Marco already knows he has a few problems: the constant battle with the Yeerks; finding out his mother was infested...and is now Visser One. The leader of the Yeerk invasion of Earth. But things are about to get even weirder. Marco's father is thinking of getting married again.

Meanwhile, the Animorphs and Ax have other things to worry about. It seems the Yeerks are trying harder than ever to get people into The Sharing. Now the kids have to find a way to slow down recruitment. But Marco's personal stress is causing him to morph into creatures that don't exist. Creatures the Yeerks are sure to notice...and attack...


Released: October 1999
Pages: 147
Cover Art by David B. Mattingly

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  • ANIBASE: A lot of Animorphs fans have asked K.A. Applegate why the Animorphs never mix morphs and she finally adresses the issue in this book. She says:

    "Well, you're assuming that melding animals would create something superior. Ain't necessairly so. Evolution is the process of adaptation. Each species is adapted to survive within a particular environment, a particular niche. The process takes a long time, billions of years and you can't just come along and play mix and match, plugging Legos into Lincoln Logs and expect to come up with something that works. How do you join up the intestinal tracts of a polar bear and a shark, for example? (Very carefully.) And if you could meld bear and shark, where would they live? What would they eat? And wouldn't the other animals laugh at them?"

  • ANIBASE: Orson Watch: The stepback of this book is just chock full of hidden images! Check out the monitors behind Tennant: the images are made up of cover art from other books David has done, pictures of his family, and of course, there's even one of Orson!
  • This is the only book in the series that leads off directly into a special edition to resolve a cliffhanger. Read the Visser Chronicles to see what happens next.


ANIBASE: The smooth talking, pony-tailed, new age television self help guru that starts promoting The Sharing is William Roger Tennant. Really a Controller, the Animorphs set out to discredit Tennant so that his viewers won't follow his advice to join The Sharing.

We also meet Nora Robbinette, Marco's father's future wife -- a woman who also happens to be Marco's math teacher!


Jake Squirrel, and Cockatiel.
Rachel Squirrel, and Cockatiel.
Cassie Cockatiel.
Marco Squirrel, Cockatiel, and Poodle.
Tobias None.
Ax Squirrel, and Cockatiel.
Visser Three None.



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