We never should have done it. But we needed a break. You know, some time off from the superhero stuff. A chance to act like normal kids. Well -- as normal as four kids who can morph, a hawk, and an alien can be. Everything should have been cool.

Now Rachel is missing. And there's this...this thing that's after us. But it's not up to me to tell the whole story. Tobias, Cassie, Marco, and Ax were there, too. Even Rachel has some info to add. So go ahead and check this out. And remember not to tell anyone what we're about to tell you. It could mean the difference between life and death. Or worse...


Released: May 1997
Pages: 227
Cover Art by David B. Mattingly

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  • Promotion Note: This book featured Contest Winner #1 (Alexandra, age 11, Leopard Morph) from the "Get Morphed Contest" that was given out in Animorphs #4: The Message. (Picture posted below)
  • The Megamorphs aren't the only books in the series that provide narration from more than one Animorph at a time. In Animorphs #19: The Departure, Jake provided narration for at least one chapter when Cassie couldn't. In #54: The Beginning, the book itself acted as a Megamorph by giving narration from most of the Animorphs one last time before the series ended. Lastly, The Hork-Bajir Chronicles, also provided a narration from both Aldrea and the Yeerk Esplin (Later Visser Three)
  • This is the only Megamorph Special Edition that directly takes place within the numerical ordered books in the Animorphs timeline, because Animorphs #8: The Alien directly refers back to its events at the start of the book. Every Megamorph after #1 is placed somewhere in the Animorphs timeline, but they are treated more as stand alone stories instead, as they don't directly affect the outcome of the regular books.

    The Megamorphs do, however, continue and tie up open storylines from previous books, and build up the characters and the Animorphs Universe in general. Ex. Megamorphs #3 carries on from The Andalite Chronicles about the Time Matrix, while Megamorphs #4 simply builds upon the bigger game that Ellimist and Crayak play and delivers some insight to the Ellimist's plans as the Animorphs fight the war.
  • Although #8: The Alien is Ax's first officially narrated book, it is not the first time that he has narrated. He narrates along with the other Animorphs in this book, which was published before #8. The events here also chronologically taking place before it as well.
  • The Andalite Chronicles and Megamorphs #1, were the only books in the series which were published as separate parts in order to be released faster. Megamorphs #1 was released in 2 books, while Andalite Chronicles was released in 3 books. Both were later compiled into one complete book later on. However, because of this (unlike Megamorphs #1), the Andalite Chronicles remains to be the only book in the series with 3 covers total.

    (Images for individual cover releases coming soon!)
  • ANIBASE: Though most fans love this classic Animorphs book (especially the memorable garbage can scene), Katherine Applegate admits that she doesn't think this book is as good as it could have been. "Anytime you're going with amnesia you have a problem," she says. Fan opinions also influenced the direction of this series -- not a lot of people liked how each chapter seemed to repeat the same scenes over and over again. So for the other three Megamorphs, Katherine Applegate wrote it so that each new chapter took place after the one before it. Your letters do matter!


ANIBASE: Ah, the crazy lady. One of the first one-book characters to make a true impression on Animorphs fans everywhere. She was once a Controller, but now the Yeerks is gone from her head. Somehow driven mad, she stays deep in the woods in a broken down shack, paranoid that the Yeerks are still out to get her, and she could be right. Some people have theorized that she's the same woman that the Animorphs freed from the Yeerk Pool in Animorphs #1, but others think her origin will remain a mystery forever. Either way, how can you not love a character who'd accept a piece of bark as a credit card?

Hirac Delest: When fans asked K.A. about the true identity of character, in her monthly "Ask K.A Applegate" column on the scholastic website, she never provided a true answer, but instead simply joked that it was her running wild through the woods.


Jake None.
Rachel None.
Cassie Humpback Whale
Marco Mouse
Tobias None.
Ax Mouse, and Flea.
Visser Three None.

Found on Saturn, the Veleek looks like a giant bladed tornado, but is in reality thousands upon thousands of tiny insect-like flying creatures that act as one unit. Individually they look a bit like fleas with hundreds of wings, upturned "bowls" acting as antennae, and two catfish-like filaments stretching out beneath their bodies. Together, they can look like anything they want. Visser Three found these creatures, named them, and then genetically altered them to seek out morphing energy. They seemed unstoppable until Visser Three accidentally revealed the secret to disabling them: Water....


An alien metal that can stretch open or be made clear or oopaque by molecular realignment.

The Yeerk word for "pet".

Check the Alien-English Dictionary for more detailed terms and descriptions.



Contest Winner Iron Decal
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Contest Winner #1 Megamorph #1 - Iron-on Shirt Decal



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Alien-English Dictionary



A big credit to Jeff Sampson for helping build and write the Anibase, which provided much of the inside information towards the series.

Thanks to NeoX for scanning the inside cover, and thanks to Michael for scanning the decal!

Thanks to Monster for scanning the Contest Winner page!

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