The Yeerks have discovered and repaired a damaged Helmacron ship. They know of its morph-seeking capabilities, and they plan to use the ship to capture the "Andalite bandits." And to find Elfangor's blue cube. The one that gave the kids the ability to morph.

Cassie, the other Animorphs, and Ax are in a pretty bad situation because they can't leave the cube in one place, they can't morph without being discovered, and they have to keep moving. It looks like this may be a battle the visser can't lose...


Released: February 2000
Pages: 121
Cover Art by David B. Mattingly

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  • ANIBASE: The author of this book once read an old book called Narrow Escapes and Wilderness Adventures, and she's never forgotton about the Cape buffalo featured in the book that was named the Widow-Maker! it was the Widow-Maker that partly inspired the author when writing about this book's morph-capable Cape buffalo. "I was sorry to see this buffalo go", she says of the buffa-human, "as I like the thought of stomping any threat for the safety of the herd."
  • ANIBASE: Orson Watch: Take a gander at the police officer's shoulder badge. It reads ORSON POLICE and the center features a picture of Orson's cheery face!


ANIBASE: The buffa-human is a cape buffalo that Cassie happens to end up near while on the run from the Yeerks. Somehow, it acquires the morphing power from the blue box and, while on a rampage, accidentally acquires Chapman. Suddenly, it's turning into a human. Confused, it follows the Animorphs blindly -- also confusing Cassie, who can't bring herself to destroy such an innocent creature. The Yeerks, though, have no such qualms....


Jake None.
Rachel None.
Cassie Cape Buffalo.
Marco None.
Tobias None.
Ax None.
Buffa-Human Human (Chapman), and Andalite (Visser Three)
Ant Human (Cassie)



Operation Anvil
The Animorphs' nickname for their plan to destroy the Helmacron device once and for all.



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A big credit to Jeff Sampson for helping build and write the Anibase, which provided much of the inside information towards the series.

Thanks to Ryan and Slayer XY for scanning the inside cover!

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