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These were monthly columns that were held by Scholastic. Fans would send in questions to K.A. Applegate, and the Official Website would post them at the end of month with K.A's reply. Fans could either send their letters to K.A through an email form or through snail mail at:

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March 1999


Hi K.A.,
I was wondering in, #8 The Alien, why didn't Ax kill Visser Three's host body when Visser Three left it because of the snake venom?
Bobby (age 9)

Hi, Bobby:
I suspect I'm not the first person to tell you this, but taking the life of a sentient creature is wrong. In the real world that means you don't take human life. In ANIMORPHS we extend that to our sentient aliens.
People can debate back and forth whether it is ever moral to take a human life. (And, in the books, we've debated that repeatedly.) Some people say it's okay when it is done to save your own life, or the lives of innocent people. Some people believe it's wrong in all circumstances, no matter what. Personally I believe it is justifiable when it is done to save your own life or the lives of innocent people, but I would add that the fact it may be justifiable does not change by one iota the fact that it is a terrible, terrible thing. That's also something we've discussed in the books many times.
I try to have the characters behave realistically, but also morally. In this case Ax's understandable desire for revenge was outweighed by his moral revulsion at the idea of taking a life.
In the real world people like police officers or soldiers sometimes kill. Any police officer or soldier who has done this will tell you that it is an awful thing, as awful as anything can be. And they will also tell you they'd do anything to avoid having to do it again. --KAA


Dear K.A.
I love your books. I just finished reading # 26 and I have some questions.
1. Will the Crayak make a comeback?
2. In the Andalite Chronicles, (at the end) it says that the Ellimist is "playing" with an evil. Is it the Crayak, or another superbadguy?!?
3. Will Jake be able to morph a howlers, and if he can, will he use it to attack the Yeerks?
Signing off,
Animorphs fan #1!

Hi, #1:
1) Yeah, I suspect Crayak will make a re-appearance at some point.
2) Yep, that's Crayak in an early "seed."
3) Hmmm. Good question. However, I suspect that if Jake were to morph a Howler again for an extended period of time, he would tap into the new and improved Howler collective consciousness and acquire their own kinder, gentler frame of mind.


Dear K.A.
I've been re-reading my Animorphs books, and I have a few questions that have been bothering me. I hope you can answer me.
1. Will Tobias's human DNA age with him, or when the war is over, will he return to human for good and be younger (physically) than the others? Perhaps the Ellimist will intervene, or the time-matrix thing that happened to Loren will happen to him?
2. Will any of the Animorphs ever go off to summer camp, or on family trips, etc.? Many families do. Maybe they could have a mission where one/several/all of them are gone, or they could be sent to a camp operated by The Sharing. Just an idea.
3. What does Visser 3 do for clothes when he morphs human? He doesn't appear to have the same problem that the Animorphs have. I REALLY hope you can answer this.
The Ghoti kid

Hi, Kid:
1) That is a heck of a good question. And I don't have an answer.
2) Actually in an upcoming book Jake's family takes a little field trip, although it's more of a funeral than a vacation. Naturally I'd love to do Animorphs at Disney World, flying through the Matterhorn, swimming around the submarine ride, hiding out amidst the fake animals on the jungle ride. . . But Disney may not appreciate my using their park as a backdrop for morphing mayhem.
3) Ever notice how Visser Three goes everywhere in a limousine? Limos are roomy enough for morphing and for changing.


This is like my seventeenth time writing and I've never gotten on -- why is that??? I� got some questions:
1. What the heck is Alternamorphs and when is it gonna be out?
2. What are you talking about the six poodles?
3. Is that you turning into a lion at the bottom of the site or is it someone else, cause on HB chronicles it shows the exact same picture, but it has someone's name beside it. Risa Walberg -- who is that?

Hi Red-tail:
1) Answered before, but I'll answer it again: Alternamorphs is a very cool branching book version of Animorphs.
2) Huh? That sounds like some dumb joke I must have made at some time. Sadly, (or maybe fortunately) I instantly forget that kind of thing.
3) Yep, that's me. Both times.


Dear/Mighty K.A.A.
First of all I want to thank you. I came to Canada year ago and felt like a fool. I hate English...until I read Animorphs#4 (It's still one of my favorites). Now I got A+s on reading and I'm the hottest Animorphs fan! My mother thinks I'm too crazy. Not that she doesn't like Animorphs. The time I brought #23 and H-B Chronicles, I read till my mother ordered me to bed at 11:25. I sneak into the bathroom and read till I finish them both (the instinct of a crazy fan is harder to control than a rat's). Oh, to the questions.
1. What happened to the Time Martix? Did the Ellimist do something to it?
2. What happened to the Pemalite crystal?
3. If Chapman told the Yeerks about Earth, doesn't it looks like humans deserve this?
--Lily. No last name. You know the deal.
P.S. Do you like Cinnamon buns? And what do you have against broccoli? I love them.

