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These were monthly columns that were held by Scholastic. Fans would send in questions to K.A. Applegate, and the Official Website would post them at the end of month with K.A's reply. Fans could either send their letters to K.A through an email form or through snail mail at:

K.A. Applegate, c/o Scholastic, 555 Broadway, New York, N.Y., 10012.

February 1999


Dear K.A.Applegate,
What was David's morph when he must have been in the barn in The Solution Why didn't the Andalites program the Quatrum Virus for the Yeerks instead of the Hork-Bajir?
Your #1 fan

Hi, Josh:
1) He had morphed a slice of American cheese. Hey, wait, that can't be right. No, he morphed to cockroach.
2) Because they didn't have a sample of Yeerk DNA to use to program the virus. They did, however, have Hork-Bajir DNA, plus the use of all the biological data of the Hork-Bajir's creators.


Ok, I have a couple of questions?
1) Will Tom ever get the Yeerk out of his head?
2) Will there ever be a female Andalite coming to the Animorphs rescue?
3) Will Marco's Mother ever notice that it is Marco when she sees him with a Yeerk in her head?
Thanks, hope you can answer them.
Erek the Chee
Be careful, everybody, The Yeerks are out there. (They might be coming for you next)

Hi all:
1) Tom gets the Yeerk out of his head every three days at the Yeerk Pool. Unfortunately, the Yeerk comes right back.
2) Could be. Kind of a cool idea.
3) We're not even sure Marco's Mom is still alive . . . until book #30.
Then afterward we're not sure again.


Ever since I learned about Visser Three (Alloran) and Visser One (Marco's mom), this question has been bothering me: WHO IS VISSER TWO?!?!?!?!?! Also, why isn't Visser Three, Visser One? I mean, he has the ONLY Andalite host body! And why is Marco's mom Visser One? Do the Yeerks have a special reason for her to be VERY high ranking or something? Thanks SO much! By the way, I think one of the Animorphs should morph a pig!
Sign me,
Your no. 1 fan,

Hi, Holic:
1) Turns out that Baby Spice is Visser Two. Who'd have guessed?
2) The ranks of the various Vissers are determined like any military rank: by seniority and by accomplishment. (And a touch of politics.) The Yeerk currently infesting Marco's Mom is just a more senior, and perhaps more capable Yeerk than the one who is Visser Three. After all, Visser Three has been losing a lot of battles. He'll be lucky not to be demoted.
3) A pig? Well, Marco's already a ham.


Dear K.A.,
I have a few questions to ask you.
(1) How do you think of such weird creatures like in book #11, The Forgotten, that vine thing that Visser Three turned into? Or in book #12, The Reaction, that spear shooting thing that Visser Three turned into?
(2) What are your three favorite Animorphs books? Mine (in order) are #6 The Capture; #8 The Android; and #4 The message. (I'm reading them in order though, and I'm only on #12 The Reaction, so better books will probably come along.)
(3) Do you think maybe, possibly, by some chance, you can put a cheetah on one of the covers. Marco's cool. A cheetah is my favorite animal, but I never hear about them in the books.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, answer these questions. I know you have a lot of letters but... PLEASE! Your fan,

Hi, Sean:
1) I don't know. If I knew where I got the good ideas I'd get some more and avoid the bad ideas more easily. Ideas just come popping or dribbling or oozing into my brain.
2) Hmmm. I'm still very fond of #4. That's the book where they morph dolphins and find Ax. I guess I felt like I'd sort of hit my stride around book #4. I am also proud of the Hork-Bajir Chronicles for the reason that it was hard to write with no human characters and no human reference points.
And I'd have to say I was pleased with #24, the Helmacron book because I thought it was funny. But if you asked me a week from now I'd probably come up with a whole different list.
3) The cheetah will be a morph in an upcoming book.


Hey I LOVE your books they are da bomb. Now to the questions
1. okay in 18 Ax notices that V3 has a bird morph from the Andalite Homeworld, and he gets suspicious. But in the AC Elfangor says that every warrior in training gets the morphing power and the chance to test it on the bird, and another animal so wouldn't Alloran already have the morph?
2. will Rachel and Tobias ever get a little more serious (and I really use the term loosely)
3. will you have anymore books with the Elimnist in it? I think that guy is Awesome.
thanks alot

Hi, Theresa:
1) You know, I could save myself a lot of grief by just not answering questions like this. (Sigh). Okay, add this to the BIG list of KASU's: Katherine Applegate Screws Up.
2) Yes, they will get so serious that the two of them will become stock brokers. That's pretty serious.
3) I am always worried about overusing The Ellimist. He appears in #26 and will show up again, but I need to keep him under control.


