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These were monthly columns that were held by Scholastic. Fans would send in questions to K.A. Applegate, and the Official Website would post them at the end of month with K.A's reply. Fans could either send their letters to K.A through an email form or through snail mail at:

K.A. Applegate, c/o Scholastic, 555 Broadway, New York, N.Y., 10012.

July-September 2000


Dear KA,
K.A. Applegate I'm praying you get this because I'd be happy for a year no,no two years if you answer these questions: 1} What's your life like? 2}What happens if a controller dies and the yeerk is still inside? Well, that's all now. Bye!
- Olivia P

Hi, Olivia:
1) My life? Well, naturally, I roll out of bed rested and refreshed at five a.m. each day to mix a health shake (bran, brewer's yeast and carrot juice) and take an invigorating five mile run. While I run I listen to the talking books version of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. Then I write for a few hours and it's off to do my charity work among the lepers. (We have the worst leprosy problem in the Chicago area, especially up in Lake Forest.) I meditate, do yoga and contemplate the Mysteries of Life -- I've got 'em pretty well contemplated now. The evenings are the usual whirl of charity balls where I hobnob endlessly with celebrities and serious intellectuals.
Or, possibly my life is rolling out of bed at 6:18 when the peace is shattered by my son shrieking, "Get up, mommy! I want to get up, mommy daddy daddy mommy get up wake up mommy daddy. NOW!" I enjoy an invigorating cup of coffee and do some laundry and wonder what excuse I can come up with to get out of working. Then I give my son a time out. Then I work. Then my son naps, then I nap. Then I add to the Big Giant List Of Stuff I Should Do. Then I put away the BGLOSISD, well-satisfied that I have once again lengthened it. Then we all go shopping because we have to get out of the house, the walls are closing in, they're closing in I tell you! More coffee. Bad food. Bad TV. Bad sleep. Repeat.
2) Sometimes the Yeerk can escape in time. Often not.


Dear K.A.,
About how many Animorphs books do you think you will write, and could you tell me what kind of coffee you use?
- Anonymous X

Hi, Anonymous:
Are you sure you're not working for Starbucks, hoping to weasel a product endorsement out of me? Not saying I won't do it, I'm just saying I should at least get a couple of free drink coupons. Okay, I'm not Michael Jordan, but a product endorsement from me ought to be worth something, say, three free drink coupons and one of those little thermoses. Come on, show me the free lattes, or I will throw my support to Caribou Coffee.


Dear K.A.,
So many questions, so little time...
1)Do you think that in a future animorphs book maybe Tobias will do another favor for the ellimest and get returned to human form and still gets to keep his morphing ability?
2)I'm not sure I understand the ellimist/crayak thing. Will you be writing a book that will make their relationship more clear?
3) I'd like a chameleon morph in one of the books. They have great camouflage and can get into a lot of places. Do you think you can use one?
4)Why do all of your books start with the word the( The familiar, The Arrival, etc...)? Are you trying to break some world record? Well, I hope these questions get through. I know that there are a lot of other people hoping the same thing. But who knows, maybe I'll be one of the lucky ones...
-Jacquelyn J.

Hi, Jacquelyn:
1 & 2) Funny you should ask. In November we have THE ELLIMIST which will answer all your Ellimist questions. But as for letting Tobias off the hook, what makes you so sure he wants off the hook?
3) You know, that would be a good idea, but I feel like I covered the lizard front in book #1. Still, I like the idea.
4) I wanted all the book titles to start with the word "Cheese," but Scholastic has no respect for my opinions.

According to K.A. Applegate
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