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These were monthly columns that were held by Scholastic. Fans would send in questions to K.A. Applegate, and the Official Website would post them at the end of month with K.A's reply. Fans could either send their letters to K.A through an email form or through snail mail at:

K.A. Applegate, c/o Scholastic, 555 Broadway, New York, N.Y., 10012.

December 1998


Hi KA!
I have a few questions for you.
1. I just read The Hork-Bajir Chronicles (Great book by the way) and the Yeerks seemed to have been loyal to the Andalites. Especially the Council of Thirteen. Why did the Council decide to betray them?
2. Do the Yeerks still have the Andalite ship that they stole in Hork-Bajir Chronicles?
3. Will we ever meet the Yeerk Emperor?
Please answer these questions! I've been trying to write you but my mail was always sent back! Now that its letting me please reply!

Hi, SV3:
1) I don't think the Yeerks were ever loyal. They were biding their time. Once they realized all that they could have, they moved swiftly to take it.
2) Yes, although they did have to replace the transmission.
3) He'll be at Barnes and Noble signing copies of his new book, "Chicken Soup for the Yeerk Soul." Kidding. Actually, I had planned to slip a sort of Emperor's spokesman into book #30, but just this morning rewrote that and removed him. Maybe down the road.


Dear Katie(K.A. take your pick) Applegate,
Hi. My name is Caleb. I simply adore your books and would spend great amounts of money to buy them. I would be so happy if you answer my questions. Me and my friend Jonathan started are own fan club for your books. We don't have many members besides myself and him. Sorry. I got a little carried away.
1. Would you ever consider letting kids send you ideas for future books?
2. Is Arbron (my favorite character from "Andalite Chronicles") still living?
3. Will there ever be another new Animorph that doesn't end up being excluded.
Your number 1 fan (out of millions,)

Hi, Caleb:
1) I do occasionally use ideas fans have generated. But I never solicit specific ideas, just because I find the idea part of the job is the most fun part.
2) You know, I've been thinking that somewhere down the road we might see Arbron. Possibly if we ever do a "Taxxon Chronicles." Or maybe before, now that you mention it. Hmmm. Speaking of getting ideas from fans . . .
3) I don't know. On the one hand I am reluctant to mess with the chemistry. And, on a practical level it is difficult to wrangle seven characters. But at the same time the idea appeals to me as a way to keep the series fresh. Maybe so. I have to come up with outlines for books #37 and #38 soon, so I'll think about it.


What a coincidence! My 1st 2 initials are K.A., too!
1.One of the Animorphs should morph a Yeerk. They'd take over Tom, get out of the Yeerk pool, slither out into a sink full of water, and demorph. The name of that book sold be The Fake. Plus, they would find out Yeerk plans, I think.
2.If the Animorphs morphed Leerans once, they should do it again, shouldn't they?
your # 1 biggest fan.

Hi, Biggest:
1) Hey, that's not a bad idea. I'll pass it along to Jake.
2) No, because Leerans are sentient beings, and the Animorphs don't believe they have the right to appropriate the DNA of sentient beings without permission. On Leera they had permission. But now they have no way of asking the Leerans if they mind.


Oh wise and wonderful K.A. If only you answer the following questions I would the happiest people in the world.
1. When are the Taxxon Chronicles going to come out? And will it really be narrated by Arbron?
2. What was your inspiration to start the Animorphs series?
3. Will the Animorphs ever kill Visser Three?
I love your books and have read almost every single one of them.

Hi, Oh Nameless One:
1) Don't know. I know it's immature of me not to know, but I just don't. If we do TC it'll definitely involve Arbron.
2) Well, I was doing Young Adult romances, and I thought if I wrote one more tender kissing scene I'd gag. I needed a change. I needed to blow stuff up. Also, of course, I wanted to write about animals and find a way to really get readers into the heads of animals.
3) They may just want to send him to his room for a "time out."


Hi K.A.A-
I loooove your books (I'm so original) and I also think the TV show rocks too (did I mention that the TV Tobias is totally HOT!!!). But I have some questions that I really really want answered, (please).
1/ Is there a Visser 2? I haven't seen him/her in any of the books I've read (which is all of the ones that are out).
2/ How come in the Andalite Chronicles Alloran blamed other Andalites for the Hork Bajir's downfall, but it was his fault because of him being self-centered and thinking females were inferior.
3/ Will Marco ever get a girl to like him? (as in like him?)
Well that's it, thanks for making the GREAT books! :-)
Karen ( that's not my name I just always liked it :-)

Hi, Karen:
1) I'm saving Visser Two for later.
2) I'm afraid poor Alloran is in denial. Actually, what I think Alloran blamed other Andalites for was condemning him for his own heinous behavior.
3) He asked me to ask if you like him. You know, as in like.


Dear K.A
Here are my questions:
1. In book #19 where did the Yeerk in Karen's brain go?
2. In The Andalite Chronicles where did the water in the Jahar's waterfall come from?
3. Will they ever morph ax?

