Her human name is Eva. There was a time when she had a loving husband and a son, Marco. When she had a wonderful career. But that was before she was infested by Edriss 562. Before the invasion of Earth. Now, Edriss 562 lives in Eva's head and controls her every movement. And through Eva, Edriss has become the highest-ranking general in the Yeerk empire, surpassing even her arch rival, Visser Three. She is Visser One.

But, it has become known that Visser One's tactics for attaining her current position were less than acceptable -- even to the Yeerks. Now she is on trial for treason. If she's found innocent she'll continue to rule. But if she's found guilty, she'll lose her life -- and possibly the life of her host, Eva. Which will mean that Marco will never, ever see his mother again...


Released: October 1999
Pages: 192
Cover Art by Romas Kukalis

Front Cover (Hi-Res)Front Cover
Back Cover (Hi-Res)Inside Cover



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U.S. Back Cover
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  • This is the only book, canon to the series, to not have an inside cover. Instead, the second cover is the back cover, which reflects Visser Three from behind his stance on the front cover.

    Interesting to note: The back cover is considered as a mistake by many fans. If you look closely, you will see that all of Visser Three's eyes (including the stalks) are pointed at the reader on the front cover, but then the back one has one eye that is looking back at us as well. This is not actually a mistake but done intentionally by the artist to give the sense that Visser Three still watches you (the reader) from all sides, the way an Andalite's stalk-eye should.
  • Continuity Note: Animorphs #35: The Proposal leaves off on a cliffhanger when Visser One contacts Marco on the phone. The story is continued in this book about halfway through.
  • ANIBASE: One of the main questions that fans have about this book has nothing to do with the story, but with the cover instead. Why exactly was Visser Three featured on the cover instead of Visser One? K.A. Applegate admits that she feels responsible for the mistake. One of the first things K.A. had to do for her books was create an outline for Scholastic. They used this outline to write the summaries on the back of the books, and to create covers and titles. The outlines for the books were generally vague, though, so she won't be so limited when writing.

    For Visser, she implied in her outline that the book would be just as much about Visser Three as it would be about Visser One, which led Scholastic to choose Visser Three for the cover. But when K.A. actually sat down to write her book, she found Visser One's story much more interesting and the book ended up being all about her. By then it was far too late and too expensive to have a new cover created. Now you know!
  • Publication Note: This is the only book in the series that remained in Hard Cover, and never printed in Paperback like the others.
  • Every numerical book in the series has a step-by-step animation on the bottom right hand corner of every page, usually mimicking the front cover by starting with the natural form (Human, Hawk, or Andalite) and then morphing into the animal on the cover (The Megamorphs don't have anything at all). The Chronicles, on the other hand, don't have this as there aren't any morphing steps created on the cover, so they usually relate with the story in some way.

    In the Visser Chronicles, a human walks up to the infestation pier, with the close up of a Yeerk crawling into the ear.


ANIBASE: On the Council of Thirteen is a Hork-Bajir Controller named Garoff 168, a Yeerk that Visser One had some sort of history with. It is Garoff that leads the interrogation of Visser one, in which he learns about her unconventional relationship with the Yeerk who helped her start the invasion on Earth, Essam 293. Garoff also discovers a startling secret about the two of them producing a pair of twins while in the bodies of Allison Kim and Gildy Gervais: Darwin, now a Human-Controller, and Madra.


Visser One Gedd, Hork-Bajir, Middle-Eastern Soldier, Jenny-Lynne Cadwalader, Allison Kim, Lawrence Alter, and Eva (Marco's Mother).
Essam Gedd, Hork-Bajir, Lonnie Lawenstein, Hildy Gervais, and Rich Huntley.

Nothing is known about the Anati, only that the Yeerks wanted to infest them. Visser One was sent to oversee the project. It was to be her final test - win the Anati situation, or be sentenced to death.


Desbadeen Limner
A quadrupedal animal on the Desbadeen home world.

The Five Classes of Alien
According to the Yeerks, there are five classes of alien.

Class One
Aliens are physically unfit for infestation, like Skrit Na or Hawjabrans.

Class Two
Aliens can be infested but suffer from serious physical drawbacks, like the Taxxons or Gedds.

Class Three
Aliens are physically fit to be infested, but are few in number and can't be bred quickly, like the Hork-Bajir.

Class Four
Aliens are perfect for infestation in every way, but are too formidable a challenge, like the Andalites.

Class Five
Aliens who exist in large numbers, are perfect for infestation, and have no way to resist the Yeerks, like the Humans.



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A big credit to Jeff Sampson for helping build and write the Anibase, which provided much of the inside information towards the series.

Thanks to Sat for scanning the back cover!

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