An Online Event with K.A Applegate
(May 1997)

part Four

Posted by: Eagle
Subject: I have some questions
Date: 12/4/97 9:42:00 PM

Dear K.A.,
Why haven't the kids done a andalite morph?
Is there going to be a t.v. show of Animorphs?
If so,what channel?
Is a female andalite going to join the Animorphs?
Our we ever going to find out about the andalite home world?

Posted by: Ax
Subject: I have some answers...
Date: 12/4/97 9:47:00 PM

No, she orginally had no plan to make a female Andalite show up, however after these 2 weeks, she may change her mind.
Yes, there will be a TV show and it will be in fall of '98 on Nickelodeon.

Posted by: The Ellimist
Subject: Re: I have some questions
Date: 12/4/97 10:09:00 PM

Here are the answers to your questions:

1. I tried to ask why don't they aquire Ax, but K.A. doesn't answer that question.

2. The Animorphs TV show, premiring in September '98, will be on Nickelodeon.

3. K. A. said that she likes the idea of a girl andalite joining the Animorphs because in the past, the andalites seemed so sexist. She probably will have a girl andalite join, except it will probably be after book #20.

:=3D(:=3D) andalite smiley!
The Ellimist

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: I have some questions
Date: 12/5/97 2:45:00 PM

The kids may well morph an Andalite some day. Just
haven't found the need for it yet. No female Andalites
are joining the Animorphs, but a female Andalite may
star in the Hork-Bajir Chronicles.


Posted by: The Amazing Kreskin
Subject: Morphing andalites,last names,drunk aliens,and not
Date: 12/5/97 4:48:00 PM

you know what a good reason for them using andalite morphs would be?they have too because they are going on a mission with controllers everywhere,so if they are caught they can use the morph.
My friend and i thought about this.Is one of the reasons you don't have last names for the animorphs because they're hard to think up?
If andalites eat through their feet,what if they accidently drink a can of beer?Will they get drunk?
finally,will there be another nothlit (i can't beleive i remembered that) besides tobias and arbron?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Morphing andalites,last names,drunk aliens,and not
Date: 12/6/97 2:00:00 PM

Hey, beer cans are the least of Ax's problems. What about sand? What about worms?


Posted by: Ian T.
Subject: Andalite ships
Date: 12/4/97 9:50:00 PM

I have some questions.
What does an Andalite fighter ship look like? Could you put a drawing of one in your next book?
What does Prince Elfangor's parents look like?
Could Ax morph a Komodo dragon or an iguana next time?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Andalite ships
Date: 12/5/97 3:50:00 PM

Andalite fighters look kind of like eggs with two engine
pods, one on each side, and a tail that arches up and over
like an Andalite's tail. This "tail" is the shredder,
the main energy beam weapon.

Iguana we've done in book #1, but Konodo Dragon sounds


Posted by: Ax
Subject: What happened today(12/4/97)? Here's what :
Date: 12/4/97 9:57:00 PM

-K.A. isn't going to tell us where the Animorphs live
-The Hork-Bajir can swim, but not in the ocean
-She cannot be blamed for misprints in the books
-Driftball I picture as being a bit like soccer, only
the Andalites wear sheaths on their tail blades and use
their tails for defensive moves, and to make it tougher,
an artificial, shifting breeze is blown across the field (Taken exactly from KA)
-She doesn't make up the covers or titles
-The big red eye in book #6 is a 'seed', meaning that it will 'grow' into a plot for another story, but she doesn't know which one, yet
-has no plans to make them go to the Andalite Home World
-The Yeerks are on the homeworld. This is another 'seed' that was in book #8
-Marco's dad doesn't find out about the Yeerks
-The Animorphs use time-travel(I'm guess the Time Matrix) to get the dino morphs in MegaMorphs #2

and the last reply she said

-Ms. Polma in book #7 was 'used' by the Ellimist to get Rachel and Cassie's 'brains turning' so they would figure out about the Kondrona

Well, that about raps today up. I'll be back tomorrow!