Hi, Jonathan:
1) The Yeerk hung out in the Yeerk Pool, waiting to re-appear in book #29. (I think it's 29 anyway.)
2) Out of the ether, as they used to call it in the old days. Out of thin air. Out of another dimension of time and space, a dimension called . . . the Twilight Zone.
3) I imagine so.


1) Where is Tobias's mom? Did Visser 3 get her, or what?
2) When they morph, do they also morph the bacteria in the animals?
3) Why doesn't Ax use any Andalite slang?

Hi, Saryi:
1) It looks like Tobias' mom just died a natural death. Unless I decide otherwise at some future time.
2) Actually, no. They would acquire only the one DNA type. Although, it's an interesting question. Lots of bacteria are useful and even necessary. I understand that humans have bacteria that are necessary for proper digestion. Leading to the question of whether an Andalite morphing a human without benefit of his bacteria might not have digestive problems. Does Ax in human morph suffer from more than the usual amount of flatulence? This is the sort of profound question we should be addressing, rather than wasting time on the meaning of life.
3) I don't know. Maybe he's too busy coping with the problems arising from the above question.


Hi, K.A!
I have a couple of questions.
1.) How long could a yeerk live in it's natural state?
2.) Why would yeerks want to use human bodies if we are so slow and helpless?

Hi, No-name:
1) What is a Yeerk's natural state? Oklahoma? But seriously, I don't know. Probably quite a while since they have no natural predators and no diseases that we've ever heard of.
2) We're slow and helpless compared to some animals, but rather useful nevertheless. We have very dextrous fingers, for example. But more to the point, there are a lot of us. More humans than Hork-Bajir, for example. And we have obvious advantages over Taxxons, the most notable being that we are not cannibalistic. Most of the time.


Dear K.A.,
I know Tobias's name! Remember in The Andalite Chronicles it said that Elfangor said that he stayed on Earth and changed his name to Al Fangor? He and Loren had Tobias. That would make Tobias's full name Tobias Fangor! Here are some questions:
1. If Jake was in a morph, say tiger, could Marco acquire the tiger?
2. Are the Yeerk and Andalite planets anywhere near our solar system?
3. Did the Mercora use the same name for broccoli as we do?

Hi, No-Name2:
1) Nope. You cannot acquire DNA from a morph. Only from the original animal. I don't know why. That's just the way it is.
2) Well, no planet is exactly near. Even the other planets in our own little solar system are a fair distance away. You couldn't afford the cab fare.
3) No, their word for broccoli is "ygrrish". Which translates literally as, "Not as bad as Brussels sprouts."


Dear K.A.,
I think your books are the best, specially the way u describe the characters. My favorite is Marco because we use the same type of humor. And i also like Rachel, in fact i'd like to go out with her sometime. I hope it's ok with Tobias. Any way this is my question: have u decided which of the Animorphs will kill Visser three. ( if they ever do kill him) And where is Visser TWO!!!!!!! Please Answer!!!!
-Rachel's Boy Friend.

Hi, Rachel-lover:
I'm thinking Visser Three shouldn't die but should retire to a condo in Florida. He could take up golf. Actually, you bring up an interesting question: do I have an end game? Have I planned a final book that will tie up all the loose ends? Do I have a master plan in my head? Naaaah. If that day comes (and it won't for at least another 30 books) then I'll think about a Final Animorphs. In fact, by then maybe all the characters will have retired to a condo in Florida. I see the kids, all in their seventies now, gathering for the early-bird dinner at the local seafood restaurant, whipping out their senior discount cards and talking about how much easier it is for the younger generation. "In our day the Yeerks were evil! These Yeerks today, bah! Pushovers!"


Dear KA!
I desperately need you to answer this question!!!!!!!! I was re-reading the Andalite Chronicles, and in it, Elfangor tells Loren they have some-odd kinds of grass, in some-odd flavours, but you're always having Ax say how great taste is. So do Andalites have taste or not, or is it just different than human taste?

Hi, Elf:
It's a difference of degree so great that it is almost a difference in kind. Andalite taste as experienced through the hooves is a pallid, weak sense. Like the mole's sense of sight, or a Jerry Springer guest's sense of dignity.


Dear K.A.:
For some time, I've wanted to send you a letter of appreciation. Our son David discovered Animorphs books about a year ago, near the beginning of second grade. He has now read all but three. Not surprisingly, his reading has improved dramatically, as has his vocabulary. We now visit book stores at the mall, rather than toy stores, and await each month's edition with great anticipation. (Too bad you can't write one every other week -- although October was a treat with both #23 and the Hork-Bajir Chronicles.) We hope he is on his way to a lifetime of appreciation of the joy that can be found in books. It is especially noteworthy that you are able to write books with positive themes that nevertheless hold the attention of kids like our David. Please keep it up!
P.S. "Reading will change you" is a great motto.

Hi, Christopher and David:
Nothing would make me happier than to think my books would lead kids on to other books and a generalized appreciation of reading. Lots of fans tell me I'm a "great writer." But I hope most of them will go on to discover genuinely great writers.


