An Online Event with K.A Applegate
(May 1997)

part Two

Posted by: Scholastic Network
Subject: Welcome, K. A. Applegate

Scholastic Network was pleased to welcome K. A. Applegate for a special online event December 1-12 1997. Following are some highlights:

Posted by: AniBoy
Date: 12/6/97 4:57:00 PM

Dear KA,
1.Who is Michael?
2.How do you pronunce Tobias?
3.Have you ever been in Minnesota. If so where? Have you ever seen Fergus Falls?
4.My dream would be: If you could say "Dedicated to Michael and Jordan (my name, don't even think Michael Jordan.)." Please! Please! Please! PLease! PLease! Please Please Please! PLease Please Please!!!!!!!
5.Would/could you ever have Marco morphing an OTTER. Or have them come to Minnesota and pass through Minnesota (Fergus Falls) in a book?
P.S. You are the coolest person in the world!

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Date: 12/7/97 6:11:00 PM Michael? Oh, he's some guy.

I say it Toe-BYE-us.

Not only have I been to Minnesota, I live in Minnesota. Although, this time of year I wonder why. Maybe I stay for the Megamall. have not been to Fergus Falls, I live in the Twin Cities.

I like otters. Sure, I'll probably use otters some day. Also prairie dogs.

Posted by: EmagicU
Subject: The characters
Date: 12/6/97 5:30:00 PM

One of the best things about your books is that the characters seem very realistic. Did you form the characters to be like someone you know, or did you just create them?
- EmagicU

P.S. This question has absolutely nothing to do with the actual books, but who is Michael? Every book is dedicated to him.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: The characters
Date: 12/8/97 1:41:00 PM

It's interesting about characters. When I first create a series I do what is called a "series bible." This usually includes an overview of the series, some ideas on the style, some plots, and biographies of the characters.

I actually go find photographs of people I think evoke the character I have in mind. And I fill out a kind of sketchy form for each character.

For example, I'll have a category called "In a Phrase." Here I try to sum up the idea of the character in as few words as possible. For Jake the phrase was "Regular guy turned reluctant hero." Then there follow various other categories: "Role in the group", "Role in the series", "Age", "Looks", "Personality" and so on. I do their families, their hobbies, their grades in school, on and on for about 3 single-spaced pages.

When I actually sit down to write the first book I use this as a starting point. But characters evolve. They pick up traits and lose ot= hers. And best of all, they develop relationships with the other characters.

As for Michael, he's someone important enough to earn all the dedications. How's that for an answer?


Posted by: Nikki B.
Subject: The Life of Visser One
Date: 12/6/97 6:34:00 PM

Thank you for answering my previous message. Sorry to bother you again, but I have one more question. Do you plan to include somewhere in a future book about how Visser One came to power? It is not like I am a big fan of Visser One but, compared to Visser Three, we know very little about Visser One. I get a feeling that maybe Visser One's life might not be as interesting, or as important, as Visser Three's.


Posted by: Eisenhower Computer Lab
Date: 12/8/97 11:19:00 AM

Are you going to make a book about sub vissers and visser 1? I wish you could make more characters in the story THAT CAN MORPH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: The Life of Visser One
Date: 12/9/97 6:58:00 PM

Well, the answer is maybe. There is some possibility that
I may do a trilogy to be called the Visser Chronicles. But
I haven't made that decision, yet.


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Date: 12/9/97 6:59:00 PM

That idea is "under consideration" as they say. Nothing
definite at this point.


Posted by: dylan heid-averbeck
Subject: animorphs
Date: 12/6/97 6:56:00 PM

what is Marco's dad's name?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: animorphs
Date: 12/9/97 7:01:00 PM

His name is "Dad." Same as my dad's name. Seriously,
I don't know. I just refer to him as "Marco's father"


Posted by: N.N.
Subject: Re:Yeerk Pecking Order(no need to reply)
Date: 12/6/97 8:28:00 PM

Good questions! I was wondering about all those Yeerk ranks also but didn't quite know how to ask.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Yeerk Pecking Order
Date: 12/9/97 7:13:00 PM

27, eh? I like you, kid.

Visser and sub-Visser are basically military ranks.
Like general and colonel. The other designations are
proper names. For example, saying Iniss 956 is like
saying Janet Jones, or Tommy Smith or whatever.

I haven't worked out the whole heirarchy below Visser and

The book I just finished, #19, deals with Yeerk reproduction.
Turns out that three Yeerks fuse together, then they begin
to fracture off into little pieces called grubs. The
grubs become Yeerks. The three parents die off as
individuals. There are hundreds and hundreds of grubs from
each of these unions. "Iniss" is one of those three
piece parents. 956 is the 956th grub. Iniss 956 of the
Sulp Niar pool would be the 956th grub to flake off from the
Iniss parent, and originates in the Sulp Niar pool.

