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These were monthly columns that were held by Scholastic. Fans would send in questions to K.A. Applegate, and the Official Website would post them at the end of month with K.A's reply. Fans could either send their letters to K.A through an email form or through snail mail at:

K.A. Applegate, c/o Scholastic, 555 Broadway, New York, N.Y., 10012.

October 1998


First of all I'd like to say I love your Animorphs books; I read them all, but who hasn't? I have some questions. (They said to have a limit of three, so maybe I'll put the rest of the questions in another letter.) My first question is why not morph an Andalite? They seem much stronger than any Earth animal. My second question is why not have Tobias morph his human form for two hours, then use the blue box to regain his morphing ability? My third question is why not make Melissa Chapman an Animorph? Thanks for your answers!
-Anthony & Aimee

Anthony & Aimee:
1)The only Andalite they could acquire for morphing is Ax. Maybe Ax doesn't want to be cloned.
2)Once the morphing technology has been used on a person it never works again.
3)It's interesting how many people care about Melissa. She's not a bad suggestion for a new Animorph, come to think of it. But I'm not sure after David there'll be another new Animorph.


Dear K.A.,
I have some questions for you. I hope you'll answer because I really want to know.
1. In Book 1, how did Elfangor know that Jake and all were not Controllers? There were other Controller at the site, and they could have been just pretending to be nice or not know what the Yeerks were just to get on Elfangor's nerves.
2. On the covers, you say that morphing is never pretidciable. The changes happen differently like your mouth could become a beak first but on the covers is happens natrually.
3. Marco's apprantment has a pool, it said in book 4, but in book 20, Marco said David's house had a pool and he was jealous cause he didn't have one.

Hi, JJ:
1) Very true and a very good point. However, the fact that the kids reacted to Elfangor not with hostility but with wonder and concern would tend to be reassuring. A Controller would surely have tried to Dracon poor Elfangor.
2) I have no control over covers but I think they do a fantastic job.
3) He moved. In the beginning Marco's dad was down and out, suffering from depression. Later he was able to get his act together, get his old job back and move into a house. Not that there's anything wrong with apartments, incidentally; I've spent practically my whole adult life in them.


Dear K.A. Applegate,
My teacher would like me to ask you, how you do your revising and editing. I'm am also a big fan of the books. Please would you answer this question.
Jake, 7th grade student at Naches Valley Middle School

Hi, Jake:
Well, now that I am well into the series I do less revising and editing than I did at the start. After 25 books or so you start to get it down pretty well.
However, early on, I did have to revise. One difficulty peculiar to series books is the need to hit a particular length. I have to come in at around 140 manuscript pages. People who write single titles don't have this problem; they can go more or less as long or short as they need. Having to hit 140 pages means it's easy to mess up -- to spend too much time on early scenes, and leave too little time for later scenes, for example. When this happens I have to go back and make room by throwing out or condensing earlier scenes. Of course, when you remove a chapter or scene you have to write in segue material so that the book is smooth and the surgically-removed section doesn't show. Sometimes this is easy. Sometimes it's a huge pain -- like trying to pull a few cards out of a house of cards.
Generally, though, I don't do much rewriting nowadays, beyond a final read-through in which I "listen" for bad dialog and clumsy action and weak descriptions. At the same time I correct spelling, punctuation, passive constructions, etc... Basically I spend 15 or 18 days doing a first draft, then maybe 2 days on rewriting. Of course, it would be different if I were on my first Animorphs. Experience makes everything easier.


Dear Katherine (Kathy?),
Since the thing said "Three questions", I'll ask three quesions I haven't asked yet.
1: Do people ever diss Rachel for being a blonde?
2: Do you think it tiresome, answering so many questions?
3: Why do a bunch of people think that Ax will be promoted? I mean, he broke the law of Seerows Kindness. I think those people are insane for thinking the other Andalites will go off and say "Oh, we forgive you for breaking the law of Seerows Kindness. You're a warrior! I mean, Seerow's kindness is only our most important law. I mean, rules were meant to be broken!
Did you guess Marco is my favorite Animorph?

