Cassie is the type of person who always supports that bit of conscience and set of morals that everyone knows they ought to have. She may not be the most popular one in the group, but she is far from worrying about something as trivial as that.

As part of the Animorphs, Cassie provides the others with many domestic animal morphs from her rehabilitation clinic for sick animals, and at other times much more dangerous and exotic morphs through the Gardens where her mom works at.

Throughout the series Cassie represents the moral guide that the Animorphs must take as they fight the war. Often they are thrust into situations where right and wrong seem as obsolete as the side they fight for. Cassie struggles with the war more than anyone else as she tries to keep her morals true, for fear that she might lose herself and her friends to becoming as ruthless as the enemies they fight.

NickName(s): Tree hugger

Gender: Female

Age: 13 - 16 (Series Time Span)

Personality: Calm, Caring, Peace loving.

Battle Morph: Wolf

Best Friend: Rachel

Crush: Jake


Father. Rehab Clinic Vet.

Mother. Zoo Vet.


Horse, Osprey, Flea, Wolf, Trout, Squirrel, Dolphin, Seagull, Black Ant, Cockroach, Fly, Great Horned Owl, Humpback Whale, Rat, Termite, Skunk, Wolf Spider, Bat, Spider Monkey (unusable), Jaguar (unusable), Human (Rachel), Racehorse, Parrot, Hammerhead Shark, Mole, Mosquito, Leeran, Caterpillar/Butterfly, Tyrannosaurus Rex (unusable), African Elephant, Anteater, Baby Seal, Polar Bear, Giant Squid, Chimpanzee, Eel, Yeerk, Hork-Bajir, Killer Whale, Cheetah, Cape Buffalo, Honeybee, Kangaroo, Beaver

Portrayed by:

Nadia Nascimento (TV series)
Biko (Classic cover model)

Character Gallery:

Cassie MM#2CassieTV Show Cassie

Video Game Cassie

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