Ax and the Animorphs have always believed he was the only non-infested Andalite on Earth. That he alone survived the terrible battle between his people and the Yeerks.

Until Now.

There were other survivors. Other Andalites. And they're here on Earth. Trying to keep a low profile. Trying to find a way to defeat Visser Three. Trying -- like Ax and the Animorphs -- to stay alive until help finally comes.

If help finally comes...


Released: March 2000
Pages: 130
Cover Art by David B. Mattingly

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  • ANIBASE: The Andalites started out the series as the "good guys" against the evil Yeerk "bad guys". But, as K.A. Applegate showed with the Yeerks, no one species is all good or all bad. Here's what K.A Applegate said about the plot of this book: "[This was] my belated attempt to deal with the issue of disabilities.... I wanted to show a less savory side of Andalite culture, show that maybe they had some problems, too."
  • The topic of disabilities comes up again very significantly in #50: The Ultimate. Ax has much less of an issue with it that time around.



ANIBASE: After seeing the video of a blurry Andalite, the Animorphs do some digging and discover Gafinilan-Estrif-Valad, a rather large, tough Andalite warrior. He and his fighter pilot shorm, Mertil-Iscar-Elmand, were stranded on Earth after the Yeerks massacred the Andalite's in Earth's orbit. Mertil was somehow wounded -- his tail was cut off, making him a vecol. Now Gafinilan, who is suffering from an Andalite sickness, has taken it upon himself to take care of Mertil and himself until they both die in peace. Only Mertil has been kidnapped by the Yeerks -- and Gafinilan isn't fully resigned to allow himself to die from his disease.


Jake None.
Rachel Honeybee.
Cassie Honeybee.
Marco Honeybee.
Tobias Honeybee.
Ax Honeybee.
Gafinilan Possum, Human Male (Henry McClellan), and Owl.



Illsipar Root
A plant that's like coffee or tea for Andalites. It also has medicinal purposes, and, if taken in great doses, can ease the pain of Soola's disease.

Soola's Disease
A genetically programmed disease that strikes an Andalite in the prime of life and is always fatal. It causes increasing pain in the joints and the muscles, extreme at the end, and also can cause blindness. The only way to ever escape the disease is to morph another Andalite and allow yourself to be trapped in that morph. On the Andalite world, this is considered an act of cowardice.

What the Andalite's call disabled Andalites. A vecol is supposed to live in isolation to retain his dignity. Marco and the others can't understand why this is so, but to Ax and the other Andalites, it's the way of life.



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A big credit to Jeff Sampson for helping build and write the Anibase, which provided much of the inside information towards the series.

Thanks to Ryan and Slayer XY for scanning the inside cover!

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