Smart, beautiful, and incredibly reckless. She is best described as a model jumping off the cover of a fashion magazine and kicking you to the ground.

Rachel lives for the war and the thrill of the fight, and often arms herself as the biggest muscle in the group, usually in the form of an elephant or a grizzly bear. Marco nicknames her 'Xena' because she's always the first to accept a mission; any mission. The first to say "I'm in" or "Let's do it!".

We see her struggle with a much darker and lethal side of herself as the series progresses. She becomes more driven in accomplishing the tasks at hand, and making sure that anyone on the wrong side pays dearly for messing with her friends, family, and planet.

Full Name: Rachel Berenson

Nick Name(s): Xena, Warrior Princess

Gender: Female

Age: 13 - 16 (Series Time Span)

Personality: Reckless, Relentless. Quick to Anger, and fast decision making.

Battle Morph: Grizzly Bear

Best Friend: Cassie

Famous Quote: "Let's Do It!"


Father. TV News Weatherman.

Mother. Lawyer.

Younger Sister.

Younger Sister.

Cousin. Animorph.

Cousin. Human-Controller.


African Elephant, Bald Eagle, Shrew, Tabby Cat (Fluffer McKitty), Wolf, Trout, Dolphin, Seagull, Black Ant, Cockroach, Fly, Great horned Owl, Grizzly Bear, Rat, Termite, Skunk, Spider Monkey (unusable), Jaguar (unusable), Crocodile (unusable), Hork-Bajir (Jara Hamee), Parrot, Hammerhead Shark, Mole, Mosquito, Deinonichus (unusable), Flea, Anteater, Baby Seal, Polar Bear, Sperm Whale, Giant Squid, Chimpanzee, Eel, Starfish, Squirrel, Cockatiel, Killer Whale, Cheetah, Honeybee, Human (female pilot), Beaver

Portrayed by:

Brooke Nevin (TV series)
Marlee Roberts (Relaunch cover model)

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