When Marco runs into his old friend Erek he doesn't think too much of it. He's got a couple of more important things to do. Like helping to save the world. But then Marco finds out Erek's been hanging with some of the kids at The Sharing. And he starts to think that something just a little weird is going on.

So Marco, Jake, and Ax decide to morph and check old Erek out. Just to see if he's been infested with a Yeerk. The good news is that Erek's not a human-Controller. The bad news is that Erek's not even human...


Released: August 1997
Pages: 170
Cover Art by Damon C. Torres / The I-Way Company

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  • Promotion Note: This book featured Contest Winner #2 (Eric A., age 12, Polar Bear Morph) from the "Get Morphed Contest" that was given out in Animorphs #4: The Message. (Picture posted below)
  • Promotional Tie-In: This book came packaged with two holographic stickers: One with Marco morphing to a spider from the cover, and one with Jake, morphing into the Jaguar from #11's cover. (Thanks to Sat and NeoX for the scans posted below!)
  • ANIBASE: Erek King the Chee was named after Erek King the Animorphs fan. Way back when Animorphs started, the official site held a contest, and the winner got his or her name in an Animorphs book. Erek was the winner. Little did he know that the character named after him would end up being one of the major secondary characters in the Animorphs series!
  • ANIBASE: Want to know the real reason Marco got a haircut in this book? One day, K.A.'s editior, Tonya Alicia Martin, called K.A. up and said, "We have this really cute Marco model, but he has short hair" -- much shorter than Marco's hair in the books. K.A. agreed to give Marco a trim and had fun having the other characters tease him throughout the book -- and Marco has had short hair ever since.
  • This book introduces us to the brief history of the Pemalite race, the creation of the Chee, and by extension, of the Howlers themselves. Very ilttle is known about the Howlers, aside from the fact that they destroyed the Pemalites, until book #26: The Attack when the Animorphs and Erek are chosen by the Ellimist to fight against a group of Howlers to save another race called the Iskroot. A bigger picture is painted, as the Animorphs realize the role they and the Howlers play in the Ellimist and Crayak's games.


ANIBASE: The book introduces us to the Chee, and we get to meet some of these amazing androids: Erek King, who appears to be a boy about Marco's age but is really thousands of years old, is the spokesperson for the Chee and is the one who decides to try reprogramming his systems with the Pemalite Crystal. Unfortunately, the reprogramming went perfectly, and Erek effortlessly murdered a whole slew of Controllers -- after which he promptly changed his programming back. Unlike humans, the Chee can never forget and the memory of the bloodshed will be with Erek forever.

Other Chee that we meet include Mr. King, the Chee portraying Erek's dad, and Maria, also known as Chee-lonos, who opposes Erek's decision to use the Pemalite Crystal.

Jake Bat
Rachel Bat
Cassie Wolf Spider, and Bat.
Marco Irish Setter, Wolf Spider, and Bat
Tobias None.
Ax Wolf Spider, and Bat
Visser Three None.

The Chee are androids that look like steel-and-ivory robotic dogs standing on their hind legs. Usually, however, they project a powerful hologram that makes them appear human. The Chee were created as toys for the Pemalites and are all that remain of the peaceful civilization. They are pacifists, unable to intentionally harm any living creature, but they can fight the Yeerks in their own way by pretending to be Controllers and uncovering Yeerk secrets.

Nothing much is known about the Dyang, except that it was from a Dyang trader that the Yeerk's obtained the powerful Pemalite Crystal.

Vicious creatures with cracked black skin that looks like hardened lava, claws on the back of their hands, and a deadly scream, these evil aliens' sole purpose is to travel the universe and destroy peaceful civilizations. You can read more about the Howlers in #26: The Attack.

The Pemalite word for "friend". It is also the name of the Pemalite's android creations.

Pemalite Crystal
A powerful processor unlike anything else in the galaxy, which the Yeerks planned on using to rewrite all of the computers on Earth.



Contest Winner
Cover Artwork Avatar
Contest Winner
#10 Holographic Sticker
#11 Holographic Sticker



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Thanks to Sat and NeoX for providing the Sticker scans! Also thanks to Sat for providing the scan of the Contest Winner!

A big credit to Jeff Sampson for helping build and write the Anibase, which provided much of the inside information towards the series.

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