that he's, like, this Android? Only he uses holograms to look like this normal boy. [But] getting into Androids is maybe going a little far. Although, when you realize Erek is really like thousands of years old, so he's totally mature and all.... Anyway."

-Perky Rachel, Animorphs #42: The Separation



<What is beyond that door? > Ax asked.

<Toilet, > I said.< You know. Peeing and so on. >

<Ah. There are no… no toilet facilities except in the hotel? > Ax wondered.

<Sure there are. But, you know, I think women are more iffy about using public restrooms than guys are. >

<Why? >

<Well, I don’t know. It’s probably the whole sitting down versus standing up thing.>

Ax had no idea what I was talking about.

-Tobias and Ax, Animorphs #23: The Pretender



"What I don't get is why I have to be a girl wolf," Marco grumbled.

"We had one male and one female," Cassie explained for the tenth time. "If two of us
morphed into the male, we'd have two males. Two male wolves might decide they had to fight for dominance."

"I could control it," Marco said.

"Marco, you and Jake already fight for dominance, and you're just ordinary guys," Rachel pointed out.


- Marco, Cassie, and Rachel, Animorphs #3: The Encounter
Submitted by: JRTCMA



<We come here chasing Yeerks and we end up with this?> Cassie wondered. <Is this good luck or bad luck?>

<It's our luck.> Rachel said dryly.

- Cassie and Rachel, Animorphs #36: The Mutation
Submitted by: James B



"Full emergency power to engines. Ram the blade ship."

- Jake, Animorphs #54: The Beginning
Submitted by: Kiryu



"The tank." I took a breath. "Well, you know Chapman's house? Nice two-story?"

Jake sighed. "How many stories is it now?"

"Uh . . . " I glanced at Tobias. "Zero? But the back deck will give Chapman a nice supply of firewood this winter. It's already piled up for him."

Tobias smiled. "Too bad he doesn't have a fireplace anymore."

"Excuse me?" said Rachel. "You flattened Melissa's house?"


- Jake, Rachel, Marco, and Tobias. Animorphs #51: The Absolute
Submitted by: JRTCMA



"Aaaaaaahhhhh!" Cassie screamed.
"Look out! Lookoutlookoutlookoutlookout!" Jake yelled.
"Would you both shut up?" I demanded. "I'm trying to drive here!"
"Car! Car! Car!" Jake yelled.

I yanked the wheel left. The car sped by, horn blaring. The driver stuck his hand out the window and made a sign with his fingers.

"That's rude," I said. "And totally uncalled for."


"Oh, it's just a trash can," I said. "Chill out."


"Okay, so it's four trash cans," I said.
"Get off the sidewalk, you lunatic!" Jake said.

I yanked the wheel to the right. We bumped off the sidewalk, sort of grazed a parked car, and...


"Do you hate trash cans?" Jake asked. "Is that your problem? Do you just HATE TRASH CANS?!!"
"I can't drive with you screaming in my ear," I said.
"You can't drive at all!" Jake said.
"Left! Turn left! There, there! Turn left! It's that way," Cassie said, taking time out from screaming.

I turned left. I missed the actual street, but fortunately, the people who lived on that corner did not have any trees in their front yard.

BUMP! Over the curb. BUMP! Rear wheels over the curb. I stepped on the gas and tore across the lawn.

"Cool," I said.
"I'm going to kill you, Marco," Jake said in a weirdly calm voice. "If I survive, I am gonna kill you."
"You said you could drive!" Cassie accused.


- Marco, Jake, and Cassie. Megamorphs #1: The Andalite's Gift
Submitted by: JRTCMA


"Help me. I'm cold."

Another battle. Another horror.

Couldn't anything make it end? Was there no way out? Was I trapped, fighting, fighting till one by one my friends died or went nuts?


- Jake. Megamorphs #4: Back to Before.
Submitted by: Aniq I.


<You can't do this, Edriss> Eva said.

<I have no choice! They'll kill me!>

<Once before you chose your life over love. Are you happy with the result?>

- Eva and Edriss. Visser
Submitted by: Laura


The next day I did something stupid. At least, Marco kept telling me it was stupid. But he didn't
object very much. He understood.

We all met at Cassie's barn. And I used her dad's cellular phone to call Tom at home. I went
partly into a wolf morph before I did. Just enough to make the smallest changes.

Enough to change the shape of my mouth and tongue and throat. So that my voice would sound
very different.

He picked it up on the third ring. "Yeah?"

"I have a message," I said in a thick, twisted voice that did not sound at all like me.

"What?" Tom asked.

"Don't give up, Tom. Don't ever give up."

I hung up before he could say anything.

- Jake and Tom, Animorphs #6: The Capture
Submitted by: Ryan


<Tobias, where are you?>

<Well, it's smooth. Um, it was different when I first landed here. It was smooth and white. Wet, though. There's dampness on the suface. And I think there's a big lake or something below me. >

We all considered that description for a moment.

