An Online Event with K.A Applegate
(May 1997)

part Six

Posted by: Karol H.
Subject: Animorph
Date: 12/1/97 11:53:00 AM

I am your biggest fan! I have all our books and I need to ask you a few questions. First of all, can you fill me in about Elfangor being Tobias's dad? Also, why can't and of the Animorphs morph into Ax?? Ax took the DNA from Jake, Marco, Cassie, and Rachel so will anybody ever morph Ax??


Posted by: Janet B
Subject: K.A. Applegate
Date: 12/1/97 10:36:00 AM

When does no. 14 come out and what is it called?

What does K.A. stand for?


Posted by: Brandyn B.
Subject: Re: K.A. Applegate
Date: 12/1/97 11:38:00 AM

Will there ever be another new character to the Animorphs??

Do the Andalites ever come to totally save earth from the Yeerks???

Do you, or will you ever start a tour where you tour school libraries and talk about your books??(we would love to have you come to our school in Owensboro, KY)

How many Animorphs books do you plan to write??


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: K.A. Applegate
Date: 12/1/97 9:00:00 PM

Well, this will sound stupid, but I don't know the
title for #14. Writing a series involves more than just
the author. I do the writing, but someone else takes care
of the titles and the covers. I get copies of the covers
sent to me and then I think "huh, book #24 is called THE
CORNDOG? Ooookay."

However, I can tell you what #14 is about. It's a Cassie
book. It's more of a comedy than a heavy action story. In
it the Animorphs morph horses and discover the most secret
of all secrets. And no, I'm not going to tell you what
that secret is. You will have to read the book.

As for "K.A." that stands for Katherine Alice.



Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Re: K.A. Applegate
Date: 12/1/97 9:09:00 PM

Funny you should ask about a new Animorph. I am just starting
work on a 3 book story which will involve a new Animorph.
But will he be a good Animorph, or an annoying, evil
Animorph? Hmmm.

Will the Andalites save the earth? I don't know. I think
that would be a great final book in the series, don't
you? But I'm not at the final book yet, and I haven't
really thought that far ahead.

I am contracted to write up through ANIMORPHS #30, plus
a trilogy called the HORK-BAJIR CHRONICLES. I'm trying
to figure out the outline for that one right now. I have
just today sent in ANIMORPHS #19. It's a kind of heavy
Cassie book involving a butterfly morph and a Controller who
learns all the Animorph's secrets. I hope people will
enjoy it. I'm always nervous when I send off a new book.

I'm not doing school tours at this point, although, thank
you for the invitation. I'd love to, but it's either visit
schools or keep writing, I don't have time for both.



Posted by: animorphaholic
Subject: answer these questions or the red-tail gets it.
Date: 12/1/97 4:29:00 PM

what exactly is a Sstram? a Mak? a Dayang? a Hawjabran? an Angochian? in #1, I noticed Jaked though-spoke too Tobias while he was Human. in later books, they say it's impossible. why? are you related to someone named Micheal Applegate? how did the Yeerks get off the Yeerk Homeworld to the Gedd homeworld to infest them? (let's face it.... Slugs don't fly spaceships.) Did you cry when Marco cut his hair? is Zero-space related in any way to Cyberspace? on the cover of andalite chronicles #1 (I got 'em all seperate, well, maybe it's the cover of the whole three hundred and something page long book, too. But anyway.......) Elf, or some andaslite or another, is on some planet with the Jahar (or some other ship) in the background. There are no scenes on the Andalite homeworld, and it's not much like the Taxxon homeworld, SO WHERE IS IT!?!?!?!?!!?!?!? thank you.

P.S. to a message above this one. K.A. is Katherine Alice. I know, I know, K.A. is supposed to answer the questions, but I couldn't resist.


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: answer these questions or the red-tail gets it.
Date: 12/1/97 8:41:00 PM

Why do I get the feeling you're a Marco fan?

Let me answer some of the questions you posed,
but if you mess with the red-tail you're looking
for trouble. Hawjabrans are another alien race. Not
sure about some of those other names you rattled off.
Are those in Animorphs books? You have to realize even
I can't keep track of every detail as I write.

The little thing where in book #1 Jake can thought-speak
when he's not in morph? Well, I could give you some long,
convoluted and totally bogus answer, or I could confess
the awful truth: I messed up. It happens. There's another
huge error I just noticed recently. When you get to MEGAMORPHS 2
you may spot it.

The Gedd thing I did not mess up. Gedd's are native to the Yeerk
home world. Some poor Gedd stuck his head in the wrong
Yeerk pool and the rest is history. The moral is, don't stick
your head in strange pools.

Marco's hair? Here's how that went: my editor called me
up and said "is it okay if Marco gets a haircut? We have this
really cute cover model with shorter hair . . ."
So I said, "okay, Marco gets a haircut."



Posted by: Katie
Subject: Future Books
Date: 12/2/97 12:09:00 AM

What can you tell us about the books you've written that have not been published yet?
Also, there are a lot of people that claim to know you, have info on coming books, the titles of them, future morphs, etc. Is any of it true??