Posted by: Ax Man
Subject: Do you even know where the Animorphs live???
Date: 12/4/97 10:48:00 PM

Umm....K.A....Do you even know where the Animorphs live?
Or..Is it like the Ellimist's Enimies.....I think you dont even is there nothing in the vualt (;
Is this true?
Also, I figured, out Tobias' last name, Fangor...
You know how...
Are my therios corect?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Do you even know where the Animorphs live???
Date: 12/5/97 3:57:00 PM

I do have a definite area in mind for where the
Animorphs live. However I treat the matter with
some flexibility. In other words I am using a
fairly large area, drawing several features together
into a smaller, more usable setting. But yes, I could
name a particular state, and a particular area within
that state. Just not gonna.


Posted by: Erin D.
Subject: Idea!!!!!!
Date: 12/4/97 11:30:00 PM

Have you heard of on-line virtual pets?
On The Animorph page, they could have a virtual andalite or Hork.
I'm working on something like that myself.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Idea!!!!!!
Date: 12/5/97 3:58:00 PM

Cool idea. You should pass that along to the webmaster of
the Animorphs website Scholastic runs.


Posted by: Eileen
Subject: Vissers
Date: 12/5/97 9:11:00 AM

Do you think the Animorphs will ever get rid of Visser Three?

Posted by: Chris B
Subject: Re: Andalites
Date: 12/5/97 11:16:00 AM

What was it that made you
think of how the andalites

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Vissers
Date: 12/5/97 4:00:00 PM

I hope so. But not too soon, or what would we do
for a villain?


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Re: Andalites
Date: 12/5/97 4:02:00 PM

I liked the idea of centaurs--half man, half horse. But
I thought they'd need some extra cool stuff: a deadly
tail and the stalk eyes.


Posted by: LazerKat
Subject: Re: Re: Vissers
Date: 12/5/97 4:40:00 PM

Or he could get stuck in a deadly morph. That would be an idea. No Andalite-Controllers, but perhaps an Antearn (sp.?) Bogg-Controller. That would be interesting, wouldn't it?

Posted by: Ronald and Chase
Subject: Tobais and The other Cat
Date: 12/5/97 10:30:00 AM

Will Tobsis ever get back his morphing abilities again?

What morph does the other cat remind you of excluding Dick?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Tobais and The other Cat
Date: 12/5/97 4:05:00 PM

Check out #13, Tobias does have his morphing powers back.

I have two cats: Dick (the evil foot-biting cat) and
Rabbit. Dick is just a regular-looking kitty. But Rabbit
is a Manx, which means she has no tail. When she was little
she looked exactly like a rabbit hopping around. Now that
she's older and fatter she looks a bit like a black bear.


Posted by: Jeff S.
Subject: Another question
Date: 12/5/97 11:24:00 AM

I just thought of a question. While in morph, you can thought speak, right? Then how come Ax can't/doesn't thought speak while in human morph? That's my question :)
Jeff Sampson
Curioser and curioser

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Another question
Date: 12/5/97 4:07:00 PM

He probably could, he just enjoys using his mouth to
communicate with "mouth sounds" so much that he chooses
not to.


Posted by: Michael D.
Subject: questions again
Date: 12/5/97 11:37:00 AM

I'll be as short as possible.
1)is there any like,slow andalites?
2)where did you come up with all those aliens names?
3)Do you have a favorite animorph?Who is it?
4)How 'bout a favorite book?
5)Do you have any other talents besides writing?
6)Did Ax have a girlfriend?He mentioned an andalite female in #11
7)Which is your least favorite book?Least favorite charechter?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: questions again
Date: 12/5/97 4:15:00 PM

1)Sure, I suppose Andalites are like any other species:
some brighter than others.

2) I answered that at some length below, but the short
answer is I mostly just babble till I like the sound.