Okay, here's the story on #11. This is kind of a writerly
answer, but the book was badly balanced. There I was in the
rainforest and I didn't really exploit it as well as I
would have liked. The ending was sort of tacked on. There
were some good individual scenes, but I didn't feel it
all came together in the end to be better than the sum
of its parts.

I'm not saying it was bad, just that it didn't hang
together as well as I'd have liked at the "writerly"
level. If that's a word.


Posted by: Brandon Wong
Subject: Ax Idea
Date: 12/6/97 8:00:00 PM

Dear Katherine,
I have an idea for a book, how about if one of the Animorphs acquire Ax. Cassie acquired Rachel in book 12, so why can't someone acquire Ax?


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Ax Idea
Date: 12/9/97 7:14:00 PM

They probably will morph Ax some day. It just hasn't
happened yet.


Posted by: Ax
Subject: Animorphs : The Christmas?
Date: 12/6/97 8:04:00 PM

Dear Great and Powerful KA, who holds the lives of children today in her books,
In any of your books, will the Animorphs celebrate Christmas, or Hanuaka (I know that's spell wrong, isn't it? Sorry to all whom that offends) or any other holiday like that? I think it would give Ax a good experiance. Also, it seems that summer weather is lasting pretty long, where ever they it ever going to get cold in that area? Wait a sec...DUH ME! Marco saiid something about that...I just wish that we were having thier weather here. I mean, it's snowing here! Oh well, that's all...for now...


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Animorphs : The Christmas?
Date: 12/9/97 7:17:00 PM

As part of the effort to conceal the Animorph's location
I may just possibly conceal the actual weather conditions
sometimes. I mean, if I got too specific about weather
it might narrow down their location a bit, don't you think?


Posted by: AniJared
Subject: Questions Please Reply
Date: 12/6/97 9:15:00 PM

I have some more questions for you the great and powerful Applegate.

1.Will Ax every comunicate to the home world?

2.Will the Ellimist come back?

3.Is Ax ever going to ride a yellow mustang?

4.Will Erek ever call Marco?

5. Will Marco ever have a date?

6. Where do they live?

7.Is Tobias ever going to find out Ax is his uncle?

8.Is another human ever going to find out about the yeerks which is not infested?

9.Are there yeerks around the whole country or only in the state or town the animorphs live in?

10.Is Marco ever going to morph Rachel?

Please can Marco morph Rachel. Have a great day and thank you for replying to my other questions and please reply these.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Questions Please Reply
Date: 12/9/97 7:23:00 PM

1) Check out book #18 when it comes out.
2) Oh yes.
3) Don't you think a Viper would be cooler?
4) Yep, we'll see Erek from time to time.
5) Maybe if Rachel is feeling really charitable some day.
6) Ain't tellin'
7) Yes, in book #23.
8) Yes, in books 20-22.
9) We don't know. Could be.
10)Oh, please. Just what I need.


Posted by: LazerKat
Subject: Font
Date: 12/7/97 2:28:00 AM

One last thing that I forgot to ask in my last message... do you know what the name of the font used for the logo is?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Font
Date: 12/9/97 7:26:00 PM

Sorry, I don't. I think the mighty art department at
Scholastic came up with that.


Posted by: Alberto Galarce
Subject: Please KAA could you anwer this? Please
Date: 12/7/97 9:36:00 AM


My name is Alberto (for Real).
Could you anwer these questions for me.

1. how do you tell a andalte girl from an andalite boy?

2. In what book are the kawatnoj gonna be born?

I heard some kids have a poster of the cover morphs
of books #14-17 so I wanna have that poster.
but i don't know where to find it.

What are the names of the homeworlds I mean they can't be named homeworlds. Are this correct:

Andalasia Andalites
Yeerkon Yeerks
Taxxonia Taxxons
Hork-Bajirotopia Hork bajir
Makro Mak
Ssstraman Ssstram

I know they don't sound good but if you like these names I'd be honored.

3. Will the new animorph be a Ssstram or a Mak? or whtever you want to call it.

4. Will the animorphs loose their dinomorphs after they
come to their present time like jake did in #11?

5. Will the Ellimist tell Tobias that Elfangor is his father in#23?

6. In #18 when Ax gets reunited with the andalites
will the animorphs get honored or disgraced?

# 3-6 are yes or no questions so don't bother writing any details I don't want you to waste precious time on my questions as for the poster one please find out.
please try to anwer all of them?

