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Luckly, I had many things saved up from when the series was still going, and I had to dig through many CDs and Floppy Disks (yes, the series is that old) to retrieve a lot of the missing data and files that you see on this website here.

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Animorphs is a book series based on 5 ordinary kids who witness an alien spacecraft crash in an abandoned construction site. It is here that Jake, Rachel, Marco, Cassie and Tobias meet Prince Elfangor of the Andalite Homeworld who has suffered with fatal wounds from the battle above Earth's atmosphere.

Elfangor warns them of the danger that their planet is under. A silent invasion has already been begun by the Yeerks, a parasatic species that crawls into the brain of their host and takes over their body, completely overiding any freewill that the host may possess. They have conquered several races already and now they are moving towards Earth.

Prince Elfangor's race, the technologically advanced Andalites, have been doing everything they can to stop the Yeerks, but they are losing the war. The Andalite forces are spread far too thin among the galaxy as the Yeerks take more and more planets. By the time any help comes, the Yeerks will easily have taken Earth as their next target.

In his final moments, Elfangor gives the five teens a weapon and a chance for them to save their planet by slowing down the invasion long enough until help arrives. He gives them the alien Andalite power to morph. With this power they can now touch any living creature to acquire its DNA pattern and then become that creature for a total of 2 hours.

The Andalite, Prince Elfangor, soon dies after at the hand of Visser Three, the leader of the Yeerk invasion, protecting the five teens as they hide from the Yeerk forces. It is here that the adventure of Animorphs begins.

The series involves stories of these five kids as they fight in a guerrilla warfare against the Yeerks. Left on their own, and with no one to trust, they must fight in a silent war against an enemy that can be anywhere and anybody until help arrives. The series deals with many themes such as slavery, death, and the morals of humanity and war.

The first Animorphs book was released by K.A. (Katherine) Applegate on June 1996, and after 54 regular books, 4 Megamorphs, 4 Chronicles, and 2 Alternamorphs, a TV Series, and an incredible supply of merchandise (transformers, games, etc...) , the series ended with its last book in May 2001.

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Animorph Profiles
Cassie Tobias Jake Rachel Marco Ax



While some believe that the series should be read in chronological order, I recommended that the series should be read as it was published. The main reason for this is that certain plot points are not fully explained until some of the chronicles, which end up ruining the surprise of the regular books as you read through them. It's also recommended that the regular books be read in numerical order. While the the book series on the most part is pretty formulaic, there are, again, certain plot points and characters that will return from previous books, so it's best not to miss out on them.

  • Print the Animorphs Book Collection Checklist (PDF, 122kb)

    Contains the names of every single book in the series. This list is in numerical order, not the publication order.

  • Download the Anibase (ZIP, 1.86mb)

    This is the database released from the Official website. It'll show all the summaries and facts gathered throughout the series. It also has a nice handy little feature that lets you view all of the books in chronological, publication, and numerical orders in case you ever get lost!

    : If you're new to the series, then hold off on getting this until you're done reading every book, as it can be a little spoilerish.

Publication / Release Date Reading Order

Animorphs #1-7

Megamorphs #1: The Andalite's Gift

Animorphs #8-12

The Andalite Chronicles

Animorphs #13- 18

Megamorphs #2: In the Time of Dinosaurs

Animorphs #19-22

The Hork-Bajir Chronicles

Animorphs #23 - 29

Megamorphs #3: Elfangor's Secret

Animorphs #30 - 35

The Visser Chronicles (Also known as just 'Visser')

Animorphs #36 - 40

Megamorphs #4: Back to Before

Animorphs #41-47 (Note: Starting with #45, the series begins its final arc to end)

The Ellimist Chronicles

Animorphs #48-54

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