3) That changes constantly. I like them all.

4) Number 4 and number 10 and Megamorphs #1.

5) Hmmm. Well, I can play the cello a very, very

6) Hey, he probably knew a few girls, sure. A good
looking guy like Ax? Why not?

7) #11 is my least favorite so far, and I'm not crazy
about #16, either. Not so much because of things
that readers might notice as for reasons having to do
with writerly stuff.


Posted by: matt n
Subject: animorphs
Date: 12/5/97 11:53:00 AM

I like your Animorphs books. You are my favorite author. Jake is my favorite character. Keep writing my favorite books. Bye!

Posted by: john a
Subject: animorphs
Date: 12/5/97 11:54:00 AM

Dear K. A. Applegate,
Hi. I enjoy your books. They are very creative.They are some of my favorate books. Keep making the animorphs. How are you? I like all the charaters. I think marco the best. please make more animorphs!

John Amenta

Posted by: Rachel
Subject: Hork-Barjir
Date: 12/5/97 1:23:00 PM

How did you come up with the idea of the Hork-Bajir?

Posted by: Jeremiah B
Subject: Re: Hork-Barjir
Date: 12/5/97 1:57:00 PM

I think she got it from a pile
of bladed gardning tools.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Hork-Barjir
Date: 12/6/97 9:46:00 AM

As usual with me I just don't know where ideas have come from. But I guess the Hork-Bajir were inspired by the Klingons from Star Trek and the Orcs from Tolkien.


Posted by: Rachel and Amber
Subject: Andilite Creation
Date: 12/8/97 12:31:00 PM

Explain how you came up with the idea of the andilites?

Posted by: animorph fan
Subject: new books
Date: 12/5/97 1:44:00 PM

What are a few of the new books. I already know up to The Warning. Please reply. I am obsessed with animorphs and I just have to know.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: new books
Date: 12/6/97 9:52:00 AM

Hi. I can never keep track of the titles, I tend to think in terms of numbers. I've written up through #19, but probably the most exciting upcoming book is Megamorphs #2 in which the kids morph Tyrannosaurus.


Posted by: Dorien R
Subject: Charecter
Date: 12/5/97 1:50:00 PM

Can i be a charecter in a book.My name is Dorien

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Charecter
Date: 12/6/97 9:54:00 AM

I'd love to but then more and more people would ask and pretty soon the entire book would be nothing but names. It is very flattering that you ask, though.


Posted by: Michael V
Subject: idea
Date: 12/5/97 1:53:00 PM

why don't you put 3 books in one

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: idea
Date: 12/6/97 9:57:00 AM

Actually, that's just what we did with Andalite Chronicles. It was originally 3 books.


Posted by: Branden L
Subject: importanto
Date: 12/5/97 1:53:00 PM

how many books are you going to make

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: importanto
Date: 12/6/97 9:55:00 AM

At least up to number 30. Is that enough do you think?


Posted by: Branden L
Subject: Re: Re: importanto
Date: 12/6/97 10:24:00 AM

how about 89 well we all know your a lot better
than r.l.stine

Posted by: Black Hawk
Subject: Re: Re: importanto
Date: 12/6/97 12:05:00 PM

If thirty books is what it takes to beat the Yeerks, I'd say that's plenty ;)


Posted by: Joel G
Subject: A question.
Date: 12/5/97 1:54:00 PM

How do you come up with such good ideas?

Posted by: Joshua
Subject: Books
Date: 12/5/97 2:26:00 PM

Do you like books?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Books
Date: 12/6/97 9:56:00 AM

Yes, very much. Do you?


Posted by: Damsgard 5th grade
Subject: Tobias
Date: 12/5/97 2:28:00 PM

Will Tobias come out of his hawk form in book #13 or in any other issues?

