Jake is the type of person that you just naturally look up to. The kind of person who you know will know what to do when something is wrong. That's how he quickly became the reluctant, yet "fearless leader" of the Animorphs.

Although he never placed himself in command, he showed a sense of responsibility, quick thinking, and confidence that allowed the other Animorphs to follow him willingly into battle, even when he often didn't feel so himself.

Throughout the series Jake dealt with many tough decisions, often those that involved life and death scenerios of his best friends. Although stress took its toll at times, he quickly learned to use the rest of the team's ability at hand in the fight against the Yeerks, using their strengths and weaknesses to better serve in their struggle to survive.

While he wanted nothing more than to save his brother Tom, Jake became a prominent figure against the Yeerks, as the last standing army between them and the enslavement of the human race.

Full Name: Jake Berenson

Nick Name(s): Fearless Leader, Prince Jake

Gender: Male

Age: 13 - 16 (Series Time Span)

Personality: Responsible. Reluctant.

Battle Morph: Siberian Tiger

Best Friend: Marco

Crush: Cassie

Famous Quote: "It's just Jake."


Father. Pediatrician.

Mother. Writer.

Brother. Human-Controller.

Cousin. Animorph.


Golden Retriever (Homer), Green Acole Lizard, Siberian Tiger, Peregrine Falcon, Flea, Wolf, Trout, Dolphin, Seagull, Lobster, Black Ant, Cockroach, Fly, Termite, Skunk, Great Horned Owl, Bat, Spider Monkey (unusable), Jaguar (unusable), Racehorse, Parrot, Hammerhead Shark, Rhinoceros, Mole, Mosquito, Leeran, Tyrannosaurus Rex (unusable), Dragonfly, Security guard (human), Anteater, Baby Seal, Polar Bear, Howler, Giant Squid, Chimpanzee, Eel, Hork Bajir, Squirrel, Killer Whale, Charger horse (unusable), Honeybee, Beaver, Anaconda

Portrayed by:

Shawn Ashmore (TV series)

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