My friends of an Animorphs fan club decided to put our 2 cents in, so....
1] What authors, books, and T.V. shows most inspired you and have you always wanted to be a writer?
2] Why don't you have a contest for kids to write the best plot of a book, and the winner's plot is in the next book?
3] How does the Yeerk population stay up when it takes 3 Yeerks to reproduce 1 and the 3 die afterwards anyway??
We have millions more questions, but we'll leave it at these for now! PUH-LEASE RESPOND!
-Melissa, Cassie, Rachel, Jake and the other Yeerk fighters out there

Hi, Yeerk Fighters:
1) I didn't always "want" to be a writer, but I guess I always felt I eventually would be one. Strange, I know, but true. In terms of Animorphs I draw heavily on the various Star Treks, naturally, as well as X-Files. I originally pitched Animorphs as "X-Files for kids," although it ended up being very different.
2) You'd have to talk to Scholastic about that. I think it's a cool idea, but I'm not in charge of contests.
3) The three parent Yeerks produce numerous grubs, not one. Otherwise, yeah, they'd have a serious demographic problem.


Dear Ms. Applegate ,
I just wanted to thank you again. yesterday I wrote a letter, but I didn't get a response (it's OK I know your probably very busy). It took me about 30 minutes to come up with something to say to someone I admire so much. however I came up with some more questions:
1 will the Animorphs be able to get at least one Yeerk out of a controller (I was thinking about tom ).
2 Do Rachel and (my favorite character) Marco ever say that they like each other?
3 Will Cassie ever Know anyone in her family who is a controller?
Greatly appreciated
your #1 Fan

Hi, Jeremy:
Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy. Why do you want me to just blurt out all sorts of secrets? What fun would it be if I just answered each of your questions in detail? Don't you like suspense? Don't you like not knowing? Get into the anticipation. Savor the suspense. Revel in the unknown.


Dear K.A
I would absolutely 100 percent love it if you would answer a few questions for me.
1. Can you make a book that the Animorphs acquire Ax's DNA?
2. My brother has been acting strange lately, do you think he is infested with a Yeerk?
3. I only have up to book #16 because my mom won't really let me buy any. Is there any way I can get free books or a subscription for a month, year, or two years?

Hi, Unsigned One:
1) I don't know about that. Would you want someone around who could become you? I doubt Ax would like seeing his biological replica running around.
2) I've had Tobias place your brother under surveillance, and let's just say that he does seem to have developed a taste for Kandrona rays.
3) Not as far as I know, unless perhaps you can get them from your library or from friends. Sorry.


Dear K.A., the greatest author in the world!
I have some questions for you:
1) Is Chapman from "The Andalite Chronicles" the same as the Controller who is the father of Melissa?
2) Is it true that Loren married another man after her memory was erased of Elfangor?
3) Is Alloran the only Andalite-Controller (Visser Three)?
Thanks for reading my questions!
Some of your biggest fans,

Hi, Henry:
1) Yep.
2) Also yes.
3) Yes again.
Boy, that was easy.


Hi, I'm Keke I love (not like) your books. Someday I wish I could be as wonderful a writer as you. You write with very well details. All of the Animorphs are unique in their own way. I love them all. Well, let me get down to the questions.
1. Will Tobias ever tell anyone that Elfangor is his father? I guess that makes Ax his uncle.
2. Will Tobias, Rachel, Cassie, and Jake ever go on a double date?
3. Have you written any other books besides the Animorphs series?
Since I can only write 3 questions and I have so many more I will be writing you soon. Thanks.

Hi, Keke:
1) I think this is something we're not going to show, but rather handle "off- screen." In other words, in book #24 the others all know about Tobias and Elfangor, but I'm not going to write a specific scene showing it.
2) Yes, Rachel and Cassie will go as one couple, Jake and Tobias as the other couple. Kidding. Probably.
3) Yes, quite a few. But they aren't series an Animorphs reader will be likely to want to read. The only other series still out is something that used to be called "Boyfriends/Girlfriends" but has now been given the hideous new name "Making Out." It's a romance series.


Hey KA my name's Adam I'm one of your older 16 but I just can't help but loving your adventure filled books it's one of the best plots I'd seen since Enders Game! any way I've just got one question. 1.How do you propose to make new Animorphs? supposing you still plan on doing it. I've got two solutions! either A: they take broken kids/adults (why not adults? makes since, I mean really, it seams silly to keep it as just kids) off the street who have nothing else to live for. OR B: they somehow find out how the elemist can erase peoples memories~! this way they can TEST anyone they want to, and talk to them about the whole thing without having to worry about a security leak! what do you think? huh?
One, of your many number one fans, who has all of your books and checks out your website all the time.

Hi, Adam:
Hmmm, broken adults who have nothing left to live for? Newt Gingrich as the next Animorph? Could work.
To be serious, it's hard to mix adult and child characters in a book. Adults in this day and age generally don't believe kids are capable of much. The adult character would inevitably try to run things. Of course it wasn't always this way. As late as the Nineteenth century twelve and fourteen year old kids were crewmen aboard warships, often as midshipmen where they directed the actions of adult sailors in combat. Not something we want to see practiced, obviously, but evidence that young kids are capable of more than most adults care to admit.

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