<Oh, man!> Marco yelled. <Tobias, you're in a toilet!>

<Um...remember how I said it was different when I first landed here? It was light. Now it's dark.>

We all considered this new information for a moment.

<Uh, guh-ROSS!>Marco said, half-laughing, half-scared.

<Tobias, I think the reason it got dark is that someone sat down.>

<Wait, you're saying that I'm in a toilet bowl. And someone sat down. But then...oh, man.>

<Caution: falling objects.> Marco said.

<What does all this mean?> Ax wondered.


- Marco, Ax, Tobias, and Jake, Animorphs #16: The Warning
Submitted by: Amy


And that's when Marcel appeared behind me. "Yew are needed in ze beck. Ze peeg bucket, she is full again."

The guy was grinding my final nerve. But if I started complaining it might occur to Marcel that I was not one of his many anonymus busboys after all.

"Ah weel do ze peeg bucket," I said. I could just dump it in the alley and rush right back. Still no problem. I ran for it.

<Marco? Ax?> It was Jake. <Are you guys in place?>

<I am here, Prince Jake,> Ax replied.

<Where is Marco?>

<He ees cleaning up ze peeg bucket.>

Long pause. I heard all this in my head as I dragged the stupid trash can of glop into the alley.

<Okay, whatever.> Jake said. <Who's going to deliver us to the target?>

<Marco is not here.>

<Okay, I guess it has to be you, Ax,> Jake said.

"No!" I yelled in frustration at a skanky alley cat.

<I am quite capable of this simple maneuver.> Ax said snippily. <Marco was merely concerned that I would go postal. But I have no mail.>

<Is anyone else getting that sinking feeling?> Tobias muttered.


- Marco, Ax, Tobias, and Jake, Animorphs #35: The Proposal
Submitted by: Amy


"What do you want?" I demanded.

"Nothing." He shrugged.

I glared. He blushed.

"Looking good, Rachel."


"The leotard and all. You're looking good."

I was wearing my morphing outfit. It seemed okay for a trip around the rocks.

"Of course I look good," I snapped. "I almost always do. You have something else to say?"

I guess that threw him. He shrugged.

"Looking good," he repeated. "Looking real good."

"I think we've been over that," I said. "Yes, I am good-looking. Yes, I have great hair. Yes, I have a great body. Now go away."

"You are so stuck-up!"

"That's right, I am. Now you know the difference between good looks and a good personality." 


- Rachel, Animorphs #32: The Separation
Submitted by: Cassie


He turned to Rachel. "You know what to do, right?"

<Call a little attention to myself, short-circuit the bio-zapper, and lead any and all pursuers toward the circus, where I can squeeze in among the other elephants and, in the confusion, demorph.>

"And then?"

<Then?> She swished her rope-thin tail.

Jake sighed. "Then mingle into the crowd, do not call attention to yourself, and wait patiently for the rest of us."

<Wait patiently. Right.> She saluted him with her trunk. <l can do that.>

Marco looked at me. "She. Cannot. Do. That."

<No,> I said. <Probably not.>


- Jake, Marco, Tobias, and Rachel, Animorphs #49: The Diversion
Submitted by: JRTCMA


<Are skunks a sacred animal to humans?> Ax asked.

"All animals are sacred to Cassie," Marco said. "She's Doctor Dolittle and that animal guy who comes on Letterman all rolled into one."

<But you eat some animals,> Ax pointed out. <Cows, pigs, sheep, dogs.>

"We don't eat dogs!" I said.

<In some countries you do. I read it in the World Almanac.>

We had given Ax a World Almanac to help him learn about Earth. Ever since then, he'd become an expert on useless information. He could tell you you the per capita income of Tanzania, or the long jump record at the Olympics.

"Well, we don't eat dogs in this country," Rachel said.

<Do you eat cats?>

"Um...excuse me?" Jake interrupted.


- Marco, Ax, Rachel, Cassie, and Jake, Animorphs #9: The Secret
Submitted by: VisserZer0


<Hork-Bajir, come on out,> I said firmly. Slowly the big creature crawled out. He stood erect, blinking in the dim evening light.

"Not Hork-Bajir," he said. "Jara Hamee. My name. Jara Hamee."

<He's kidding, right?> Jake said in my head. <His name is Jeremy?>


- Tobias, Jake, and Jara Hamee, Animorphs #13: The Change
Submitted by: smed96


I grabbed the wheel. Stretched and punched my massive foot onto the gas, right on top of Dad's shoe.


We took off like a Formula One.

"AHHHH!" Dad yelled. Either I'd smashed foot or my driving was worse than I thought.


- Marco, and Marco's Dad, Animorphs #45: The Revelation
Submitted by: Sierra 117




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