Posted by: Jeremiah B
Subject: Re: Tobias
Date: 12/5/97 7:37:00 PM

Yes, but only for two hours in other words he can morph to human

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Tobias
Date: 12/6/97 9:59:00 AM

Tobias will recover his ability to morph, including the ability to morph his old human body. But he wil remain a hawk.


Posted by: Damgards 5th grade
Subject: Time Matrix
Date: 12/5/97 2:31:00 PM

Will the animorphs find the Time Matrix?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Time Matrix
Date: 12/6/97 10:00:00 AM

You bet they will. Sooner or later.


Posted by: FalconBoy
Subject: Re: Re: Time Matrix
Date: 12/7/97 8:46:00 AM

So if they find the time matrix, is that how they go back to the creacous period or does the elminist send them?


Posted by: Damsgard 5th grade
Subject: Idea
Date: 12/5/97 2:34:00 PM

Animorphs should morph Hork-Bajir

Posted by: Hillary B.
Subject: Re: Idea
Date: 12/5/97 6:33:00 PM

You guys haven't read #13 The Change yet, have you? Animorphs morphing Hork-Bajir? Tobias getting his morphing power back? You're really gonna love #13.

(: Hillary :)

Posted by: Michael D.
Subject: yeerk traitors and albino andalites
Date: 12/5/97 2:38:00 PM

is eslin the yeerk traitor coming back again?also,are there different kinds of andalites like we have hispanic, caucasian,& albino?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: yeerk traitors and albino andalites
Date: 12/6/97 10:03:00 AM

I've meant to use Eslin again and just haven't found the right place.

As for different types of Andalites, I don't know. That's a good question. I guess it comes down to what would constitute a "different" type. They do have differences in terms of their fur color. But it would be a pretty dumb species that would see anything important in something as superficial as fur color.


Posted by: penny m.
Subject: Morph Ax?
Date: 12/5/97 3:46:00 PM

why haven't the animorphs thought of morphing ax? in some situations it could be very useful.

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Morph Ax?
Date: 12/6/97 10:05:00 AM

The Animorphs are very reluctant to morph any sentient species without permission. It's why Cassie felt kind of dubious about morphing dolphins and whales. Where do you draw the line between "just an animal" and "sentient". You're right, though, i could be very useful. For example as a way to convince Visser Three that they are indeed just a band of Andalites.

Some day, if Ax gives his permission, they may morph him.


Posted by: Black Hawk
Subject: Visser Two
Date: 12/5/97 4:17:00 PM

I was wondering if you had a specific host in mind for Visser two, if the answer is in one of the books, I apologize, but I'm kind of curious. Do you? If so, what?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate=
Subject: Re: Visser Two
Date: 12/6/97 10:07:00 AM

Visser Two is Marco's mom. Didn't you read #5? Shame on you!

Now, the role of Visser One is still open. Haven't thought much yet about the top Visser yet.



Posted by: Jared
Subject: Re: Re: Visser Two
Date: 12/6/97 11:36:00 AM

It says that it was Visser One. It is Visser One.

Posted by: Black Hawk
Subject: Re: Visser Two
Date: 12/6/97 11:47:00 AM

Of course I read book five, and I thought Marco's mom was Visser One...?

Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Visser Two
Date: 12/6/97 1:09:00 PM

See, this is why I should have my coffee before I try and communicate. My previous answer was totally wrong. Sorry. I was confused. Visser Two, Visser One, Visser Three, I cannot keep up with the details of my own books.


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Re: Visser Two
Date: 12/6/97 1:16:00 PM

I am terribly sorry, you are right. All I can say is that I didn't have my coffee, I was dopy, and I've been toying with this idea of giving Visser Three a promotion, making him number one and dropping Marco's mom down the list so she'd be subordinate to the current Visser Three. Then we'd have the question of whether Marco's mom would be so dissatisfied she'd turn against the Yeerks. But all that is speculative, and way down the line. You have to realize it's kind of hard for me to keep straight what books are out there, which I've written, which I've planned, and which ideas are just ideas. The net result was I babbled.


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