The Animorphs and Ax have managed to contract the Andalite home world. But the battle is far from over. Visser Two has arrived to Earth, and he' not happy about the state of things. He decides the best way to take over Earth is to have the humans destroy the people and the land the Yeerks don't need. He decides to start World War III.

Ax and his friends know that Visser Two means business and there will probably only be two ways to keep him from destroying everything they know: Find a way to stop the war. Or find a way to stop him...forever..


Released: September 2000
Pages: 118
Cover Art by David B. Mattingly

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Inside Cover (Hi-Res)



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  • In case you're confused, the starting scene in this book is carried on directly from the last scene in #45: The Revelation, which also begins the 9 book arc storyline to end the series.
  • The Animorphs ultimate baddie gets promoted in this book. Visser Three is now the newly appointed Visser One, and is completely in charge of the Earth invasion. And he is far less interested in keeping the invasion as slient as the previous Visser....
  • ANIBASE: Orson Watch: On the side of the jet, if you look closely, you can make out the names of two captains: Orson and the cover artist himself, David Mattingly!


ANIBASE: We see Visser Four have many encounters with Visser Three (the new Visser One), and experience some shocking adventures involving the former Visser One. Now we finally get to meet the mysterious Visser Two. An insane fanatic -- and devout follower of the new Visser One -- Visser Two is brought to Earth and allowed to take a high ranking navy officer, Admiril Carrington, as his host. He is supposed to use this host to start a battle that would become World War 3. Unfortunately for the Yeerks, the Animorphs catch wind of this plan before it goes too far...


Jake None.
Rachel Female Fighter Pilot.
Cassie None.
Marco None.
Tobias Navy Sailor.
Ax Male Fighter Pilot, Navy Lieutenant, Admiril Carrington, and Random Male Soldier.
Visser One None.



Operation 9466
The name of Visser One's (a.k.a. Esplin 9466) game plan for taking over Earth. Basically, he wants to pit U.S. and China in a war that would lead to World War 3, leaving Earth weak but with still plenty of humans for the Yeerks to enslave.

USS George Washington
The aircraft carrier where Operation 9466 was to be carried out.



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A big credit to Jeff Sampson for helping build and write the Anibase, which provided much of the inside information towards the series.

Thanks to Neo X and Slayer XY for scanning the inside cover!

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