Dear K.A.-
I have a couple questions:
1. Will we ever see David again?
2. Will you ever add a new Animorph?
3. Will the group of free Hork-Bajir stay in the series until the end?
Your fan-
Sendak 3479 of the Sulp Niar Pool

Hi, Sendak:
1) Don't know.
2) Don't know.
3) Don't know.
Actually, the first two are things I'm thinking actively about. The third one I haven't considered at all because at this point I don't have the end in sight. But the idea of revisiting David or of bringing in a new character is interesting to me.


Hi K.A.
My Animorph friends and I are your #1 fans! One person in our club has the entire Animorphs book collection including H-B and Andalite Chronicles, Megamorphs #1 and #2! We would really like it if you could post up the questions and answers. Here are my questions.
#1-Why can't Tobias stay in human morph for more than 2 hours, have the rest of the group put the blue box back together, and have Tobias become and Animorph like David did?
#2-Here is an idea. Why not have a Visser 1or 3 Chronicles or a Chapman Chronicles to see what happens to them in everyday life?
#3-Could you send free monthly e-mail to fans to tell us what's the scoop with the books and the TV show?
Thanks K.A
Your #1 club, The Animorphs

Hi, Club:
1) Because you can only be subjected to the morphing power once. If you try and use the Blue Box a second time you turn into Velveeta. Or possibly Spam. No one knows why.
2) The Visser Chronicles are already on the agenda. It will be the story of the early days and weeks of the Yeerk invasion of Earth. We'll see Marco's mom (Visser One) and learn the origin of the feud between Vissers One and Three.
3) Can't tell you what's happening in upcoming books without spoiling the surprise. (Um, except for what I just told you about the Visser Chronicles.)


Dear K.A.
If one of the Animorphs had a blood test, wouldn't the doctors be able to tell that rhino blood or horse blood or any other animal blood was running through it??? I would think that they would notice.

Hi, Vanessa:
That's a very good question. The doctor would have to have some reason to run a DNA test of some sort. I don't think a blood sugar test or whatever would turn it up. But I wonder what would happen if they did run some kind of DNA screening test.



HI, Saber:
1) Actually we do a version of that in an upcoming book.
2) There could be. Actually, that's an interesting idea. Maybe someone besides Ax survived the destruction of the Dome Ship. Hmmm.


Hi KA,
I LOVE the Animorphs, but I have a few questions.
1) Will Jake and Cassie ever go on a date?????????
2) How did you come up with the idea for an Andalite, like the way they look???
3) How old are the Animorphs???? I'm 16 and just wanted to know if they are close to my age.
Thank you so much for writing these books, I love them. (I'm sure you hear that alot) And thank you for answering my questions if you get around to it. This is the second time that I have written. The real #1 Animorphs Lover (I can't tell you my name, the Yeerks are among us!)

Hi, Ani Lover:
1) They will, in fact, get married and give birth to wolves. What? No, that can't be right.
2) I don't think I've ever told this particular story. Originally, when I started Animorphs, I was concerned that one day there would be a TV show based on the series. I knew we'd be seeing a lot of Ax, so I went the Star Trek route and made Andalites a fairly standard E.T. kind of alien. I thought that would make it easier to handle the special effects down the road. Then my editors wrote back and said "boring!" So I thought, okay, fine, you want to imply I don't have imagination? Hah! I'm going to give you an alien like nothing anyone's ever seen before.
3) There's a lot of confusion on this point. The Animorphs are 47. They were just held back a lot.


Dear K.A.A.
I absolutely, totally, bodashously, LOVE AMIMORPHS!!! I have a few questions and comments.
1.) K.A.S.U. stands for Katherine Applegate screw up, I wuz thinking that Kasu would be a cool alien.
2.) How in the World did you come up with Z-Space?
3.) Why haven't ya mentioned Chapman much lately?
Well that is all, I hope you will answer my lame and totally stupid questions. have fun writing, do lunch, cheerio.
S. A. Vaughn
P.S. That last part sounded a lot like Marco. Maybe you never know.

Hi, S.A.:
1) The Kasu's would be a numerous race.
2) I knew that it was impossible to exceed the speed of light anywhere in the universe, so I figured I needed a dimension that wasn't exactly part of the universe. I needed space that wasn't space: Zero-Space. And thus I was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics.
3) Chapman is in contract negotiations. He wants more money.