Hi, Caitlin:
No, it's never "Kathy." When people call me Kathy I send Rachel in grizzly bear morph to make them stop. (Kathy's a great name, by the way. It just doesn't happen to be my correct name.)
1) Not that I've ever heard.
2) No. The only trouble I ever have with questions is keeping track of all the details. I forget what I write as soon as I write it. I have to keep a series "dictionary" (a book with all the details from the series) on my desk to even have a hope of remembering all the morphs, for example.
3) I don't know why (or if) people think that. Wouldn't surprise me, though. You know, it's a basic question of government: should heroes be treated differently than average folks? Let's say that you, Caitlin, go out and save three children from a burning building. Then, very thirsty from all that exertion, but without any money, you steal a Coke. Should you be prosecuted as a thief, hailed as a hero, or both? If the Animorphs win, Ax will no doubt be seen as a hero to his own people.
But they believe he broke the law. So what will they do? Prosecute him as a law-breaker, hail him as a hero, or both? I don't know.


Dear K.A.A
I am Aredna-Elocin-Sknips I love your books my favorite is #13 with the Hork Bajir. Any way I was wanting to ask you a few questions.
1. Is Jara Hamee related to Dak Hamee?
2. Do Hork Bajir lay eggs or have live briths?
3. Will Jara Hamee and Kent Helpak ever be featured in anthor Animorphs book?
Thanks for your time
- Aredna
P.S I hope to be a great writer like you some day.

Dear Aredna:
1) I guess you'll have to read HORK-BAJIR CHRONICLES to find out.
2) Hmmm. I haven't really thought about that. Somehow eggs seems right, but I don't know.
3) Definitely yes. As will one other very important Hork-Bajir.
4) How about being a better writer than I am?


Dear K.A.,
I have a couple of questions. Whoa, was that original or what?? Bet you don't hear that every day. In #16, when Jake & everyone were going to the Web Access America building, they stop at Taco Bell to buy food. Where did they get the money? I mean, flies don't exactly have pockets. And, does your mood affect what you write? I mean, do you save battle scenes for when you're ticked off, or those sweet Tobias+Rachel/Cassie+Jake scenes for when you're in a good mood, etc.?
OK, I can't manage to send THE ALMIGHTY K.A. APPLEGATE a letter without yelling a little. YELL YELL YELL I'M WRITING TO THE ALMIGHTY K.A!!!That wasn't sucking up. OK, maybe it was, but you deserve it, you have made a million kids very happy especially me!! You rock!!! I get teased a lot too because I'm in seventh grade and I read 5th grade books, but everyone who says they're stupid hasn't read them! I have five of my friends dependent on me for getting the next book right off! This letter is getting slightly babbly, isn't it? Oh well...I'm sure you're used to it. I'll die in screaming convulsions if you answer this, just like the other two million people who have written to you already! So please answer this!! Oh please! Ok. That's enough groveling. Keep writing great books!!!!!!!

Hi, Shyara:
Jeez, I don't know about the money for Taco Bell. I'd have to go back and reread the book. Are you sure I didn't deal with that? Usually I'm pretty careful about that, but not always.
As for moods... People think how you feel has a lot to do with what you write. It really doesn't. At least not for a professional writer. Mood, inspiration, the right environment and so on are almost irrelevant. A real writer writes whether she's inspired or not, in a bad mood or a good mood. It's like school or any other job. You don't just go to school when you're in a good mood (do you?) and your folks don't just go to work when they're inspired. Same with me. Now, it can go the other way, though. What I write can put me in a better or worse mood. Action scenes are usually fast and easy so I usually feel pretty good while doing them. What really wears me out are transitional scenes and recaps. You know--the scenes where I go over the backstory of Elfangor and the construction site, for example.
As for this "5th grade" thing, where do people get these ideas? All those "reading level" things are nonsense. They have nothing to do with what I write. I don't even know what they mean. I'll tell you something: Green Eggs and Ham is for very young children; I'm in my forties and I still think it's funny. If something is interesting or funny, who cares what some unknown person somewhere decides the appropriate reading age is?


Dear KAA,
I love your books. Here are some questions for you.
1.Do you have copies of your own books?
2.Are the Animorphs ever going to make new Animorphs after what David did to Tobias?
3.What was David thinking!? He should of known that Rachel likes Tobias! -Marissa

Hi, Marissa:
1) Sure. Scholastic sends me what are called "author's copies." I think it's usually 25 copies.
2. I just don't know. I've thought about it, but I'm outlined up through book number 36 and I haven't done it yet.
3. Well, he was just a guy. Guys can be a little, shall we say, dense when it comes to knowing how girls think. Then again, girls are, shall we say, overly complicated when it comes to guessing what guys think.