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Future Books
Date: 12/2/97 6:06:00 PM

I believe the most recent book on shelves right now is number 13. I've written up through #19, plus Megamorphs #2, so I'm about seven books ahead.

I can't tell you about each of them, but I can tell you that in Megamorphs #2 the kids go back to the Cretacious age and morph various dinosaurs. How's that for a teaser? Jake as a T. Rex?

I also see web sites with info about Animorphs. Some of it is true, some not. I gather there was a rumor going around for example that book #11 was the last book. So obviously not all the info is correct.


Posted by: Lisa
Subject: How much of this is true??
Date: 12/2/97 12:33:00 AM

There are lot of rumors going around, how many of them are true?
In #14, they find Hork-Bajirs in Zone 91 (we already know about the devise that proves life on other planets).
Ax has to go back to the home world.
Either Rachel & Tobias or Jake & Cassie kiss.
In #15, Marcos dad finds out about the invasion.
In #16, a female andalite comes.
In #17, Jake kills visser 2.
In #18, Rachel becomes a controller.
Jake morphs a rhino and a hyena.
Rachel morphs a bat.
Marco morphs a snake and a cougar.
Tobias morphs a yeerk in order to free Alloran.
Megamorphs #2 - The Yeerk Pool.
The Arrival
The Fear
The Decision
The Arrival
The Visser
The Commandment
The Trap
The Price
The Happening
The Hope
The Yeerk
The Friend
The Forever
The Beginning
The Battle


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: How much of this is true??
Date: 12/2/97 6:10:00 PM

All incorrect except for Jake morphing a rhino, Rachel a bat and Marco morphing a snake. As for the book titles, your guess is as good as mine. I actually don't know.

But you know, I kinda like the idea of a female Andalite showing up. So who knows? Maybe I will try that out. The Andalites do seem awfully sexist, don't they?



Posted by: Dustin J.
Subject: K. A. Applegate
Date: 12/2/97 8:49:00 AM

I have all of the books but 4. How many books have you writen so far?

Will Tobias ever get his human body back?

Will you write more Andalite Cronicles?


Posted by: Jasmine R.
Subject: Re: K. A. Applegate
Date: 12/2/97 9:27:00 AM

Hi,I would just like to know if you are going to make another one of your books.It would be neat if you made one on a new animorph.Like a


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Re: K. A. Applegate
Date: 12/2/97 6:12:00 PM

Actually, although I don't have a plan to morph a frog yet, I do have a whole new alien race called the Leerans who look a bit like frogs. How's that?



Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: K. A. Applegate
Date: 12/2/97 6:14:00 PM

Hi. If you read #13 you'll find the somewhat ambiguous answer to the question about Tobias. The answer is yes. And no.

I don't think there will be more Andalite Chronicles, bu there will be Hork-Bajir Chronicles which will probably tell the story of the Andalite Seerow and how the Andalites lost the Hork-Bajir to the Yeerks.



Posted by: Mike P.
Subject: Questions
Date: 12/2/97 9:32:00 AM

Where do you get your ideas from?

Who draws the pictures on the front?
Or is it you?

Do you like your job?

Whats your favorite book,and why?


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: Questions
Date: 12/2/97 6:22:00 PM

No, I don't draw the covers, Scholastic hires very talented artists for that. believe me, you don't want to see a cover I'd draw.

My favorite book is probably still #4, the dolphin book. Lots of action, but some more thoughtful stuff, too. I'm also fond of #10. I just liked the idea that dogs are decsended from a race of kind, decent aliens.

I love my job. Where else am I going to get to work at home while scarfing fig newtons and wearing sweat pants?



Posted by: Tara A.
Subject: hi
Date: 12/2/97 11:54:00 AM

what is your last book you made?


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: hi
Date: 12/2/97 6:19:00 PM

Well, the last book I wrote was Animorphs #19, but it won't be in bookstores for another 6 months or so. It's a Cassie book. It's kind of about the right and wrong of using violence, even in self-defense. Has a big surprise ending. Hope you'll enjoy it.



Posted by: harry nuts
Subject: questions
Date: 12/2/97 9:32:00 AM

I have only read a few of your books, but I want to read more!!

How long have you been writing?

What do you get your ideas from for your books?


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: questions
Date: 12/2/97 6:16:00 PM

I've been writing about 7 years. I used to write mostly young adult romances. You know, lots of kissing and boo-hooing.

The truth is I don't know where I get my ideas. They just sort of pop into my head. Of course in some cases they're ideas I've picked up from books or TV. I wish I knew where ideas come from, I'd go there and get more.


Posted by: Charlotte M.
Subject: animorphs
Date: 12/1/97 9:26:00 AM

I am the Media Specialist at the Owensboro 5-6 Center in Owensboro, KY my students love your books. They are always asking if I have the most recent title. I try to keep up to date.
I have read most of your books and I enjoy them.


Posted by: K. A. Applegate
Subject: Re: animorphs
Date: 12/1/97 9:13:00 PM

Thanks for the support. It means a lot to me that teachers,
librarians and other education professionals seem to like
Animorphs. I've been amazed at some of the letters I'm
getting from people like yourself.


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