Marco's mom is back. But she's not Visser One anymore. Marco's not even sure if she's still a Controller. But he's determined to find out. No matter what it takes. No matter what might happen. Marco wants his mom back.

Jake, the other Animorphs, and Ax realize that Marco is under some serious stress. And that the situation with his mom could very well jeopardize everything they've worked for. Now they also have to wonder if Marco will be the one to give away the secret of the Animorphs...


Released: June 1999
Pages: 139
Cover Art by David B. Mattingly

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  • This is only book in the series where the inside cover is made completely with 3D animals and people. All others use a mixture of photos and painting. The covers of the Animorphs models were often also painted over digitally by David B. Mattingly, the artist for Animorphs.
  • ANIBASE: As a memorial of sorts to her late father-in-law, the author of this book used one of his old war memories in the story. "I really enjoyed the WWII tie-in on this book", she says, "as my late father-in-law fought in the The Battle of the Bulge, was decorated, and rarely spoke -- just like Jake's great-grandfather."
  • There were many things in the TV show that were not faithful to the book series (such as morphing with loose clothing, etc). However, one of the things that was often shown on the tv show was that you could tell who was and wasn't a controller by the way they scratched their ears.

    K.A has never stated her official opinion on the tv show aside from the one time when she was asked on an Animorphs fan website called Morphz, but she clearly makes fun of the tv show in this book with Jake as he tries to figure out if his father has been taken by the Yeerks:

    I scanned my father's face. Had he become a Controller yet? Stupid. I didn't know. Couldn't know. It's not as if Controllers go around twitching or exchanging Yeerk high fives or playing with their ears. A Controller looks, acts, seems exactly normal.

    My father could be my father.

    Or he could be screaming, helpless, just beginning to realize that his eyes and ears and mouth no longer belonged to him.

    Also, through a recent Q&A at the RAF forums, K.A and Michael finally commented about the show:

    We didn't like the TV show much. We were upset that they went live action rather than animated because we knew they wouldn't have the budget to do it well. Doing it right would have been very, very expensive. What they ended up with was rubber Andalite heads on sticks. I think we watched two episodes.


New to the series is Jake's late great-grandfather, Grandpa G., a war veteran. He leaves behind a footlocker for Jake that contains an item that reveals the story of a confederate soldier's desperate fight alongside a group of freed slaves in #47: The Resistance.


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