Is it true there are new Animorphs books coming out?!

Yes it's true! Animorphs is being officially relaunched by Scholastic in May 2011, with Animorphs #1 and #2 being released together at the same time. The first six books of the series will be reprinted in total. They will have brand new lenticular (animated) covers, with new cover models, and updated references!

See: Scholastic's Official Press Release.

UPDATE: Animorphs #7 & 8 have now been confirmed for summer 2012 as well! See our blog for latest updates.


Will they fix the ending, the KASUs, or make new books?

NO. This is strictly a reprint of the series, not a rewrite. The story will begin and end exactly the same, and K.A hasn't been officially contracted to write any books past the ones that have already been written. The major KASUs (K.A Applegate Screw Ups) will be fixed, but not necessarily all of them, so we'll just have to wait and see!


Updated references? Does that mean that the Animorphs will be using iPods and Cell Phones?!

It is undetermined at this point as to how far these updated references will go. But they won't be changed to the point where they will affect the story, as said above. Pop-culture references will be the ones most noticeable, and the technology updates to the series will be updated to be made more timeless. For example: Instead of Jake owning a Sega in Animorphs #1, he will simply have a gaming system (or something to that effect).


Is the entire series being reprinted? Will there ever be an Animorphs 2.0?

For now, it is only the first 6 books of the Classic series that is being reprinted. The release of any future books from the Classic line depends highly on the sales of these books! We have also been told that Scholastic is using these books as a way to test the market for this series. It is very possible that an Animorphs 2.0 may come from the success of these reprints, but at this time it is simply hopeful wishing and speculation.






I heard that there is an Animorphs movie being made! Is this true?!

At the current moment: No.

I know that there is a lot of hype flying around, but nothing solid has been confirmed about an Animorphs movie in production yet. Most of you are probably wondering how this bit of news all got started. Well, it all happened when K.A & Michael started visiting RAF a little while back (Jan 2008) and did a bit of Q&A with the fans before moving to Italy. I was lucky enough to get my question in about this, so here's what they told me:

Katherine / Michael: "There is a reasonably serious move under way to do a big budget Animorphs movie. By that we mean that a producer has contacted us and let us know that he would be pitching the idea to the studios -- as soon as the WGA strike is over. The producers are serious guys. The studios they are going after are people who could actually pull it off. But right now it's still probably a 20 to 1 shot. Keep your fingers crossed. I'll say this: the producer is a serious Anifan."

And that's all we've heard of so far. This was stated back on January 19th, 2008. The WGA strike is long over, and we haven't heard anything from K.A or Michael about the status of how the pitch went. Most likely, it didn't work out. Anything past this is pure speculation and wishful discussion amongst fans. Rest assured that when there is any official news, we will most definitely post about it on our blog!





Are you K.A. Applegate? How can I get a hold of her?

No, I am not K.A. Applegate, or affiliated with Scholastic in anyway. If you wish to contact her, the best way would be to get a hold of Michael Grant, who is her husband, and also the co-writer/co-creator of Animorphs, Everworld, Remnants, and a few other series they wrote together.


Okay then, who are you?

My name is Issam, and I'm just a really long time dedicated fan of the series.

I used to run a fan website called Aximlli's Animorphs back when the series was still running, but it has long since been shut down now, and hasn't been updated since the series ended. I had wanted to build a shrine or an archive of Animorphs back at that time also but unfortunetly little things just kept coming up (like College for instance!). However I've finally found the time I needed to go back and revisit this old project, and I've slowly kept it alive by adding little things here and there over the years.


How can I send you my stuff? (Fan art, fiction, videos, etc)

If you want to submit something to this site then you can e-mail me your art, fiction, and videos, or you can post them on the forum for me to put on the website as well. If you have a comment or a suggestion for the website then you can also use the contact form.


Why hasn't my submission been posted on the site yet?

Please remember that this is a fan website. I am not paid by Scholastic or anyone else to work on this site. It is an archive project, meaning that it can be worked on at a leisurely pace without any sort of deadline. I apologize in advance if some submissions take me longer to get to than others, but I do the best I can with the amount of spare time that I have. In most cases though, it's because I have a prority over my job or other things in my life which I can't ignore.


How can I link to your website?

First off, thanks for linking me. If you have an Animorphs website that is currently active then please get a hold of me and I'll add you back. If you would like to link my website on your page, the web address is You can also link the site by using this banner:

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