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Before the Official Website held it's "According to K.A" monthly Q&A sessions with the fans, Jeff Sampson from the Animorphs fan site had kept in personal touch with K.A herself by showing off his fan website to her. K.A agreed to his request of answering questions from the fans on his website. Unfortunetly, due to legal reasons, K.A soon had to stop doing this on a fan website, and it was from there that the Scholastic began holding "According to K.A" Q&A sessions once every month on the official site instead. These are the columns of questions that K.A answered to before moving to the Official Website.

Column #1

Hello KA Applegate! Morph out! Morph out! (sorry, I always wanted to say that) HOW ARE YA? Written any good books lately? DUH, of course she has! Ani-how, I just wanted to know (beware the question) are you going to make Ani-more books by Elfangor, plus, Let's do this!(sorry, couldn't help it) what other morphs, does he have I mean are we supposed to believe that he only has 3 (count'em 3) morphs. By the way, about that new Animorph, hmm, what, nope, I didn't nothin'. . . . SARIO RIP, NOOO! (sorry, another uncollable urge) Ani-ther one I'd like to ask (last question, it won't hurt, promise) does Aximili have Ani-other morphs that are NOT from Earth? (sorry one more) This is INSANE! (yet another uncontrollable urge) Are there names for these planets like "the Yeerk Homeworld" & "the Andalite Homeworld"? Just wondering. . . . .

I have no plans to use Elfangor again. Sorry. He appears to be pretty dead at this point.

It actually makes sense that Elfangor only has a couple morphs. Morphing is essentially a weapon to the Andalites. It is used for infiltration and espionage. Since Elfangor (at the time of the Andalite Chronicles) and Ax now, are both just arisths, they would no more have a lot of morphs than they would be in command of a dome ship.

Did Elfangor acquire other morphs later in his career? Probably. But we haven't seen that part of his story.


Hi. Um...K.A.Applegate? I know this isn't very original, but how do you get your ideas? I mean, I love your books! There great! Um....How did you invent your characters? You have made them great, alike, sort of, but at the same time, very original! Its hard to think of just 5 questions. I want to ask you so many! I reserve 2 books every time I go to the library, and I always read them first! I usually read them twice as well. This is getting long, so I better finish. When will your next Mega Morph come out? How many books is it going to go up to? Alot? I hope so. Well, I hope you don't want to finish it too soon, as I really LOVE readng your books. I think you are a great author.
From a BIG fan,

The next Megamorphs will come out exactly one year after the last one. When is that? I know this is dumb but I don't remember. I can tell you one thing, though: Megamorphs #2 is better than #1. We're talking exploding nuclear weapons, time travel, dinosaurs, comets, two alien species and massive destruction. Not to mention an explanation for the existence of broccoli.

I am currently committed to write up through Animorphs #30. Beyond that, I don't know yet.

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