Hi , again . You must be tired of hearing from me, but, last time. Ookay,
#1. Do you think I could help with new characters?
#2. Might Ax be introduced to me if I come over?!
#3. Can you keep my "brother " under surveillance ? He's been acting kinda...I dunno, Yeerkish.
By the way. Th' name's Celia. No last name, the Yeerks are out there, you know.
Thank you.
Let Alloren have a little happiness, okay?

Hi, Celia:
1) Are there new characters? No one's told me about it.
2) He'll come to you. Just leave a tray of cinnamon buns outside your door. And by the way, as many times as I've mentioned Cinabon don't you think they could send me over a few?
3) Does he disappear for a while every three days?
4) You old softie. Alloran is a tragic character. Tragic characters have to be . . . well, tragic.


Hi, This is Cody.
I have a couple of questions.
1. Why can't the Animorphs go from one animal to another without becoming human again in-between?
2. Is anyone else going to get stuck in a morph?
3. Can Andalites stay in a morph for more than two hours?
Thanks. I enjoy your books very much. I buy them with my allowance when I save enough money.

Hi, Cody:
1) It's just one of those things. You know how technology is. There are always arcane, nonsensical rules. You might as well ask why you can't get rid of the stupid Caps Lock button on your keyboard, or why it is that when you type in "Flossing Space Monkeys" your idiot web browser suggests you should check out books on "Flossing Space Monkeys" at Barnes and Noble. I mean, I love Barnes and Noble, I spend a lot of time at Barnes and Noble, but they do not have books on Flossing Space Monkeys.
2) In an upcoming book they will ALL be trapped in morph, after which we're changing the name of the series to The Six Poodles.
3) Nope. Same for them as when you morph at home.


Hi KA, I have 3 Q's for you.
1. In book 16 it says that Rachel and Marco have a crush on each other, but I also read that Rachel and Tobias have a crush on each other. So who does Rachel go out with?
2. In book 16 it says that Visser 3 has a twin, but it does not mention it in the other books why is that?
3. My friend Jacob told me that David morphs a mouse or a rat and gets eaten by Tobias or and other bird is that true?
Yours truly
Pok'e girl
(that is not my real name)

Hi, Pok'e Not Your Real Name:
1) I don't recall the exact circumstances, but I suspect in book 16 it was Marco saying that. Marco occasionally exaggerates for comic effect or to provoke. It's Rachel and Tobias, all the way. Or until he begins to molt.
2) Visser Three isn't a guy who shares a lot of his personal life.
3) Your friend Jacob may be exaggerating for comic effect or to provoke.


Dear K.A,
I love your books. Can you please answer these questions?
1) In # 22 Cassie said she hid the morphing cube. So why doesn't Tobias stay in human morph for more than 2 hours and use the cube Again to get his morphing power back?
2) I would love to see the Animorphs morph Ax. Will that ever happen?
3) I would also love to see the Andalites come to Earth. What are the chances of that happening?
I have so many more questions but I'll leave it at that. Thanks

Hi, Brian:
1) Some things in life you can only do once and a second time is dangerous, even fatal. I refer, of course, to listening to any Spice Girls song. No, I kid the Spice Girls. Truth is you can only undergo the morphing technology once.
2) Maybe, but it would have to be with Ax's permission.
3) I'm guessing if that happened it might be the last book in the series. At least if they showed up full force.


Dear K.A.A.
I just finished reading Megamorphs 2, In the Time of the Dinosaurs (It was AWESOME!), and I noticed that if the Nesk and the Magore (did I spell it right?) were somehow saved, then they would be incredibly advanced technology-wise. If the Nesk were destroyed and the Magore were saved, then could they help the humans and Andalites destroy the Yeerks? Was there another colony of Magore in some far-distant planet???? Is number 26, The Attack, out yet, and if so, how many other books are out? Thanks for taking time to read my weird questions, and by the way, if you get the answers on the Internet, could you try to keep them on awhile? I don't get a chance to come here much.
Thanks again,

Hi, D.M.
You ask a profound question: what happened to the Nesk and the Mercora? Well, I meant to leave the implication that both species may have devolved. The Nesk may have devolved into the common ant. The Mercora may have devolved to become some form of common crustacean. But that was just kind of out there as a teaser. I never really decided what happened to the Nesk, but, for the Mercora in that form, it was bye bye. That was their last remaining population.

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