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Before the Official Website held it's "According to K.A" monthly Q&A sessions with the fans, Jeff Sampson from the Animorphs fan site had kept in personal touch with K.A herself by showing off his fan website to her. K.A agreed to his request of answering questions from the fans on his website. Unfortunetly, due to legal reasons, K.A soon had to stop doing this on a fan website, and it was from there that the Scholastic began holding "According to K.A" Q&A sessions once every month on the official site instead. These are the columns of questions that K.A answered to before moving to the Official Website.

Column #7

Okay, I know this is going to sound corny but I can't help it. When are Rachel and Tobias going to admit that they like each other? Yes, they have dropped little hints since #1 but when are they just going to face it? ( As you can see, I' m a hopeless romantic and a Rachel fan.) And, if you've already written a book like that, tell me!
-Ani Rachel

What? Rachel and Tobias like each other? I had no idea! Okay, maybe I had some slight idea. Maybe I've been dropping subtle hints every few books. When you get to MEGAMORPHS #2 you'll find that Rachel and Tobias spend a lot of time alone together. Now, are there any sudden confessions? Nah. You'll just have to keep reading between the lines. At least for now.


Hi.My name is MegaMorphJ.Nice to meet you Mrs. K.A. Here is a question I'm dying to ask.....What Animorph are you like the most?

Probably Cassie. I started writing ANIMORPHS because I wanted to write about animals. I guess if I had to live the life of one of the Animorphs I'd choose to live Cassie's life. I'd love the whole Wildlife Rehab thing, access to a zoo, etc... But there are elements of Tobias and Marco in my personality, too. I'm probably least like Jake. I'm just not that responsible.


1. Do you ever get used 2 having thousands of kids like me idolizing you? I don't think I ever would.

2. Could you please list some of the other books you've written?

3. In book #10, the Chee mentioned a species called the Howlers that destroyed the Pemalites. Are they connected 2 the Yeerks? What are they like? Do they still "exist?" I think if no one finds out more about them, when #30 or MM#4 comes around there may be some loose threads dangling. Then again, who am I 2 complain?
Stalk Eyes

1) You know, I'm not really aware of kids "idolizing" me. I hope they don't, actually. I am thrilled that kids like what I write, I am terrifically flattered, but idols should ideally be someone from your own life, a parent, a teacher, a friend. (Yes, I know that sounds corny and preachy, sorry.) If not someone you already know, that still leaves a great big list of people more worthy than me. There are human beings walking around on this planet who are about a billion times more qualified to be idols than I am. Great leaders, great thinkers, great heroes, and just ordinary people who daily endure so much more than I do, and do it with more grace.

2) Okay, I wrote a series called BOYFRIENDS/GIRLFRIENDS which is going to be re-issued as MAKING OUT . It's romance, but I thought I did a good job with it. And sorry about the stupid new title, I had no control over that. Also there is a book called SHARING SAM that's in most bookstores. Also a romance.

3) No, the Howlers are just another, different bunch of galactic pains in the rear.


Being a interested in fantasy, I can't wait for Otherworld to come out! Will it be a run off Animorphs or with all new characters (like dragons, I hope I hope I hope)?

OTHERWORLD is all new. And as for dragons, of course there will be dragons. Gotta have dragons. I'll know in a few weeks about the "launch date", as we say in the book biz. If I had to guess I'd say June 1999. Sorry, I know that's a long wait.


Dear KA,

Some of my friends and I have been wondering why Ax and tobias switch places every few months in the pattern. The pattern of books goes Jake, Rachel, Tobias, Cassie, Marco, Jake, Rachel, Ax, Cassie, Marco, Jake, Rachel, Tobias, .... and so on. This pattern gives ax and Tobias half as many books as the others. Are they harder to write for?

Well, I hate to sound like a complete idiot, but I don't really know why. That was a decision Scholastic made. I have to let them make some decisions. After all, they do pay me. I guess early on they weren't sure if Ax was going to work as a character, so they wanted to limit him. Of course now we know Ax and Tobias are probably the two most consistently favorite characters. But who knew back then?


Dear K.A. Applegate,

I heard that you are going to make a new series called Otherworld. I'm really excited! I have a couple questions about this. For instance, what age group will Otherworld be centered around? Also, I heard that it is going to be a fantasy series. Do you know at all what the plot will be about or who the characters will be? And last but not least, I can't wait! Do you have any idea when they will start coming out? I love Animorphs and hope that Otherworld will be just as good.
Your loyal FAN,

Technically OTHERWORLD will be "Y.A." as opposed to "middle reader." But, as you know, I write ANIMORPHS way old for a middle reader anyway so I don't think there will be much difference stylistically. I really hope and intend that the two series will share a lot of the same readers.

I kind of don't want to get too explicit about the OTHERWORLD concept just yet since I'm still talking it over with editors. But the basic idea is to take real kids, ordinary kids, and drop them into a world of magic and myth. More later on that, okay?

I don't have a launch date, but if I had to guess I'd say summer 1999.

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