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These were monthly columns that were held by Scholastic. Fans would send in questions to K.A. Applegate, and the Official Website would post them at the end of month with K.A's reply. Fans could either send their letters to K.A through an email form or through snail mail at:

K.A. Applegate, c/o Scholastic, 555 Broadway, New York, N.Y., 10012.

March-June 2000


Dear K.A,
It's me again Nina T. I was just asking are you going to give Tobias a stronger morph? He can't fight the Yeerks with a red-tailed hawk. I know you gave him an Andalite morph but he needs an animal morph. I suggest a cougar or a komodo dragon. Thanks for listening.
- Nina T.

Hi, Nina:
Okay, look, you do not want to anger the Union of Red-Tail Hawks. They get very testy when you question their abilities. I'm not saying they'd ever do anything to hurt you, I'm just saying don't make them mad unless you're prepared to wear a hat at all times when out of doors. And keep the family car in the garage. You think seagulls can dive-bomb? A seagull has maybe a fifty-fifty chance of nailing your head with a flying poop. A hawk? Forget about it. A red-tail can nail one through a keyhole from half a mile up. A word to the wise . . .


Hey K.A.!!
I have written so many letters that I really hope you will answer some of my questions before I turn 82 yrs. old!
1) Will Rachel ever crack and join up with Crayak?
2) Is it possible to acquire DNA from fossils, or frozen specimens of, say, mammoths?
3) If some hosts are so desperate to either be free, or die. Then why don't Hork-Bajir commit suicide?
Thanks a lot, I really hope you will answer my letter.
-Rachel O

Hi, Rachel:
1) Will she ever crack? Maybe she already has... Or not. Read book #48, it is all about the Crayak-Rachel relationship.
2) No. It's possible for advertisers to resurrect and use the images of dead movie stars in their cheesy beer commercials, but the Animorphs are limited by both science and a decent respect for common humanity.
3) Because when you're dead you're not real free, are you? When you're dead you're not. Not anything. Not free, not happy, not relieved, not floating around watching to see how much people miss you, not enjoying the effects of your death. You cease to exist. You are the candle light that's been blown out. Gone. At least that's my view.
Some people -- particularly young people in desperate need of some basic philosophy lessons -- have the idea that suicide will somehow afford them the opportunity to turn their lives around, to right wrongs, teach lessons and so on. This of course is ludicrous on its face. As long as you're alive you have at least some chance of getting all you want from life. Maybe it's not a big chance, maybe to be wildly pessimistic it's only a 10% or 5% chance of gaining happiness, freedom, love or whatever. But even if it were only a 1% chance, that's a whole lot bigger than a zero percent chance. What kind of fool trades even a small chance for no chance? The Hork-Bajir are desperate, they are simple, they are naive and a bit slow, but they're not dumb enough to want to kill themselves.


Dear K.A.
I'm from Brazil and this is my 70th letter, please answer me!!!! Is Cassie somehow related to Andalites? Hint one: She can morph better than Ax, and he's an Andalite. Aldrea explained in HBC that female Andalites have a talent for morphing, and they are better at morphing than male Andalites. (But then I got confused when Aldrea saw that Cassie has the talent and was surprised and impressed in #34.)
-Claudia R

Hi, Claudia:
You have a fine, conspiratorial mind. But no, Cassie is not related to the Andalites.


Dear K.A.,
I've tried heaps to get these questions through, but too many people have been sending them. Well here they are:
1. Why did a whole crocodile have to leave Rachel in book 12, when all she acquired was the D.N.A?
2. Would Ax leave earth and go back to his home planet if he could?
3. Why don't the Yeerks try to take over the Andalite home world?
- Ariane M

Hi, Ariane:
1) Hmmm. You know what? It's been so long since I wrote that book I don't recall. But I'm pretty sure it made sense at the time.
2) That's a good question. Ax has a strong sense of duty. But where would his duty lie? In staying with his human comrades-in-arms, or in returning to the home world? I think he would probably stay, but I would never know for sure until I sat down to write the book.
3) They would love to, but the Andalite planet is very well defended. The Yeerks can challenge the Andalites in far-flung regions, but right there at home? Not happening. At least not yet.


Dear K.A.,
I am a huge fan. I own every single book you have written, including the Making Out series. I absolutely love your work. I have a few questions that I am dying to find the answers to, maybe you can help me.
(1) Will David ever come back? He was the perfect enemy and should be somehow brought back, perhaps by the Crayak.
(2) I have heard a lot of rumors about Mellisa Chapman becoming an Animorph, is that true?
(3) Why don't the Animorphs carefully select a few trusted humans, and give them the power to morph? They could be an alternate team. This way it could take off some of the pressure the Animorphs deal with.
Well that's it for now. I hope you answer my questions.

Hi, Brian:
1) David will make his Triumphant Return in book #48. The rat is back.
2) Not true. There were negotiations with Ms. Chapman but we were unable to reach agreement on her salary.
3) They may do this at some point. Very well may do it. Just not yet.


If the wonderful K.A. Applegate actually reads this, I will be happy for a week (or month)! Too bad you're so famous! I'll probably never get a message through, be it 34 (as this one is now) or 534! Ah well, just in case this one does, here are my questions.
1) I know you probably already answered this, but what if you could do a simple morph mix like Ax did? Nothing too complicated like attaching organs, but more like outer appendages. Like to become a unicorn, they could combine the morphs of the lion, the horse, and the goat. The body and internal organs would be all in the horse, the horn, cloven hooves, and beard would be easily attached by the goat, and the lion's tail would be a snap!
2) How did you get your first book(s) published?
And the final question that has been bugging me...
3) Do you like rodents? More specifically, gerbils? I know you'll probably say you don't. Most people don't. They think that rodents are evil. (Actually, I really wish you'd sneak a gerbil morph in there somewhere [gerbils have decent eyesight, smell, and very good hearing. They also are very nice compared to rats and mice]) Thanks!
-Spring M

Hi, Spring:
1) You can't exactly just dismiss the internal organs. When you get the DNA you get the guts, too. And it's hard to see how you're going to unite various wildly different circulatory systems and digestive tracts and so on.
2) Sheer dumb luck. Actually, I did it the slow and steady way. I looked for a "market" I could penetrate easily. In other words, I looked for a type of book that was in high demand, and where the need for writers was fairly high. I chose romances. My first book was a Harlequin romance novel. But that got tired very quickly so I went on to ghostwriting kid's series -- I wrote more than a dozen Sweet Valley Twins books. Then on to YA romance and finally to...ANIMORPHS and EVERWORLD.
3) Do I like rodents? Hey, as a child I was the first person in my community to have a gerbil. I am a gerbil pioneer. I invented the gerbil. Or at least wrote legislation that helped foster the gerbil.

According to K.A. Applegate
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