Gathering all info on Animorphs is harder than you might think! There were once several communities devoted to the series back when it was still running. There were thousands of websites out there with a new one being made each day. Unfortunately now it's all gone. All websites on the series have shut down, and information and media related to Animorphs is scattered and lost. I've gathered what I could find onto this website, and I still have a lot more content to put online that I've saved over the years (some of it is lost forever), but I need your help in finding things I'm still missing in order to fully complete this archive of Animorphs. Here is the list:


Memorabilia Hunters Wanted

We're looking for folks that have collected all the great merchandise from Animorphs popularity. Clothing, toys, kites, stationary, etc. If you have anything of Animorphs that hasn't been posted on this website or if you have better pictures of it, then please send it in!

We're also looking for folks that can get us pictures of all the cool items that we got with some of the books. Some countries even got exclusive things.


What we still need:

Animorphs #09 - Included a Tattoo (We have the postcard)
Visser Chronicles - Included a Shirt Decal

Received so far:

#05 - Shirt Decal by Michael
#08 - Bookmark by Sat
#09 - Postcard by Sat (Some books came with a Tattoo instead)
#10 - Jake and Marco Stickers by Sat and Neo X
#28 - Bookmark by Sat
#37 - Zipper Tag by Monster & me
#45 - PC Demo CD Cover by Monster

Megamorphs #1 - Shirt Decal by Michael.





Thanks to amazing efforts of these fans, here are a sample of the things we have collected so far. There are also many other items not listed here, but I have made sure to properly credit everyone for their work on the individual pages!


Done!Inside Covers

The official website released the inside covers for books #1-38. I'm looking for people who can scan me the inside covers for the rest of the series #39-54. As well as for the Chronicles & Megamorphs.

UPDATE: WE HAVE ALL OF THE INSIDE COVERS! Thanks to everyone who really went out of their way to help out. I really do appreciate it!

Here's a checklist of everyone, with who has provided me what. Please let me know if I missed you on this (I try my best to keep track of everything, but I do miss things every now and then):

39 - Ryan S, SlayerXY
40 - Ryan S, SlayerXY
41 - Neo X, SlayerXY
42 - Raevyn, SlayerXY
43 - Ryan S, Slayer XY
44 - Ryan S, SlayerXY
45 - Neo X, SlayerXY
46 - Neo X, SlayerXY
47 - Neo X, SlayerXY
48 - Neo X, SlayerXY
50 - Neo X, SlayerXY
51 - Monster, SlayerXY
52 - Ryan S, Sat, SlayerXY
53 - Neo X, Ryan S, SlayerXY
54 - Neo X, SlayerXY
Megamorphs #1 - Neo X
Megamorphs #3 - Sat
Megamorphs #4 - Sat

Hork-Bajir - Neo X & Ryan S.
Visser Back Cover - Sat
Ellimist - Raevyn & Foamy

Done!Contest Winners

In book #4, a contest was given out to Animorph fans to submit answers of what type of animal they wished they could morph into. The winners of the contest were then chosen over the following months, and the top 3 winners got to be morphed into the animal of their choice in the back of the books.

I would like to be able to get scans of these winners and the original contest rules to add to the archive. The three winners were added in the back of the following books:

Instructions ----- #4: The Message
Winner #1 ------- Megamorphs #1
Winner #2 ------- #10: The Android
Winner #3 ------- #12: The Reaction


Winner #1 by Monster
Winner #2 by Sat
Winner #3 by Sat
Contest Rules by Monster & JRTCMA

Update: Got them all! Thanks to everyone who scanned in these items!


Done!Video of K.A. Applegate's Webcast (1999)

This webcast was made before Y2K. It announced several details that were to come for the series, and even announced a fan who won some prizes (Andrew M.). I have the transcript and the pictures for this webcast, but I can't find the video download for this anywhere. It was originally made available by MAS (Monster's Animorphs Website) and on Ziana Astrola's Animorph Galaxy. Unfortunetly, both sites have long since shut down and the owners can no longer be reached. If anyone has this download still saved somewhere, then please e-mail me! You are our last HOPE!

Update 2008-06-27: The Video is now found! James (Monster) got a hold of me and was able to recover the webcast as it was from his backups! Thanks James! Click here to see the webcast!





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