Dear K.A,
We really have only one question for you. It's about Yeerks. We all know that the Yeerks are parasites, and that they take over the host's brain, etc., etc. But are any of the Yeerks not parasites? We had an idea about this. Some of the Yeerks could be symbionts, instead of parasites. Symbiosis is where two animals live together and both are helped by the relationship. The Yeerk could have a place to live, and get the ability to see and do other things, and the host would get the Yeerk's insight on any problems that he/she might be faced with. And both symbionts would get a good friend. A friend who is always there, literally. Both could control the body. Most hosts and most Yeerks wouldn't be willing to do this, but some might. And it works. We know that, because we are symbionts ourselves.
Lia (human) and Council Member Seven (Yeerk)

Dear Lia:
Funny you should mention the idea of Yeerks as symbionts. Wait for book #26 (she hints broadly.)


Hey, KA,
I have some questions for you:
1. Is there ever going to be a Leeran Chronicles?(I am actually writing one myself, but it would be better if you wrote one)
2.Is it possible that Marco likes Rachel?(Please say yes)
3.Are you going to watch the Animorphs TV show?(Stupid question, huh?)
4.Are the Animorphs ever going to have birthdays or anything?
5.Are the Animorphs ever going to morph giraffes or pandas?(Or maybe they could get some more underwater morphs)
6.Could you please write more Marco and Tobias books?
7.I LOVED #19 the Departure!!! I haven't cried because of one your books since the end of #13.(Oops, that wasn't a question, was it?)
8.What does it take to make a REALLY good author?
9.Is there anything wrong with a soon-to-be tenth-grader being obsessed with reading your books?('cause I am)
10.What type of music do you like to listen to?(I know this has nothing to do with Animorphs, but I'm curious)
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE with a cherry and sugar and sprinkles-on-top answer my questions!!!!!!!!!! You are the coolest, KA!!!!!!!!
Your most humble fan, (I'M NOT WORTHY!!!!)

Hi, Fluffer:
1) I doubt it.
2) Very possible, but only in a kind of superficial Marco way.
3) What? There's a TV show?
4) Sure. But will I mention them in the books and thus give away vital clues to their ages? Nope.
5) I like giraffes. Should be some way to use them.
6) Okay.
7) No, it wasn't a question, but that's okay. So. No tears from #13 to #19, eh? Guess I better work harder.
8) Boy, that's a tough question. I guess you have to care about words and ideas and you have to be able to keep your butt glued to a chair in front of your computer even when you don't want to.
9) No. See question #4. Age is irrelevant. Like what you like, don't like what you don't like, and don't pay attention to what anyone else tells you is good or bad.
10) If I were being sent to live on a desert island and could take only 5 CD's, I'd take Bach's B-minor Mass, some Rolling Stones, the Bach double violin concerto, some BB King and the Bach cello suites. Heavy on the Bach with a minor in blues.


Hello, K.A. Applegate.
My name is Tony, I live in Hayesville, North Carolina, I am 13, and I LOVE reading ANIMORPHS. In my opinion, they are the most awesome books in the world! I used to think that they were corny like the power rangers or something (before I actually read them). My friend wouldn't shut up about them so I finally decided to read one (the invasion). I was so impressed that now I can't STOP reading them. And now, if you are still awake, I would like to ask you a couple of questions:
1.What happens if a space ship hits the Morph Mass in Zspace?
2. What color is an andalite's blood?
3.What does daspen mean?
4. Why don't we hear from female Andalites?
5. Can the Animorphs morph germs?
6. Can Animorphs morph plants?
7. How do andalites kiss?
8. Why can't Ax use thought-speak in a human morph?

Hey, Tony:
1) A big splat on a spaceship windshield?
2) Ecru.
3) I have no idea.
4) Boy! Two things you people will not let up on is the Big Red Eye and female Andalites. A female Andalite is the star of Hork-Bajir Chronicles, and she is very, very cool.
5) In theory, yes. But there's no way to acquire one.
6) No. What, you want Jake to morph a Brussels sprout and give Visser Three gas?
7) That's an excellent question. I don't really know. Maybe they don't.
8) He can, he just prefers to make "mouth sounds."


I love reading your Animorph books. I have a few questions for you.
1. How many Megamorphs books will there be?
2. Is there any other way to destroy a Yeerk besides not feeding it Kandrona rays?
3. Will there ever be a Taxxon Chronicles?
Anthony ( I can't tell you my last name or where I live because the Yeerks are among us)

HI, Anthony:
1) Don't know At least 3.
2) Sure. I'm guessing that running over it with a truck would work pretty well.
3) I think so. Originally I didn't think that idea would work, but the more I thought about it the better I liked it.


