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These were monthly columns that were held by Scholastic. Fans would send in questions to K.A. Applegate, and the Official Website would post them at the end of month with K.A's reply. Fans could either send their letters to K.A through an email form or through snail mail at:

K.A. Applegate, c/o Scholastic, 555 Broadway, New York, N.Y., 10012.

December 1999


Dear K.A.,
This is my 20th letter to ya! C'mon K.A. I need some answers, like in 2 seconds. Oh wait it's been 2 seconds! Hah, Hah! OK let's get to business. Me and my friends made up some Q's just for U. I'm 10 and live in California. Please answer these Q's. If you don't I don't care I'll call the Visser at 1-800-Visser. OK now let's do the Q's.
1) Have you ever thought about comin' to good old California?
2) Have you ever thought about making an Animorphs song? Cause I've been singing for over 3 years. It'll be an honor to sing for U.
3) Could you possibly make a list of each characters
morphs? Please, Please, with a cherry on top? Please answer these questions. If you don't, remember I'll call the Visser.
Your #1 fan on the Andalite Homeworld,
Danny A
P.S.- You're my favorite author. Wait . What's going on!? The door the windows, help!!!!!!! Hork-Bajir!!! Taxxons!!! Gedds!!! Controllers!!! The Visser!!!!!! Aaaahhhh!! Gotta go, I gotta hide the Yeerks are trying to get me!! Aaahhh!!

Hi, Danny:
1) Every Midwestern fall I think of coming to California. Every fall as the days grow shorter so that the sun sets at noon and it's pitch black by four and you can feel winter on its way, and you can already picture the piles of slush and the howling wind and the iced stairs and the . . . Yep, I frequently think about California.
2) An Animorphs song? Hmmm. Okay, Maestro, to the tune of Jingle Bells:

Morphing through the Yeerks,
Slammin' Taxxons on the way,
O'er the Pool we go,
Screaming all the way,

3) Danny, I can't even keep track of that. I have thought, however, of publishing a sort of Animorphs Bible which would include the entire history of the Animorphs.


Dear K.A.,
I have been writing about 50 times (Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit). Yes, it IS me again, writing from Lincolnshire, England. I have 4 questions for you, but you choose to answer any of them (But you MUST answer the ones with a star, like this*).
1) Will you create an Animorphs playstation game?*
2) Will the human race find out about everything we've read?
3) Does Aximmili-Esgorouth-Isthil have a secret brother that will eventually save the world?*
4) Can you write a book with me in it, helping the Animorphs? Please please please........

Hi, Gary!
1) I won't, no. But someone was supposed to. Or so someone told me. I don't know. I have the feeling maybe that project bit the dust. But I'm always the last to know.
2) They will if they go down to the bookstore and by my books. And let me just say that I am completely behind the idea of the entire human population of 6 billion buying all my books. I'm sure my publisher would agree.
3) No. Unless it's you. Is it?
4) No. Unless it turns out you are Ax's secret brother.


Dear Ms. Applegate,
I would like to tell you that I have never seen such fantastic characters in any book. When I'm writing, I often have difficulty making the characters seem logically real and fitting into the story. I love your books and can never wait until the next one comes in! Anyway, I wanted to ask you a major question: Tobias is, of course, trapped as a hawk. There is a very simple solution to this problem. If I recall the story correctly, the Animorphs found the blue box. All Tobias has to do is morph to human, wait until his two hours is up and he is trapped, then have Ax get the blue box, put it back together, and let Tobias touch it. Then, walah! Tobias is human and has the morphing power, thus he and Rachel can live happily ever after. Why not use this solution?
Also, before I waste any more of your time, I would like to add that I enjoy the romance conflicts as well as the romance itself. It is the best I have ever read in my thirteen years on this earth.
-Katie M

Hi, Katie:
Actually, I mentioned long ago in one of the books that the box only works once. Use it a second time and you get hives. Or possibly dandruff.
But, as a writer yourself, don't you agree that Tobias' dilemma, his inability to be both human and hawk, is what makes him interesting? People in this culture of psycho-babble and Disney happy endings sometimes forget that it's the persistent conflicts that make characters interesting. People are as interesting as their limitations. What if Jake never worried about his responsibility, and Cassie got over her moral qualms and doubts, and Marco wasn't so sad about his mom, and Ax wasn't far from home and all alone, and Rachel didn't have to work to resist her own dark impulses? Why not, while we're at it, have Visser Three see a good therapist and mellow out a little? What kind of a book would that be?
People are complicated and messed up. And that's mostly a good thing. Let Tobias be an alienated, self-doubting half-human, half-bird. At least he's not dull.


Dear K.A.,
I know you got SO many letters from your fans to read, so let's not waste time!
1) Will David ever return in another Animorphs book? Like somehow find the blue box in rat morph and get his morphing powers back...
2) Is Loren alive? And if she is, where is she? I would really like to see Tobias discover his mother.
3)How come the Yeerks are only trying to take over the U.S.? It seems like that. Why won't they take over Asia or Africa? I mean, you'd think they'd be smart enough to know that the so-called "Andalite bandits" can't be in two places at once. So if they start taking over the "whole" world, the Animorphs would only be able to protect America. But if they did leave America to protect the other continents the Yeerks could quickly take control over it. So either way, the Yeerks would at least have taken over half of the world...
Am I right?

Hi, Asterisks:
1) I think at some point I'm going to have to address the David issue, yes.
2) I just haven't decided about this. I don't know. Every time someone asks about it I think about it and I still just don't know.
3) As explained in VISSER, the Yeerks arrived on Earth during the Gulf War. They concluded that the US represented the greatest concentration of power and thus should be target #1. However they are also invading France separately. It turns out that the Yeerks are very annoyed by the French habit of eating snails. It hits a little too close to home.


Hi K.A,
Please answer this letter! My only question is why does Jake not use his howler morph? It is very powerful and could win the fight against the Yeerks. Thank you for answering this letter if you did. I have sent more than 20 in!
-Alix J

Hi, Alix:
There are two problems with Howlers as morphs. First, since they are all united psychically Jake could end up inadvertently communicating with other Howlers, possibly resulting in information getting into the wrong hands. Also, Howlers are sentient creatures and the Animorphs have a policy against using morphs that are essentially equals of humans.


Hi! I'm Jane. I LUV your series; they are the bomb! Anyways I have some questions...
1) Please tell me the truth and no jokes about this, will Marco ever fall in love with Cassie or Rachel?
2) Will Tobias ever give up morphing for Rachel (Rachel is my favorite character)?
3) Please NO JOKES 4 THIS ONE!, Will Cassie and Jake marry?
-Jane P

Hi, Jane:
No. I won't answer those questions.
Why not? Because you don't really want them answered. People always think they want to know the future. But if you could really know the future your life would be indescribably boring. You'd wake up every day knowing exactly what you're having for breakfast; exactly what every kid on the bus will say, down to the last word; exactly what will happen in school; exactly everything. There would be no point in going on. Life would be devoid of surprise. You'd be no better than a machine. Your free will would be a joke. You'd be an automaton, Jane, a mindless, dull drone slogging through a life that is no life at all. I can't let that happen to you, Jane. I can't!

According to K.A. Applegate
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