Tobias, the other Animorphs, and Ax already have a few problems: saving the world, keeping their identities secret, finishing their homework. Now they have one more thing to add to the list. The Yeerks have discovered a way to cause a person to demorph. And with this new device Visser Three plans on capturing "the Andalite bandits."

Now what? The Animorphs and Ax realize they have to get rid of the device -- or be captured by the Yeerks. And the risk of getting caught is very high. That's when Tobias comes up with the only possible plan. Someone has to acquire Ax...


Released: August 1999
Pages: 156
Cover Art by David B. Mattingly

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  • ANIBASE: This book introduces us to Taylor, the sadistic sub-visser who tortures Tobias. She was a voluntary Controller, seduced by the promise that the Yeerks could restory the beauty that she lost when she was disfigured in a fire. Here's what K.A. had to say about a recurring image in her work that got its start with Taylor: "Obviously I have a thing about people with half their face destroyed. I guess the symbolism is just too easy for me to pass up. I do it again in Everworld and Remnants. At least in Everworld I can sort of blame Norse mythology."
  • This is Part 2 of 2 of the Anti-Morphing Ray story. The first part can be read in #32: The Separation.
  • The long awaited wish from the fans of one of the Animorphs morphing Ax is done here, as Tobias morphs him to pretend to be demorphing in front of the Yeerks.
  • This isn't the last we see of Taylor. She returns yet again in #43: The Test .
  • The cover animation for this book (see below) was used as part of Ax's Santuary Screensaver instead as one for Tobias, since the only thing Ax had morphed on the covers up until this point was a human (#8), a mosquito (#18), and a cow (#28).


ANIBASE: Introduced in this book is a girl named Taylor, the voluntary host to Sub-Visser 51. Taylor was so vain that, when a fire disfigured her face and parts of her body, she voluntarily became a Yeerk host in exchange for the reconstructive surgery the Yeerks could provide. Taylor and the Sub-Visser become a sort of symbiotic creature, and Tobias realizes that he's in fact been talking to the both of them. A walking, talking split-personality. Tobias uses this weakness to his advantage.

We also meet some people from Tobias's past: Mr. Feyroyan, a kind teacher at the last school Tobias attended, Professor Powers, a woman who gave Tobias a second, caring home when it seemed no one else wanted him; and Rick Stathis, one of the many bullies that made Tobias's life hell.

Jake None.
Rachel None.
Cassie None.
Marco None.
Tobias Andalite (Ax)
Ax None.
Visser Three None.



Anti-Morphing Ray
A device the Yeerks have created that they hope will cause any creature in morph to immediately demorph.

A place on the Andalite home world.

Tail-blade carvings made by early Andalites.

An Andalite fighting move. Instead of killing an opponent, the tail blade is moved to its flat side at the last moment so as to knock the opponent unconscious.

A legendary Andalite spiritual rite that allows an Andalite whose death is imminent to experience the memories of his ancestors. Tobias went through utzum while he was being tortured, and "met" his father, Prince Elfangor, as well as experienced some moments from Elfangor's life.




The morph for this book was also animated by David B. Mattingly, as part of the Sanctuary Screensavers. These were exclusive to all fans of the club for a limited amount of time.

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A big credit to Jeff Sampson for helping build and write the Anibase, which provided much of the inside information towards the series.

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