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These were monthly columns that were held by Scholastic. Fans would send in questions to K.A. Applegate, and the Official Website would post them at the end of month with K.A's reply. Fans could either send their letters to K.A through an email form or through snail mail at:

K.A. Applegate, c/o Scholastic, 555 Broadway, New York, N.Y., 10012.

January 2000


Dear K.A.,
I have each one of your books and I have read each one at least twice. Which brings me to my questions.
1. Why don't you have the Animorphs try to use guns to fight the Yeerks? I know that that would be too simple a solution but you should create some physical or moral reason why they didn't try shooting Visser Three in book 37 instead of morphing cheetahs. I would make much more sense.
2. You should create some kind of conflict with one of the kid's parents. If any kid in America ever came home late and skipped so many dinners their parents are bound to get suspicious. Please respond to these questions. I have wrote and asked many times and I would love to get a response.
-Sultan S

Hi, Sultan:
1) Actually, there's a very logical reason the Animorphs don't use guns: hard to carry a gun when you morph. Birds, bugs, small animals, none of them can really carry a gun. And there's another reason: I don't like guns. I don't know whether the media contributes to youth violence or not (I tend to be skeptical, since I'm pretty sure Billy the Kid never watched TV), but I'm certainly not going to put guns in the hands of my characters.
2) You're right that the Animorphs get away with a lot on the home front. For long absences they have the Chee to cover for them. For shorter absences they've become very adept at misleading and concealing.


Dear KA,
I'm dying here. I have sent this letter every day for over three months. Can and will the Crayak give David back his morphing powers like the Ellimnist gave Tobias back Tobias's morphing power? David is a very interesting character and I like to read about the chemistry and how he act toward the Animorphs. I think that it is very interesting.

Hi, Alex: That's an interesting thought. I do need to consider the David situation. But I haven't just yet.


Hey, K. A.!
I just have one question, but PLEASE answer my letter! Are there male or female Yeerks? Or is there three genders, because when three join, there could only be 3 or 1, right?
-Mike M.

Hi, Mike:
Nope, Yeerks have only one gender. They are neither male nor female. Which is perhaps why they have invented neither the La-Z-Boy recliner nor the 25% off sale.

According to K.A. Applegate
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