Dear K.A.,
I really like your books. They are very interesting to me because I like science fiction books and weird stories. I have read books 1-19, both the Megamorphs and the complete trilogy of the Andalite Chronicles. I just have a few questions for you:
1. What happens to the two free Hork Bajir after they found the hidden valley the Elimist showed Tobias?
2. How does a yeerk sub-visser and visser move in rank?
3. I forgot about this: how long will it take for andalite reinforcements to reach earth?
4. And if the answer to question 3 is one year, then shouldn't there be more andalites in space by now?
5. How would the andalites know to come to earth, did Elfangor send an s.o.s. or something?
One of your biggest fans,

Yo, Eusebius:
Sorry. I was getting tired of typing "Hi."
1) They will reappear in several upcoming books.
2) Visser is the equivalent of "General." A sub-Visser s a sort of colonel.
3) Well, who knows?
4) Maybe they stopped to pick up some burgers on the way.
5) Actually, not Elfagor himself. The fleet that went to Earth was destroyed (along with Elfangor). The Andalite command would realize they'd lost a fleet.


Hi K.A.,
I just wanted to ask a few questions if you don't mind.
1. Will you have a new game?
2. When will the Hork-Bajir Chronicles come out?
3. Will the Time Matrix come back so the Animorphs can go back into time?
Well if you could answer these questions that would be cool. bye.
your #1 fan,

Hi, Ryan:
1) I have no control over games. Wouldn't know where to begin.
2) Hork-Bajir Chronicles comes out in a couple of months, I believe. And by the way, it's going to be hardcover!
3) Well, without getting specific, let me say that nothing stays buried forever.


Hey K.A.
In #5 (yea I know it is an old book but I love them all) You say that the hork-Bajir were different coloured (Visser 3 were red and black Visser 1's where gold and black).
I) why do you read out about the colours on the hork-Bajir only in that book {like why is nothing said about the clothing in other books?} ???
II) In other books you say that the hork-Bajir had a timeclock in them that goes of every few years that sets them waring....are Vissers 1 's army of hork-Bajir from on side of the war and Visser three's the other because book said that they strongly dislike each other {no just V1 V3 but the armies} ??
III) Are they clothing or natural coloured skin (on the hork-Bajir) Sorry if I sound demandinfg or pushy or rude or any thing else but I need to improve my writting sytle.
Any way I just finshed #20 and am dying to find out what happens to david........I can't wait!
-Cassie (don't think I'm a wannabe it is my real name)

Hi, Cassie:
1) That's a good question. The uniforms are only for formal occasions, such as when a Visser visits on an inspection tour.
2) Did I really say that? Oh my. I hope I didn't say that.
3) Hork-Bajir uniforms are an elegant cotton/poly blend, breathable yet easy maintenance.


Dear K.A. Applegate,
I love your books and I own every single one and by the way here are some questions:
1. If Hork-Bajir are strong and the elite troops of the Yeerks, how come Earth animals can kill them?
2. Why don't they penetrate the Yeerk pool using those morphs they accquired from Jara-Hamee?
3. If what happened in the Leeran book was a Sario Rip, how come they can still use the Leeran morphs?
4. If it was a Sario Rip, how come they can't use the dinosaur morphs?
5. Why don't they accquire Andalite morphs from Ax?
6. Where do you live?
7. I've got a great idea for a book (Don't show the answer). There is a legend among the Andalites that there was a Domeship of incredible size and power that was sent into Zero space with hundreds of Andalites conducting research and training warriors that said to have disappeared, and suddenly, it sees Earth, then it come to aid the Animorphs. Cool idea, huh? Don't show this part either and PLEASE answer me to say if you will write a book that contains what I said in it. By the way, I spent 2 hours thinking something good up.
8. What's your phone number?
Please answer these Questions.
Thank you!
your greatest Fan in B.C.,

Hi, Max, how're things in Canada?
1) Because some Earth animals are mighty tough.
2) Jara Hamee gave permission for the kids to acquire him, but since he is a sentient being the Animorphs are reluctant to use the morph without specific permission for each use.
3) The Leera situation was far different. It was a Z-space accident.
4) You'd have to ask Ax.
5) They probably will eventually, but as a rule they don't like to acquire morphs from other sentient creatures because it creates moral issues.
6) In the Chicago area now.
7) Not a bad idea, but if a bunch of Andalites show up, they might win the war and then what am I going to write about?


