German Audio Books

The German Audio Books were done as a radio play from Scholastic and were made by a group named RAVENSBURGER. Many thanks to Eva Uihlein, who went through a big effort to give us all of these fan-made German-to-English translations for all the tracks. You can now follow along with the Animorphs German radio play with the translations below!


Track List:

01. Der Kopf in der Schussel
02. Im Einkaufszentrum
03. Ein UFO!
04. Die Kraft des Morphens
05. Visser Drei
06. Tobias und Jake morphen
07. Begegnung mit der Polizei
08. Ein Bruder im Zwielicht
09. Ein Bussard am Fenster
10. Der Freundschafts-Club
11. Der Eidechsen-Spion
12. "Animorphs" - klingt gut!
13. Ein Besuch im Zoo
14. Auf Leben und Tod
15. Der Rotschwanzbussard
16. Unknown / End Credits

Sound Clips: [ Title Theme | Jake | Cassie | Ax | Tobias ]


#1 Front Cover#1 CD Label#1 Back Cover

#1 Inside Jacket#1 Back CD Jacket

  Jake / January David Rönfeldt
Marco / Tim Knauer
Rachel / EH Michaelis
Cassie / Anja Mahler
Tobias / Jannik Endemann
Ax / Christian strong
Visser Drei / Gert Marcel
Elfangor / Till Demtroder
Tom / Bjorn Gebauer
Mr. Chapman / Holger Potzern
From left: EH Michaelis (Rachel), Jannik Endemann (Tobias), Tim Knauer (Marco), January David Rönfeldt (Jake)
Von links: Tim Knauer (Marco), Anja Mahler (Cassie), Jannik Endemann (Tobias)
In front: EH Michaelis (Rachel), beside it Jannik Endemann (Tobias), covers: Anja Mahler (Cassie), with the white sweater: Tim Knauer (Marco), besides covers: January David Rönfeldt (Jake)
One of most important humans with such a production: clay/tone engineer. With the Animorphs is olive Grossmann. Many levers are in motion to set there - the sound is its earnings/services! Jan-David Rönfeldt (Jake), Tim Knauer (verdeckt) und Anja Mahler (Cassie) Left: Anna Mareke Kampen, the winner of the country widely accomplished Animorphs of speaker competition. She speaks a Controllerin in consequence 10. There are last instructions from director Bodo Klose. Right: Robert Missler, by occupation language genius. Without it the Animorphs would be poorer around many Yeerks and Hork Bajirs!

Here are some of the covers for the audio books:

Animorphs #8 Animorphs #9 Animorphs #10

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