Aniway I love your books 1,000,000 times a quintillion.

You're the best author ever to live since the precambrian era.

one among many #1 animorphs fan Alberto.

P.s will we hear about Loren.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Please KAA could you anwer this? Please
Date: 12/9/97 7:33:00 PM

1)That I have not decided yet. An interesting question, eh?
2) We will revisit the free Hork-Bajir in book #23.
3) I don't know about the poster. Sorry. On the home
world question, basically every race starts off thinking
their planet is the only planet, so they name them the
equivalent of "earth." Earth isn't name "Humanasia"
for example, just "earth." I like your names, but I think
for now I'll stick with "home world."

3) continued. . . the new animorph will be human.
4) Afraid so. Otherwise I'd end up with Jurassic Park 3.
5) Tobias will learn this but not from the Big E.
6) Neither. (You'll just have to read it and see.)


Posted by: R.T. Sayer
Subject: Book Tour
Date: 12/7/97 10:45:00 AM

K. A. Applegate, are you ever going to go on a book tour? That would be awsome! Also, is the idea for yeerks any way related to the creatures in Star Trek 2: The wrath of Khan?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Book Tour
Date: 12/9/97 7:36:00 PM

Oh, my God! I wonder if I did pick up subconsciously
on the little caterpillar things in Wrath of Khan? I
don't think I did, but there are some similarities.

As for book tours, I'm afraid I am a very reclusive,
private person. I usually refuse even to do interviews.
I like being anonymous and unrecognized.


Posted by: jackie and Lizzie
Subject: Your books
Date: 12/8/97 9:21:00 AM

Dear K.A. Applegate,
We read your books and thought that thay were great.Our favorite Animorphs book was the second one. (we forgot the title) We both agreed that Jake was our favorite character because he was sort-of the leader and we like to be leaders too. We like the new series that you wrote about before the Animorphs and how they came to be. We also hope you keep writing enthusiastic books that we like.
From Your Fans,
Jackie and Lizzie

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Your books
Date: 12/9/97 7:37:00 PM

Thanks Jackie and Lizzie. I hope you'll keep liking
my books.


Posted by: Kyle Facada
Subject: What? Where? When?
Date: 12/8/97 10:04:00 AM

Hi my name is Kyle Facada. I am writing from my school and I have read every book in thse Megamorphs and Animorphs series. Here are a few questions I have for you:
What do you like to write about in your books?
When is your next book going to come out?
Where do you like to write most?

When is your favorite time to write?
Thank you for reading these and I enjoy reading your books
and visiting your website!

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: What? Where? When?
Date: 12/9/97 7:40:00 PM

My favorite things to write about are the morphings.
Especially new animals. I write on a computer, using
pain-in-the-butt WordPerfect. I have an office in my
home which I've just moved because the first office
gets cold in the winter. I usually write in the mornings
nowadays. It takes 2 to 3 hours a day. At most.


Posted by: Mary Lindenmeyer
Subject: you
Date: 12/8/97 10:06:00 AM

How did you decide you wanted to be a writer? Did you always know that was what you wanted, like me?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: you
Date: 12/9/97 7:46:00 PM

To be honest with you, when I got out of college I was
totally clueless. I had no idea what I wanted to be.
I ended up just sort of wandering around, doing odd jobs
like waitressing, caring for plants, and so on, for
quite a long time. Then one day I just thought "okay,
that's about enough wasted time, Katherine, how about
growing up and getting a life?"

So I did. I wrote two adult romance novels, didn't like
it, then started to work in kid's books.

I wasted a lot of time I now regret. In the end it worked
out very well. But I would not advise you or anyone else
to wait quite as long as I did.


Posted by: Peter Nelson
Subject: My Questions
Date: 12/8/97 10:08:00 AM

How did you come up with the cat (Rachel) going down to the basement to see what was going on?

Did you go somewhere to write the books and where did you go?

When did your first book come to be sold in a bookstore and what bookstore was it?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: My Questions
Date: 12/9/97 7:48:00 PM

It seemed like something a cat--or Rachel--might do.

I write right here at home, at my computer.

My first book was published back in 1989. It came out at
lots of bookstores at the same time.


Posted by: Thomas N
Subject: Morphing Mania!
Date: 12/8/97 10:24:00 AM

What was the hardest morph to describe? Explain why.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Morphing Mania!
Date: 12/9/97 7:50:00 PM

Ant and termite. Why? Because they have no
useful sight. It's very hard to describe things
when you're in a morph that cannot see.