Katherine(I love that name)-
Hi! I LUV your books, even though none of my friends do. I've read them all except the Megamorphs, and #20 cuz the stores where I live haven't got it. I think you should stop alternating Ax and Tobias cuz they are my fave characters and deserve more books. Marco is my third favorite cuz he is way HOT!!!!! I'm mostly like Cassie, cuz I love all animals, plan to be a vet, and care about fashion like a degree more than her. I have some ideas for you, but I also want to be a writer so you can't have them. (Hahahah.)
Okay, nuf chitchat. Here are my questions:
1.Will Jake and Cassie ever break up?
2.Is it the same Elimist in all your books?
3.Will Arbron be in any future books?
4.Will Loren?
5.Did she get married again? Cuz Tobias was living with aunts and uncles and Loren had no sibs.
6.Will she get her memory back?
7.Was it even erased? I'm doubting that.
8.How old are the Animorphs? In #2 Rachel had a picture of Melissa and her on Melissa's twelvth b-day, and the picture was a couple years old. I want exact ages.
9.Will Chapman get his memory back?
10.In #4 when they met Ax they understood each other instantly, but in the Andalite Chronicles it said it takes translator chips a couple minutes to work. Huh?
11.Does Visser Three know Tobias is Elfangor's son?
12.If Loren did get married again, what happened to the guy she married?
13.Did I mention Marco is a babe?
Ok, (pant pant) those are my questions. Thanx!
-1 of your infinite numero uno fans
P.S. Sorry this is long.

Dear Numero Uno:
Nice intro. Good luck with writing. On to the questions:
1) Maybe. Probably not.
2) Good question. Is there even more than one Ellimist? Is the Ellimist really several creatures? Do concepts like single and plural even have any relevance for the Big E?
3) A definite possibility.
4) Doubtful.
5) Not tellin'.
6) Ditto
7) Re-ditto.
8) I have actually never decided on a specific age. When you're not very old, specific ages matter a lot because, of course, a single year represents a large proportion of your total life span. If you're just one year old, for example, a year is your entire life. When you get older a single year is irrelevant.
9) Hadn't thought of that, but no. When the Ellimist wipes your memory it stays wiped.
10) Hmmmm.
11) If he did, Tobias would be a barbecued hawk.
12) He died.
13) I'm glad you like Marco. A sense of humor is very attractive to a wise woman.


Dear KAA,
I really love Animorphs and have read all of the books so far but recently I just reread book #8 The Alien and I noticed some things. These are really stupid questions but here goes:
1/ What are Hawjabrans? And what do they look like?
2/ If a Ongachic female has forehead ridges and looks like a Klingon what do the males look like?
3/ (Okay this one is very, very stupid and unimportant but it's really been bugging me I'm just dying to know) Is the Klingon you refer to Worf? (see told you it was stupid)
--Rachel ( This is my real name it was given to me by my parents when I was born it's legal and if you still don't believe me I'll arrange to send you my birth certificate it Rachel there too)

Hi, Real Rachel:
1) You know what? I have not decided.
2) Male Ongachics look like Zach Hanson.
2A) Okay, the above is a lie. Just a cheap joke.
3) It's not stupid. Of course it's Worf. Who else would it be? Worf looks pretty good--for a guy with a bone ridge up his forehead..


Dear K.A.,
I've noticed some interesting patterns in your writing and I thought I'd point them out to you.
1. In the andalite chronicles the ellimist says a rather cryptic statment. There is another older power. The ellmist then implies that he is evil. I was wondering if the machine that Jake saw in number 6 is that force. If so is it possible that Jake was looking into the dimension the ellimist and this force lives. The symptoms and the surroundings appear to be the same.
2. Is it possible that the ellimists created this force?
3. Is the ellimists and the chee are linked as well? In number 15 Eric mentioned that the animorphs started something by rescuing the hork-bajir. Something interesting is going here. How did the chee know about this?
4. My instincts tell me the pemalits are linked to the fact that the time matrix was on earth. Are they?
5. I've heard rumors that the Hardy boys author, Franklin W. Dixon was bogus. He just a pen name for multiple writers. The same thing for Victor Applegate (Tom Swift) and a few other people. Is this the case?
6. Do you get legal trouble from naming copywrited characters and shows?
7. I'm curious why Marco's Mom got chosen as host body for visser 1?
8. I'm interested to know why the andilate chronicles had a space battle in the bottom of the pages but why every other has morphs.
9. Will the animorphs make contact with arbron?
Please answer at forum,
- 39