Hi, Lily:
It's very cool if Animorphs have helped you to like reading. Reading is the best thing in the world. Even if it's someone else's books, not mine.
1) Funny you should ask. The Time Matrix will be reappearing soon in Megamorphs #3
2) It's out in the ocean somewhere, drifting around in the wet sand where the beach dogs left it.
3) Just because one human being is rotten doesn't mean all are, any more than one rotten member of a race, a religion, or a nationality condemns the rest. There's no such thing as collective guilt, if there were there'd be no point in being good, we'd all be judged by the lowest specimen someone could find. All you deserve in this world are freedom, and the just desserts of your own actions, good or bad. You don't get extra points by belonging to some group of people, and you don't get points taken away -- You know, unless the group in question is the Spice Girls, in which case all Spice Girls are equally guilty. 4) Cinnamon buns are the third finest creation of the human mind. Number One: the Sistine Chapel. Number Two: Hamlet. Number Three: Cinnamon buns, tied with buttered popcorn. Number Four is kind of a surprise: the TV remote control. Hmmmm.


I've sent 647865783 questions in and I really hope this one gets picked cuz it's a really really really really important question. Please Please Please PLEASE! Bring Elfangor back to life. If you're stumped on how to do so I have a few Ideas, I could have been mearly a hologram that the Visser devoured, Or the Ellimist could have saved him at the very last moment. Why do I want a long since dead character brought back to life? Because He's important now! At first it was like oh, he's dead okay. Then Oh he's Ax's brother gee that's too bad. THEN WHOA HE'S TOBIAS'S DAD! WHY OH WHY WHY WHY WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE?!?!?! Please Please Please Please Please Please PLease. Pretty Please with a cinnabun on top!
Desperate Animorphs Fan

Dear Desperate:
You know, your confidence is very flattering, but even I, fully vested as I am with the Great Powers of a Book Author can't bring the dead back to life. Only Soap Opera writers can do that.


PUH_LEEESE answer my questions!!!!!
1. Who is Visser Two?
2. What ever happened to Loren?
-Anne Oynimous

Hi, Anne O:
1) It turns out now that Bill Gates is actually Visser Two. I think it's pretty . . . Hey, wait a minute. What's happening to my computer? My software . . . It's threatening me! Speakers blaring old Stones tunes at a deafening pitch! My mouse is reaching up to strangle me with its cord! Keyboard burning my fingers! Aaaargghh!
1a) Correction: Bill Gates is not Visser Two.
2) Loren went on to have a happy life, albeit with a great big hole in the middle of it.


Dear K. A. Applegate:
My Name is David. I am 11 years old and I love your books. I have been reading about 2 books every week. So far I have read 9 books and I have all the books you have written so far. I have 2 questions.
1. What are Alternamorphs?
2. Are you going to write more series like the Megamorphs?
Thank you very much,

Hi, David:
1) Alternamorphs is a choose-your-own adventure version of Animorphs.
2) I will write more Megamorphs and more Chronicles. I am also writing an entirely new series called Everworld.
3) Thanks for facilitating my plugging.


1) Do morphs age?
2) What does Michael think of having his name in your books?
3) Do you like your initials?

Hi, Cool:
1) Interesting question. Of course DNA stays the same, whatever age. It's a program for the full development of an animal from juvenile to adult phases. When you acquire DNA you acquire it at its present stage of development. In other words you get DNA that has resulted in an adult or juvenile animal. Subsequent to that the DNA does not have the opportunity to develop further, so no, in effect the DNA does not age.
2) He likes it fine.
3) Hmmm. I suppose. Haven't really thought about it. I guess it's better than being Nora Uneeda Thomas.


Dear KAA
In The Suspicion I don't get it. Why didn't Rachel or Cassie just grab the little spaceship and break after they found out the Helmacrons were trying to make them their slaves? please answer back.

Hi, MR:
Just because the ship is little doesn't mean it's fragile. On the contrary, sometimes it's easier to break something big rather than something small. For example you can break a big mirror more easily than you can a very small one.


Dear Mrs. Applegate,
I love your books! I think that the balancing act you do with fiction and fact is amazing!!!!!!!!! I was wondering, how do you manage to write one book a month, and still have time for the Andalite and Hork-Bajir Chronicles, And still do Megamorphs?? (all of which I read!!!) I really admire you!

Hi, Dany:
A little something called coffee, Dany. Lots and lots of rich, black, French Roast coffee.


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