Posted by: Jared
Subject: Talking to K.A. Applegate
Date: 12/8/97 10:28:00 AM

Hi i'm Jared. I'm a 10 year old boy in the fifth grade. I'm a big fan of your Animorphs. I have some question. 1)Have you made a cheeta? If not when will you? 2)What is your favorite Animorphs? 3)I heard you like dolphins? Why? 4)Have you made a monkey? If not when will you make a monkey? 5)Who's your favorite person? 6)How many Animorphs are you going to make.

Posted by: Derek
Subject: Animorphs animals
Date: 12/8/97 10:33:00 AM

I'm a big fan of your books. I find them every where. I was wondering do the animals just come up in your mind? Or are they your favorite animals? Please write back soon.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Animorphs animals
Date: 12/9/97 7:55:00 PM

I seem to be going through every animal on earth,
one by one.


Posted by: Sergio R
Subject: Talking to K. A. Applegate about Animorphs
Date: 12/8/97 10:33:00 AM

Hi my name Sergio. I'am 10 years old. I'am in the fifth grade. I want to ask you question about "Animorphs". I read a couple of your books, they are called "The Stranger",and the one about the tiger.
Is it O.K. if I ask you questions about your life. 1. Do you like to play sports? If you do what is it. 2. I hear you like dolphins. Why do you like them a lot? 3. Have you ever made a book about a little rabbit? I would read it because it would look very interesting. Well I got to go finish my work. It was very nice talking to you about your books called "Animorphs". Well got to go bye K.A Applegate.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Talking to K. A. Applegate about Animorphs
Date: 12/9/97 7:59:00 PM

I do not play sports. Unless you count shopping. I like
dolphins because they always look like they're having
fun. Like they never have a bad day.


Posted by: Ellimist
Subject: Questons and suggestions RREEEEEEPLYYYYYY PLEASE!
Date: 12/8/97 11:09:00 AM

Who are those guys that play a dark game with the Ellimists?(AC#3)(I'm still learning this stuff) What was the "evil eye" when Jake was in the fugue? Now a suggestion: Visser three's last day: Jake aquires Yeerk. Ax aquires Yeerk. Jake finds out when Tom goes to the Yeerk pool. Ax finds out when Alloran goes to the Yeerk pool. Animorphs go to Yeerk pool. 4 of the Animorphs fight. Ax and Jake Morph Yeerks while the others make a distraction. They go in the Yeerk pool. Jake goes in Tom's head. Ax goes in Allorans head. Ax acts like Visser three. Then he starts fighting. maenwhile Jake sneaks away. Then the Animorphs leave97 including Ax. Then you gocher self a Free Andalite and a free Tom. Meenwhile, Down at the Yeerk pool, The council of thirteen finds out that the only Andalite controller has been freed. They kill Visser Three. Ax may not have directly killed Visser three, but it's his fault that Visser three is dead, and he freed Alloran, I don't think you can be disgraced for that. And everyone lives happily ever after97 exept Visser three.

Posted by: Eisenhower Computer Lab
Subject: The Yeerk Ranking
Date: 12/8/97 11:15:00 AM


Posted by: Ellimist
Subject: Re: The Yeerk Ranking
Date: 12/8/97 6:54:00 PM

OK, I'm not K.A Applegate, but I do know that it is called "The council of thirteen." Not the thirteen. I also know that the Council of thirteen is made up of thirteen of the MOST-MOST-BEYOND-VISSER-POWER-ALLOWED-TO-KILL-VISSERS-IN-TORTURE-CHAMBER= -FOR-AMUSMENT-AND-GET-AWAY-WITH-IT-POWER! The thirteenth is the most important Yeerk. The thirteenth
is the emperor. No one knows who he is exept the members of the council of thirteen. No one knows because they are afraid of assasinations. The Emperor mustn't be killed.
Well, that is all I know. Bye!


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: The Yeerk Ranking
Date: 12/9/97 7:53:00 PM

The Council of Thirteen is the highest Yeerk
governing body: fewer in number than Congress
and somewhat more evil.


Posted by: Mrs. Losurdo class
Subject: 4th graders
Date: 12/8/97 11:21:00 AM

What is your favorite animorph book?
How did you come up with the title "Animorphs"?
What is your next Animorphs book??
How do you come up with the book titles?
How do you name the characters?
Who's your favorite character in Animorphs?
What made you want to write Animorphs?
How many books are you planning to write?
WE love your books!!!

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: 4th graders
Date: 12/9/97 8:19:00 PM

I actually did not come up with the name Animorphs.
Scholastic came up with that name. I was going to call
the series "The Changelings."