Well, 39, let's go: 1) Read Book #26 when it comes out. All the Big Red Eye questions will be clear.
2) See above.
3) The Chee are very well-informed, but not linked to the Ellimist.
4) Your instincts are very good, but wrong in this case. The Pemalites arrived millennia before Elfangor hid the Time Matrix on Earth.
5) I am not bogus. I am an actual human being. It is true that Franklin W Dixon was a pen name used by many different writers. Same is true of Carolyn Keene, author of Nancy Drew. But I am real. Now, do I occasionally use other writers to help me out? Yes, I have recently started doing that because the work load kind of wears me out at times. But let me make clear not a single idea, character, plot line or word ever has appeared, or ever will appear, in any Animorphs book without my approval. I LOVE writing Animorphs. I will NEVER allow it to be anything but my best effort. And if it ever reaches the point where you the readers start thinking the series has gotten weak, I will END the series.
6) No, it's okay as long as you don't quote them at length or rip them off in some way. I assume that usually shows and bands and so on appreciate being mentioned.
7) Me, too. When I write The Visser Chronicles I'm going to think about that.
8) That's decided by the art people. My guess is they thought it would be fun.
9) Probably not. Although it's an interesting idea, isn't it?


Dear KAA,
I would like to say that you are probably the best writer ever. I have read Animorphs 1-19, MM 1 & 2, & AC. Your books RULE!!!! Well I should stop with the flattery, well just one more: I Love Your Books!!! And I'm sorry this is so long. I just have a lot of questions. Anyway, on to the questions:
1. I'm sure a lot of people/half-andalites-half-humans want to know what does it take (not meant to sound rude) to get picked by you. I mean, do you have a checklist?
2. When is the next Tobias book coming out (got a plot or name for it)? [Note: He's my favorite character]
3. Are you gonna have a alien race that has telekinesis (ability to move matter with your mind)? Like the Leerans that read your mind.
4. Ever thought of a ferret morph? They could sneak around and steal/spy like mine do.
5. Will the fact that Tobias has a little Andalite DNA in him (since a little remains while in morph), allow him any different abilities?
6. When they get the new member, will anyone leave? So they will remain only 6?
7. As Marco would say: "Are we ever going to get costumes that make since?" I have to admit, those raggy skin tight clothes aren't as could as costumes.
8. Have you ever thought of writing The Chee Chronicles, The Pemalite Chronicles or The Yeerk Chronicles? Since they are kinda important, sorta.
9. And about the Pemalites, Elimists & Chee, if they were more advanced than Andalites. Why didn't they have morphing technology?
10. At the bottom of page 134 of Animorphs #19 "The Departure". One of the human-controllers yells at Jake and Rachel, and says: "<Hah-hah-hah! I have you now! Hah-hah-hah!>" in thought-speek. Yet on the top of page 140, Karen(or Aftran) did not use thought-speak to tell Cassie she could demorph. Why didn't she use thought-speak to stop Cassie?
11. Can the animorphs morph single cell creatures? If so, why didn't they when they morph anything. Because germs are all over us.
You don't need answer any questions except #1, 9, 10 & 11(for other people). The others are me just hinting some ideas to you. Anyhow, as all things must end. So does this letter. Thank you for reading my letter,
--CRaZy (can't say my last name, the yeerks are out there. But I can hint that it is an adhesive)
P.S. KAA, You Rule!!!!

Hi, Crazy:
1) Scholastic's Web guy sends me a bunch of questions and I answer 奭.
2) Um, let's see, #23 is a Tobias book. Don't know the title because I don't do the titles. But I think it's a pretty good story.
3) Good idea!
4) Also a good idea.
5) How did Tobias get Andalite DNA?
6) Can't answer that. You want me to give away all the endings?
7) One of the Animorphs would have to learn how to sew.
8) The Visser Chronicles is definite. Taxxon Chronicles is likely. I like the Chee Chronicles idea. That could be a cool book.
9) Science and technology move in erratic ways, not always in straight lines.
10) Controllers cannot use thought-speak. What you found was an oversight.
11) You know, I've thought of this from time to time. The problem I have is how to "acquire" a germ. How do you know you're touching a particular germ? How do you focus on acquiring something you can't even see? If you figure it out, let me know.


If the animorphs find David who has the blue box in #20 and they give him the morphing power, why doesn't Tobias morph back to human, and become a human nothlit, then let him touch the blue box with Ax, and get the morphing power back?
Your very big fan,

Hi, Landon:
Morphing is a one-time deal. You get the blue box treatment only once. It doesn't work an endless number of times. It's like getting mumps: only happens once.

According to K.A. Applegate
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