I name human characters by going through baby name
books. I have a dozen baby name books.

Next book out should be #14, which is, um, let me see . . .
oh yes. It's a Cassie book. It's a more comedic book
involving horse morphs and silly secrets. I am afraid
I don't recall the title because making up titles is
not part of my job. An editor does that.

I don't really have one favorite character, I like (and
dislike) them all at different times.


Posted by: PUMA
Date: 12/8/97 11:22:00 AM


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: MORE MORPHS
Date: 12/9/97 8:24:00 PM

In either book #24 or 25 they are going to the
north pole where they will morph polar bears.
Cool enough for you?


Posted by: Eisenhower Computer Lab
Date: 12/8/97 11:25:00 AM


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: YEERK HOSTS
Date: 12/9/97 8:26:00 PM

The Yeerks agree with you. They are doing their best
to take over the entire galaxy. But to be serious?
Not a bad idea. We could use some new aliens.


Posted by: Thomas N.
Subject: Morph Mania I
Date: 12/8/97 12:18:00 PM

If you had the ability to morph, which of all the morphs, Cassie, Rachel, Jake, Tobias, and Marco, would you hate to morph the most? Explain why.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Morph Mania I
Date: 12/9/97 8:28:00 PM

I think the ants or termites would be worst: blind, no
individuality, utterly under the rule of the queen.
Not my kind of life.


Posted by: Mrs. Groh's Class
Subject: Animorphs IQ
Date: 12/8/97 12:24:00 PM

How many books are you going to write?
What is the title of your next book?
Do you take ideas from other kids?
How did you come up with the idea of making Animorphs?
Do you watch the Discovery channel to get your ideas about animals?
Why are your books sometimes crazy, like going back in time?
Can you include people's names in the books?
Why did you choose Bobby Reeves and Lavon and Lauren?
Your 5ht grade fans

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Animorphs IQ
Date: 12/9/97 8:31:00 PM

I'm going to write at least through Animorphs #30. Plus
the Hork-Bajir Chronicles. Beyond that I just don't know

I have taken at least one idea from the kids, the idea
that we should get to see some female Andalites.

Wy are my books sometimes crazy? I don't know. Maybe I'm
crazy. What do you think?


Posted by: Jason W.
Subject: Re: Re: Animorphs IQ
Date: 12/11/97 6:39:00 PM


I have been reading your books to my son and we both enjoy them very much. (Jason takes them to bed with him so that I cannot finish them before he does).

There is one thing that has been bothering more, particularly since we have finished the Andalite Chronicles. Nearly all of the alien characters are male . Though I am thrilled that you have brave, capable female heroines, but you please start writing some brave, capable female adults. The books are beginning to give the impression (I think) that the adult world of power and action is (necessarily) a male world.

Thank you,

Posted by: Allison and Timmy
Subject: Animorps
Date: 12/8/97 2:08:00 PM

Here are some questions we would like you to reply to.
1.FROM ALLISON.How did you come up with the name animorps.
2.from me again. when did you write the first animorps book.
Timmy .are you going to come out with any movies,like R.L.stine did with goose bumps.
Timmy many animorps books have you written.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate=
Subject: Re: Animorps
Date: 12/9/97 8:33:00 PM

I actually did not come up with the name Animorphs,
Scholastic did. I like it a lot, though.

There will be an Animorphs TV show on Nickelodeon
next fall.


Posted by: Mrs. Freiburger's
Subject: Q & A
Date: 12/8/97 2:09:00 PM

WE are 5th graders at Forest View School in Mt. Prospect, IL.
Where did you get the idea to make humans become animals?
Have you come out with Megamorphs II yet?
When did you start writing Animorphs?
How old were you when you decided to be an author?
How much longer do you think you'll continue writing?
Are you working on a new Animorph book?
Who is your favorite Animorph character?
What is your favorite animal?
What was your favorite book to write?
Your Freiburger fans!!

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Q & A
Date: 12/9/97 8:40:00 PM

Originally what I set out to do was to write some books
that would let kids feel what it is like to be an animal.
To see through different eyes and hear with different
ears and even take a peek at what an animal is thinking.
The idea for Animorphs evolved from that.

I was pretty old when I got serious about writing. I was
in my 30's which, I'm sure you'll agree, is way old.

My favorite book to write? I really liked doing book #4.
First of all, it was my first underwater morphing, I
like dolphins, we get to meet Ax for the first time, and
as a writer I was starting to feel "okay, I have this down,
now." It felt comfortable. Plus, even though no one else
has ever seemed to like it, I liked the final scene.


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